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Corporate Espionage Involving a Patent At Microsoft

ranjeet.walunj Mullors actions do fall under cat 'Investigation' (241 comments)

those actions are nothing but Investigation methods apply by him. Every individual has (should) right to look for his lost/stolen things ...

more than 5 years ago

Whistleblower Claims NSA Spied On Everyone, Targeted Media

ranjeet.walunj lost booksmarks and passwds. pls chk logs n gimme (717 comments)

ohh gr8 ... was looking for my lost bookmarks and passwds for last few months ... can someone from NSA team check their logs and pass it to me pls ?

about 6 years ago

Using Speed Cameras To Send Tickets To Your Enemies

ranjeet.walunj Can RFID help in this ? (898 comments)

can some sort of mechanism to identify each car by RFID or something equivalent help ?

more than 6 years ago

Too Good To Ignore — 6 Alternative Browsers

ranjeet.walunj whats wrong with lynx/links ? (291 comments)

there are still few people who intentionally (or without any option) use text based browsing ;-)

more than 6 years ago

75 Comics That Are Being Made Into Films

ranjeet.walunj few really kick-ass, some very pathetic (256 comments)

I'm sure lot of efforts must have gone into making them ... but some of the movies were pathetic, few r really good ...total kick ass ... and this post also gives me lead about what movies are missed ...

more than 6 years ago


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