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Ask Slashdot: Gaming With Only One Hand?

raving griff List of One-Handed Wii and PC Games (221 comments)

In case you decide to pick up a Wii, the following games can be played with only the Wii Remote (based on my own collection):

Mario Kart Wii (designed for two hands but playable with one)

Wii Sports (most mini-games can be played with one hand)

Wii Sports Resort (again, most can be played with one hand)

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King (downloadable only)

Dead Space Extraction (if memory serves me; I no longer own it)

Wario Ware: Smooth Moves

Zack and Wiki (if memory serves me)

Trauma Center: New Blood (if memory serves me)

In addition to these, a number of downloadable "WiiWare" titles can be played one-handed, and if you can get used to playing simple games with the controller horizontal (i.e. reaching across the controller for the buttons with the same hand that is using the d-pad), you should be able to play just about any NES game on the Wii's store, as well as many Genesis games. New Super Mario Bros might also be feasible, but you would need some way to shake and rotate the controller.

Some one-handed PC games (generally mouse-only) include:





Greed Cord




Torchlight II

Good luck finding something that works for you!

about 2 years ago

Most Game Console Power Draw Comes From Time Spent Idling

raving griff Re:What is the point of gaming consoles? (249 comments)

I agree on that count; the principle is the same. However, while movie publishers have succeeded in getting most businesses to cooperate with a 28-56 day wait period before renting, game publishers have not been able to negotiate something similar for used games.

more than 2 years ago

Most Game Console Power Draw Comes From Time Spent Idling

raving griff Re:First sale doctrine? shill much? (249 comments)

That is a very fair argument and is certainly true for books purchased and used for personal use; however, working at a library, I have found that maintaining the condition of the books there is a major expense. Books that pass through many hands have a shelf life ranging from 40-60 years in most cases. Antique books have to have special sheets inserted between pages to preserve the ink, and most of the collection that is pre-1940 has been rebound.

Additionally, a look at Amazon, Abebooks, or any other used book seller will show you that there is a huge difference in price between a book in good condition and one in bad condition; similar trends can be seen in games, but the difference is much less pronounced.

I was not aware that First Sale Doctrine was established on a case about books; you have prompted me to make additional research.

more than 2 years ago

Most Game Console Power Draw Comes From Time Spent Idling

raving griff Re:What is the point of gaming consoles? (249 comments)

The last Resident Evil game on the DS even had no ability to delete a saved game, effectively making the game one play per sale.

Second to last, actually. This is an important distinction because the game you are talking about, Resident Evil Mercenaries, is an arcade-style action game, where the only actual progress to be deleted is earning high scores and unlocking additional levels and characters. The most recent Resident Evil game for the 3DS, Resident Evil Revelations, is a story-based experience and does offer the option to delete save files.

The first-sale codes are a little more controversial in the gaming blagosphere. No publisher has denied a single-player experience to players who do not use the included code, but multiplayer and downloadable content is often tied to it. For some games, this is not a big deal, but for others, multiplayer is a major component of the game. However, the codes are not "darn close" to the MSRP; the MSRP of new games is typically $60, with used games going for $40-$55. The codes sell for $10-$20, with the goal of making the price used (with all multiplayer and DLC in tact) the same as the price of a new game, thus encouraging gamers to purchase a new game.

There is an interesting debate concerning whether what EA is doing is ethical or not. On one hand, we have the First Sale Doctrine, which guarantees the reselling of used products and might(?) be violated by EA's first-sale codes. However, the First Sale Doctrine was created with things like houses and automobiles in mind--things that naturally tend to lose value over time, due to wear and tear, or things that maintain value only if money is spent on repairs and renovations. Thus the decrease in value is tied to its use.

Software, on the other hand, does not depreciate in value in the same way. While the physical media--box, manual, and disc--are vulnerable to wear and tear, the bulk of a game's value comes from the game itself, which comprises of the software on the disc. In general, the game either works or it doesn't; a game will hold full value as a game until the disc breaks, at which point it will hold virtually no value.

What this leads to is a used market dependent entirely on the game's popularity. Games that are less popular suffer a multiplied loss: less copies will be sold new, and, because the price difference between used and new is so great, a higher percentage of copies will be sold used, further hurting its sales. The invisible hand certainly has something to say about the justice of unpopular games causing losses, but in an industry as young as gaming, any factors that increase the risk associated with developing a game (typically over 2-5 years, costing hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars) can be seen as negatively impacting the development of games as an art form. (Recently, independent games made on small budgets in far less time, have become prolific; they often represent the riskiest, most innovative, and in some cases, most artistic expressions in gaming.)

Is it fair for games to be subject to a popularity multiplier? Maybe. However, the gaming industry is a different framework than what the first-sale doctrine was established for. I realize I have been playing the devil's advocate throughout most of this comment, but I believe the issue needs to be explored with hard economics before we can draw strong opinions on whether it is right or not for publishers to discourage the sale of used games. It is possible that the used games industry puts games into the hands of far more people, improving its legitimacy as an art form, but it is also possible that used games are a primary factor pushing publishers towards sticking to established franchises and neglecting innovation in favor of reliable sales.

more than 2 years ago

Facebook Connect Exposes Hulu User Data

raving griff Facebook as an "Identification Badge" (60 comments)

This is why it worries me that Facebook is increasingly becoming a sort of ID badge for the internet--many blogs, for example, now support Facebook Connect as the primary (or only!) way to comment; social networking games (even ones living outside of Facebook) urge or even force users to connect their accounts, etc.

What control do I retain over my own information? For some sites, sure, it's useful to be able to authenticate my login info with one click (assuming my Facebook is logged in) and it's nice to have a populated friends list for applications such as online games so I know who I can play with, but for some sites (Hulu included), I don't want to give my name, profile picture, and friends list up.

I use a different, strong password for all of my accounts online, so a website I visit being compromised by hackers doesn't concern me much, but if a flaw in implementation of the Facebook Connect API can leak any information that Facebook gives them out to other people (and potentially out to hackers), I could be facing some serious issues.

A name and friend list forms a unique thumbprint for my identity that can contribute to identity theft. Hell, I have even seen Facebook hacks that clone your profile and friend your entire friends list--sort of the reverse of having your profile hacked and having to create a new one.

Bottom line: Facebook has information that I barely trust Facebook to handle, much less other websites, and the use of the Facebook Connect API by a site can have dangerous consequences for its users.

more than 3 years ago

Thinking of Publishing Your Own $0.99 Kindle Book?

raving griff Re:A Ten Dollar Barrier to Entry? (101 comments)

But it can be a barrier to sales if you aren't backed by advertising / reputation.

more than 3 years ago

Thinking of Publishing Your Own $0.99 Kindle Book?

raving griff Re:I don't agree with his argument about $0 entry (101 comments)

And how are books with worthy content noticed within the sea of crap? Barring advertising (which in this case comes directly out of the author's pocket), the only way I can see a book standing out based entirely on its contents merit is in a niche field, like the Ubuntu books in the example, where there are few enough books that ones of high quality rise to the top quickly as there is little competition.

However, in any more general areas / genres (for example, literary fiction), the sea of crap is so large that worthy content takes much longer to recognize. A lower initial momentum means lower ratings and a much lower chance to succeed in the market as a whole.

The only way to guarantee worthy work to rise above the crap is to guarantee each book a test audience--allowing it to launch with several Amazon reviews and be seeded according to an aggregate measure of quality. Otherwise, whether or not worthy content is noticed is pure luck made less likely the more crowded the market becomes.

more than 3 years ago

The History of the Videophone In Sci-Fi

raving griff Correction: (97 comments)

TFA is about the history of the video phone in real life.

more than 3 years ago

Disorderly Conduct Charge for Offensive Classmate Ratings

raving griff From TFA: (371 comments)

"The teenager is believed to be responsible for a list that ranked 50 female students — using racial slurs and ratings of body parts — that circulated around the school and on Facebook, police said. The teen is accused of handing out hard copies of the list Jan. 14 at various lunch periods and posting a copy online, according to police."

This list was spread both through Facebook and throughout the school. Is it valid to address this as an online harassment case when the article does not even make clear which distribution method the teenager is being charged with disorderly conduct for?

more than 3 years ago

University Proposes Tuition Based On Major

raving griff Re:Descrimination... (532 comments)

This is a changing trend. Most state universities will now pay virtually full tuition to anyone below the poverty line, and most of the top 20s have full need-based coverage without loans for people in the lowest income brackets. A growing number of high school seniors are realizing that there are affordable school options out there.

more than 3 years ago

Are Graphical Calculators Pointless?

raving griff Better question: (636 comments)

Why are we paying $100+ dollars for a device that performs on the level of a 2001 smartphone?

more than 3 years ago

Microsoft and Nvidia Abandon PC Gaming Alliance

raving griff Re:No surprise (195 comments)

Virtually any game can be played in offline mode provided that 1) it has been launched with an active Internet application and 2) your Steam client is updated.

The login prompt should not appear for games that cannot be played offline--instead, you should receive the message "This Game Cannot Be Started in Offline Mode." What it sounds like is happening to you is that Steam is not running before you start a game. The option to launch Steam in offline mode only appears after login has failed.

more than 3 years ago

Wikipedia Meets $16M Budget Goal

raving griff Why not have a free opt-out? (255 comments)

I remember reading a Slashdot comment last year suggesting that even placing something as small as a Google Ad on the frontpage would be enough to generate the year's worth of revenue. Because Wikipedia is so popular, might it not be sustainable to introduce ads with a free opt-out? Nobody who doesn't want to see ads is exposed to them, and those that don't opt out, whatever minority they are, could sustain the site.

more than 3 years ago

Security Researcher Finds Hundreds of Browser Bugs

raving griff Re:Is Chrome not affected? (145 comments)

I can't recall ever seeing more than 5 icons on a single article, so I would assume that this is a limit to slashdot's story posting system.

Your point is very valid--the article discusses browsers in general. Perhaps we should have an icon that applies to browsers in general or ignore browser icons altogether for articles such as this?

more than 3 years ago

Ubisoft's Draconian DRM Patched?

raving griff Re:Morons (233 comments)

Except for the fact that a VAC ban only prevents you from playing on VAC-enabled servers in Valve games.

more than 3 years ago

Sex Drugs and Texting

raving griff Wait... (287 comments) article that acknowledges that causation != correlation? This is a first.

more than 3 years ago

How Much Math Do We Really Need?

raving griff The way we think (1153 comments)

For me personally, learning advanced mathematics (calculus and beyond) has changed my thinking process from a purely creative, English-oriented one to an objective, analytical outlook. The true understanding of how mathematical principals work--what a derivative is and not merely how to calculate it--has shown me the power of mathematical, logical analysis. As an English major, I came to a point where I was not sure whether or not I wanted to continue taking math courses (as I will need almost no math beyond arithmetic in my life), but I came to the conclusion that the mindset mathematics gives me rather than the quantitative abilities it provides is what matters in my education, and I therefore encourage anybody to continue studying math well past the point in which the skills become irrelevant.

more than 3 years ago

Ergonomic Mechanical-Switch Keyboard?

raving griff Ergonomic Model M (310 comments)

Ergonomic Model Ms exist, but are incredibly hard to find. You may want to ask around, though. An old workplace of mine had one sitting around in the storage.

more than 3 years ago

What 'IT' Stuff Should We Teach Ninth-Graders?

raving griff Re:Time's arrow (462 comments)

But we are talking about a 9th grade course, not a college course or a senior-level IT program. These students have not yet begun to specialize their educations according to the career they wish to pursue, and, indeed, most will likely change their idea of a dream job by the time they leave college.

about 4 years ago



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