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Steve Jobs Dead At 56

rapett0 Apple ][ (1613 comments)

My first real computer experience was on an Apple ][ at my elementary school. Granted it took many other factors over a lifetime to lead me where I am today, but I have to give props to Steve Jobs (and the Woz) for help getting it (being career, educational choices, etc.) started.

more than 3 years ago

What Was Your First Gaming Experience?

rapett0 Almost 30 years ago... (718 comments)

Looking back, its hard to remember in my new found "old" age. While maybe not exactly right, I do remember a game called Crossbows and Catapults. I doubt that game would have been sold in 20 years due to our new nanny state were everything that can put out an eye is banned.

As for video games, I would think Atarti 2600 probably. I remember switching the RF switch box and firing it up while listening to whatever tapes I recorded off the radio! [I am sure someone will tell me thats nothing, they stuck transitors in potatos while walking uphill both ways to get music.] Oddly enough, I got my Atari 400 and 800 many years after my first systems (2600, 7800, Odyssey, NES, etc).

Computers, um...I know I died many times on the Oregon Trail. However, what covered wagon was I in? Tandy something or other, or Commodore 64? Apple 2 maybe at my elementary school's library perhaps.

about 7 years ago



rapett0 rapett0 writes  |  more than 8 years ago

rapett0 writes "Over at CNET there is a special announcement that one of the editors and his family have gone missing. They were in a silver Saab station wagon, license plate DOESF. You can call 1-800-452-7888 if you have any tips concerning their whereabouts."



rapett0 rapett0 writes  |  more than 9 years ago

I finally updated my website from sac.uky.edu/~rapett0 to sqozon. Sad to see an old friend go.

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