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Using Technology To Make Guns Safer

randy of the redwood Re:Reliability, reliability, reliability. Left han (1013 comments)

I 100% agree that we should look into non-lethal alternatives. I'd rather accidentally shoot my daughter with a taser when she sneaks in after curfew and watch her crap her pants than shoot her with a pistol and watch her bleed out.

Giving teachers tasers may be a bad idea though. "Johnny, if I have to tell you to be quiet one more time... ". Teachers have a difficult job at least as far as maintaining sanity goes. Let's not give them that satisfying of an alternative to keep those brats in line.

about 2 years ago

Flexible, Fiber-Optic Solar Cell Could Be Woven Into Clothing

randy of the redwood Re:How about lining power wires (65 comments)

I think we are barreling off toward the silly on the ideas front, but if you restrict it to HV-DC lines, a single cell usually puts out .5-.6 VOC, so you just need to string 400,000 of them together and voila, you are pushing power in. That has to be seriously small surface area even aggregated across miles of line. Anyone want to do the math?

about 2 years ago

To Encourage Biking, Lose the Helmets

randy of the redwood Re:But that's not the real problem. (1651 comments)

As a cyclist, I can tell you the biggest reason to wear the helmet is to save my noggin WHEN I fall over because my fancy shoes didn't unclip.

about 2 years ago

To Encourage Biking, Lose the Helmets

randy of the redwood Re:Can't agree more (1651 comments)

I have an anecdotal evidence case that I think shows the difference pretty well.

At the Olympic trials a number of years ago, two riders in a breakaway crashed near the finish line. They were about 700 yards in front of the peloton. A spectator stupidly ran out to try to help them up and out of the roadway.

He was hit by a cyclist in the pack. The spectator just kind of rolled backward and hit his head, the cyclist literally flew through the air and landed head first into the curb. His helmet split in half, but he got up and walked away. The spectator did the fish in the middle of the road for about 5 minutes until the ambulance picked him up and took him away. Is this proof that a helmet would have saved the spectator, no. But I am pretty confident the cyclist would not be getting up after hitting a curb at 15+ MPH head first.

Helmets make a huge difference if you get into this type of accident. However, I tend to buy into the posts point - if you aren't riding in a pack, the odds of going down at the speeds where a helmet will help is probably low enough to make it an acceptable risk. (personally I ride with one at all times, getting clipped by a car mirror, not hit by the car directly seems the most likely possibility where I ride).

about 2 years ago

Should We Print Guns? Cody R. Wilson Says "Yes" (Video)

randy of the redwood Re:There are already ample laws available... (444 comments)

Your point is valid, but you may have jumped a bit hard on the poster. .223 is not the problem, but AR-15s which are usually chambered for .223 or 5.56 tend to attract the people he is talking about. Because they look like the military equivalent, people who want to act that way tend to get them and outfit them accordingly. What sucks for the rest of us (I shoot a Remington model 700 .223) is that non-gun people and therefore lawmakers lump the all weapons of that caliber together and then they somehow become 'bad'.

Rather than just rant, let's try to help people better understand the differences so when the next bill comes along they won't make bad assumptions.

P.S. I am not specifically against ARs either. There are some really nice shooting competitions based on them. As is always the case, its the people not the weapons that are the issue.

about 2 years ago

Should We Print Guns? Cody R. Wilson Says "Yes" (Video)

randy of the redwood Re:No you shouldn't. (444 comments)

I think you are making a core miscalculation of the good intent of your fellow man. In theory your idea is dead on, in practice its just dead. There are violent people among us, who will use violence to take things from you or make you do things you don't want to do. It takes two peaceful people to have peace, but if one wants violence, both have to do so or the peaceful one will suffer. If you are peaceful and I want to punch you in the face, you can defend yourself or get punched. You cannot force me to be peaceful with you.

P.S. Like you, I love guns and shoot regularly. However, I do not keep one for personal protection. My thinking is the odds are I will kill a relative or friend under mistaken identity before I will have the opportunity to use it for legitimate defense. However, this is colored by the fact I live in a very safe area with almost no violent crime.

about 2 years ago

Sources Say ITU Has Approved Ultra-High Definition TV Standard

randy of the redwood Re:useless aspect ratio (341 comments)

/. is not representative of the typical consumer. While you may not watch TV, most do. Sports and other non-geek oriented broadcasts are still most accessible via cable / sat.

There was much bitching on twitter about the broadcast of the Olympics a) not in real time, and b) not streaming. The VAST majority of consumers didn't care. This was the most watched Olympics ever. ( and ( These viewers watch TV.

about 2 years ago

RIM CEO Says Company 'Seriously' Considered Switch To Android

randy of the redwood Re:That *niche* market. (283 comments)

Bravo. Well said.

Can someone who is better at wordsmithing than I please come up with a meme that says we would all appreciate it if you only post when you actually know something about the subject?

Sorry to get off topic, but in the past year it seems that the people who post here are more armchair quarterbacks than actually in the field with something intelligent to add. Is this the Reddit crowd coming over here?

If you have something to add, please do so, but try to include some facts with the post instead of just "IOS is more secure" or "Good luck with that".

more than 2 years ago

Windows 8 Is Ready

randy of the redwood Re:TERRIBLE! (558 comments)

So long as you created your address yesterday, like you were told to do here on /., you are fine. Just use that to let M$ think they know how to advertise to you.

more than 2 years ago

Android Ported To C#

randy of the redwood Re:Isn't Mono dead? (351 comments)

Mono (Xamarin) is now more about a way to write mobile apps once, and have them run on both iPhone and Android with minimal porting. If you are a .NET shop (my company is), this is a good way to get efficient use of programmers rather than forcing them to context switch between C#, objective C and java. We have been very happy with the performance of several mobile apps developed on this platform, and have plans for more.

There doesn't seem to be a perfect option to write cross platform, and this does require some porting, but it seemed the best option when we evaluated the alternatives last year.

more than 2 years ago

Solar Cells That Emit Light Break Efficiency Record

randy of the redwood Re:Logan's Run (139 comments)

Thanks for ruining it for the rest of us. It was quite pleasant, and now that's ALL I can see also.

more than 2 years ago

Best Buy Closing 50 Stores

randy of the redwood Re:New stores will be called "Just warranties". (407 comments)

Nice post, actually. I think everyone assumed this was the case, but there is something people enjoy about getting angry on the internet.

What I would like to see is a 'backdoor' for people who do know what they are doing, like fleet sales for cars. If I come in the front door, I get full service. If I come in the back door (let's say a self service web portal in store - I pick up the cable I want, scan it at the terminal) and I get your best price with a reasonable margin and no negotiating. I buy it, and walk out - no up sell. You will still get hosed on the big ticket items you sell below margin, because as you noted the internet already does this to you. If Best Buy's price matches tiger direct or amazon, I'd gladly buy in town. Best Buy should have the purchasing power to make this a profitable endeavor. Amazon has local store inventory too, its just not in warehouses they let you browse in.

more than 2 years ago

Solar Power Is Booming — Why Do We Want To Kill It?

randy of the redwood Re: incidents where nutcases try and break one ope (415 comments)

True, though putting these things in domestic homes is likely to lead to at least a few incidents where nutcases try and break one open

"Hey guys! Watch this!" - I think I just envisioned our next Darwin Award winners. Irradiating sperm should count, right?

more than 2 years ago

Solar Power Is Booming — Why Do We Want To Kill It?

randy of the redwood Re:My W-2 just shuddered with the Force (415 comments)

We use Solar City, and our system works out to 16.7 cents per KWH this year. As with Verango, it does go up about 3% per year. I live in the central valley of California so we use a lot of air conditioning and have a pool, and we are on an electric well, so this was a massive savings for us in the summer and break even in the winter even when we factor in the 'rental' payments. They size the system so you still pay for tier 1 from PG&E (parent is right, no point buying solar energy that is more expensive than grid). If you do cut back and push electricity to the grid, PG&E will actually pay you for it. Two caveats to that - when you go solar, PG&E moves to billing you only once a year, and that can be a significant shock when you get the bill. They also only pay you something like 6 cents a KWH, so its not worth over-sizing a system just to get a check.

more than 2 years ago

Obama's Privacy Bill of Rights: Just a Beginning

randy of the redwood Re:Data ownership (222 comments)

Actually, I agree. I'd go a bit further, and if we all agree that for these free services (gmail, facebook, etc.) that we are the product, not the service, we should be very careful about how much restriction we want to put on these providers.

I'd vote that they MUST tell us what they keep, so we can decide if that price is fair for the service received.

I'd vote against mandatory restrictions on what they can keep. I am willing to pay some level of privacy intrusion, just like I am willing to pay some amount of my attention by accepting advertisements in TV and web pages, so that I can avoid paying actual currency for many services these 'free' vendors provide.

more than 2 years ago

Seattle Library Lets Man Watch Porn On Computers Despite Complaints

randy of the redwood Re:First Amendment isn't relevant here (584 comments)

So why not just let people fuck on the tables at the library?

Because that is illegal. (indecent exposure).

Now, if you can keep yourselves covered up and quiet while you do it...
Nah, I'll save that debate for someone with a lot more legal experience than I to decide if that would be legal.

more than 2 years ago

Apple Announces Most Profitable Quarter in History

randy of the redwood Re:American jobs (761 comments)

Not to be pedantic, but if your $49 is correct, that would be just under $2 BILLION in reduced profits if they did it in the US for last quarter alone. According to the press release, they sold over 37 million phones last quarter.

I think if I went to my boss and suggested it would be a patriotic move to build here and it would only cost us $8 billion a year, I would probably be looking for work.

I am a big fan of building in the US, but let's look for products like construction equipment (that take large amounts of natural resources we have, and are expensive to ship), and do those first. (See Caterpillar for a success story like this). When China's economy has caught up to ours (they want Lattes too), then we can look to compete on things like electronics that are cheap to ship.

more than 2 years ago

NTSB Recommends Cell Phone Ban For Drivers

randy of the redwood Re:Great idea! (938 comments)

Banning cell phones has not reduced their use in cars (at least on my drive). It has moved the cell phone from being held to the ear, to being held horizontally in front of the mouth.

Apparently, people have equated speakerphone and hands-free as the same thing.

Thus I would doubt we have seen any appreciable reduction in accidents.

As a driver of a very small / low car, I can say that talking on a cell phone does present a real danger to the rest of us. I have to allow a driver to drift into my lane where I was at least once a week. This is always accompanied by a driver using the speakerphone technique.

more than 2 years ago

Site Offers History of Torrent Downloads By IP

randy of the redwood Re:So that's how they'll figure out who to sue (340 comments)

Excellent, I'll add:
Norma Stitz (sorry, she is real)
Jenna Talls
Amanda Lynne
Corey O'Graff
Dan Druff,
Duane Pipe

and everyone's favorite - Mike Hunt.

more than 2 years ago


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