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What's the Point of IT Certifications?

rakeswell What do want to get out of it? (1100 comments)

It boils down to why you want to get the certification. Is it a respected/valued certification in the industry? What do you expect from it?

A while back I got the SCJP basically for the hell of it, so I didn't have great expectations riding on it. Much to my suprise, it translated into a small promotion, pay raise, and a nice little bonus. But that says more about my employer and director than anything, I think.

A colleague of mine also attempted the SCJP exam and failed badly. He commented that "passing the test doesn't mean you're a good programmer", and while I agree, a good programmer would certainly be able to pass the test.

The SCJP only really attempts to be able to validate the exam taker posseses the minimum baseline competencies in the language. I presume the same is true for many other of the technical certifications out there. If you want to take one for the hell of it, or if it's seen in the market as desireable, then take it. Just see it for what it is.

about 9 years ago


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