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Amazon Releases Cloud-Based Music Service

ratajik API (222 comments)

I'd like to allow my app (StationRipper) to hook directly into this.

Does anyone know if they, or are releasing, a API?


more than 3 years ago

A "Bill of Lights" to Restrict LEDs on Gadgets?

ratajik Whaaat? (729 comments)

Uh... I like the blinking lights. I want MORE (thus my glow-in-the-dark keyboards with multiple color selections, and my LED mouse pad). And I love my XPS, doubly so in a dimly lit room.

My "Gadget Bill of Lights" would be to ask the Gadget and PC makers to please make MORE of these types of equipment and to PLEASE ignore Mike! (Well, I DO agree you should be able to turn the LED's if you want - my Timewarner DVR is ultra-annoying in that way, as it's in the bedroom). But otherwise, cram more LED's in!!!!

more than 7 years ago



ratajik ratajik writes  |  more than 8 years ago

ratajik writes "For those of you that have been waiting for it, the first eStarling frames have finally shipped, just in time for Christmas (if you pre-ordered). I wanted one a year ago when they were first announced, but they sold out right away. The big thing about these is the wireless connection — you can e-mail photos to the frame (no subscription required — you can use gmail), or it will load photos from a Flickr stream. They are still available over at ThinkGeek, if you want pick one of these slick 7" Wireless color LCD frames up."


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