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California To Drop State Rock Over Asbestos Concerns

rampant poodle Re:In other news.. (256 comments)

No need to worry. California's last grizzly bear was shot about 80 years ago.

more than 4 years ago

Lifecycle Energy Costs of LED, CFL Bulbs Calculated

rampant poodle Re:Poor CFL reliability = con on public (400 comments)

Overall I agree. However, it does seem that purpose built CFL fixtures do have considerably longer bulb life than CFLs used in standard fixtures. Have not done a real study but I have used a lot of CFLs in both commercial and residential situations for over 10 years. The typical screw in replacements frequently, (and sometimes spectacularly),fail in less than one year. On the other hand - many of our overhead CFL fixtures have bulb lives exceeding 4 years.

more than 4 years ago

Incandescent Bulbs Return To the Cutting Edge

rampant poodle Decent Product - Not Excactly New (569 comments)

Great light output, color temperature, and reasonably long life. Good for places I like a LOT of light, (kitchen and bathroom). Maybe they are new in the states but they have existed for over 10 years in Europe. (Long enough that you can get assorted Asian knockoffs as well as the standard Phillips, Osram etc).

more than 5 years ago

Incandescent Bulbs Return To the Cutting Edge

rampant poodle Re:Similarly... (569 comments)

No. The latest, (and most previous), fuel economy improvements followed large increases in fuel prices.

more than 5 years ago

Hackers Breached US Army Servers

rampant poodle Re:any good military has (209 comments)

Continuing the military analogy... What great battles have been won purely by defense? Denying yourself he ability to "reach out and touch someone", will always give the advantage to those who seek to blow you up -- or to bring your server down.

more than 5 years ago

A Widescreen Laser Projector In Your Pocket

rampant poodle Painting Roofs White (189 comments)

Why not go all the way and paint them with aluminum paint, (like we have done in the American southwest for, oh, 60 years or so). Big payback in required cooling. Equally big difference in heat absorbed by the BIQ, (Building In Question). This increase in albedo, (due to cities where forests used to be), was the driving force behind the OMFG Ice Age in he 1970s. Maybe it will help with the current global warming fad as well.

more than 5 years ago

US Pentagon Plans For a Spy Blimp

rampant poodle Re:Too high for surface to air missiles? (374 comments)

The summary was a little misleading on how/where these would be deployed. The dirigibles would be used for covering large areas from a safe distance. They would not be deployed in a active air war where major military opponents had AA defenses against high altitude targets. Think Iraq, Afghanistan, and similar places. The threats are real but generally limited to small arms and shoulder fired missiles. 65,000 feet is plenty safe against these threats.

more than 5 years ago

Amtrak Photo Contestant Arrested By Amtrak Police

rampant poodle Re:Anyone ride the Empire Builder? (675 comments)

I have ridden the Empire Builder, the Southwest Chief, and the California Zephyr, ( "Tho it's been a while). Expensive, takes longer than flying, and absolutely worth it. Note that the differences between NE Corridor and other eastern trains and Amtrak trains west of Chicago are extreme. Equipment , personnel, attitudes, and scenery are much nicer. Big seats, the ability to relax, (or actually walk around), and the fact that you are generally treated as guests rather than as members of a herd make it far superior to flying.

more than 5 years ago

Scientist Patents New Method To Fight Global Warming

rampant poodle Water Vapor? (492 comments)

Admittedly I am out of my element here but there seems to be a couple of potential problems with this.

1. Water vapor is the most significant of the greenhouse gases.
2. Cloud cover prevents heat from being re-radiated into space.

I guess if you covered the whole earth with clouds it might reflect more sunlight and lead to a net temperature decrease. Not sure about that being a Real Good Idea.

more than 5 years ago

Significant Russian Attack On US Military Networks

rampant poodle Re:d'oh (270 comments)

At least part of this problem is due to lack of networking. There are some environments where networking isn't practical/possible. A USB key around the neck may be the only way to easily distribute data, (sort of an updated SneakerNet).

Lots of folks howling about how USB keys should never be allowed. Reality is that with the use of known, inspected, and encrypted devices it is a very safe method of transferring data, (in the same way that a trusted courier is a very safe way of transferring things.

The wonders of Autoplay, combined with outdated anti-virus software, can get a pretty good infective chain reaction going. Propagation of malware by this method may not be fast compared to some famous network worms. However, it certainly can be effective.

Expect that some Sysaddys will have sore, red rings by the time this is over. Either updated AV, or disabled Autoplay would have slowed/stopped AgentBTZ/SillyFTD while it was still a nuisance rather than ltting it grow into a crisis.

more than 5 years ago

Identifying People By Odor As Effective As Fingerprinting

rampant poodle Re:Stasi "police" of the Soviets (157 comments)

You don't even have to go back to the DDR. Smell ID was used in Germany as recently as 2007. It was one of the methods used in an attempt to identify/track known and potential troublemakers attending the G8 summit. Not sure what if any results were produced.

Apparently this method is still taught and practiced by the German police. It is also covered in criminal statutes for evidence collection.

about 6 years ago

Grokking SCO's Demise

rampant poodle Dead Horse - Ultimate Edition (242 comments)

Looks like they are still at it. However, it seems that the are now based in Pakistan, (SCOXQ.PK). I don't see Darryl's name anywhere but it looks like the same managerial skills are being applied. Stock is worth a whopping $0.22. Balance sheet is that of a dead company. Cash flow exists but could be best described as pathetic. On the other hand their web site, (, looks like business as usual. They are even offering free downloads of Samba 3.0.24!

more than 6 years ago


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