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Philae's Batteries Have Drained; Comet Lander Sleeps

real_b0fh Re:ShirtStorm (337 comments)

amen to that.

this world as it is today is a complete disgrace. idiocracy at its finest.

about a month ago

Tim Cook: "I'm Proud To Be Gay"

real_b0fh Re:Proud to be gay??? (764 comments)

no and have no idea why people have pictures of wife/kids/whatever in the workplace. that's just stupid.

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Pick Up Astronomy and Physics As an Adult?

real_b0fh Re:You "mind isn't as sharp"? (234 comments)

no you cant, unless your young self was stoned all the time.


about 3 months ago

Scientists Twist Radio Beams To Send Data At 32 Gigabits Per Second

real_b0fh Re:WTF? It is not a slow news day (122 comments)

Senior Lead Astronaut, that would impress even chicks.

about 3 months ago

Oracle Hasn't Killed Java -- But There's Still Time

real_b0fh Re:bollocks (371 comments)

yeah, it's much better today than the good old days when you had to have one version of the JVM for java application you used :)

about 4 months ago

Vista the Last of Its Kind

real_b0fh Re:MS Windows != Every OS (337 comments)

actually, the firewall CAN BE in the kernel. you are always free to uncheck "ip tables support" and recompile.

in windows, such thing is 'unpossible'! :)

more than 8 years ago


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