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Microsoft .Net Libraries Not Acting "Open Source"

rakanishu Software Rot? (246 comments)

"Well, I found this open source project that sounds right, but it looks like it's been dead since 2007."

What if the software was essentially done and works fine, or does software go bad faster than fruits and veggies left in the sun for a few hours?

more than 4 years ago

Panel Warns NASA On Commercial Astronaut Transport

rakanishu Re:The profit motive... (319 comments)

The CEO must ride with the astronauts. That'll make it safe.

about 5 years ago

EA Flip-Flops On Battlefield: Heroes Pricing, Fans Angry

rakanishu Given up on it. (221 comments)

I dumped $30 into this game getting outfits for my characters as my way of saying thanks to DICE. I just recently given up on the game. The made changes to the matchmaking service that usually puts you in a near empty server. The number of cheaters has gone up ruining the fun. Now this crap. It was fun while it lasted. They should look a Valve and TF2.

more than 5 years ago


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