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KDE Frameworks 5.3 and Plasma 2.1 – First Impressions

realmolo Wow, that actually looks decent (84 comments)

KDE has always had great functionality, but the actual *look* of it was always clunky-as-hell. Too many typefaces, too many buttons/widgets, and nothing ever seemed to "fit" correctly. It was just half-assed. Shiny, but half-assed.

This looks good. Maybe KDE will finally have the polished look-and-feel that Gnome (and the spin-offs) have had for 15 years now.

about two weeks ago

Hollywood's Secret War With Google

realmolo Re:I can see it coming . . . (176 comments)


I hope Google does this.

"Oh, you're suing us? You want us to be a copyright enforcement agency? Fine. We're not going to index ANY of your stuff. Or the stuff of any of your divisions. Or any of the stuff of any companies you have a controlling interest in. Plus, we're going to block their networks from accessing any of our services. Good luck."

about a month and a half ago

Kickstarter's Problem: You Have To Make the Game Before You Ask For Money

realmolo Yeah, so? (215 comments)

You *should* have a working prototype before you expect to get money.

Yes, it's difficult to build a prototype when you don't have funds. Welcome to the Real World, asshole. It's not easy to produce/market a new product. Kickstarter has made it *easier*, but it's not a magic bullet. It briefly *was* a magic bullet before people got smart and realized that giving money away for something that has almost no chance of ever being a real product was silly.

about 4 months ago

Google Hangouts Gets Google Voice Integration And Free VoIP Calls

realmolo Re:magicJack alternative? (162 comments)

They don't profit directly, but having a database of Google accounts tied to phone numbers that those accounts called/received calls from is pretty valuable, if you are selling advertising. Which, of course, is Google's real business.

You have to remember that EVERYTHING Google does is about gathering information on people, to build a picture of what kind of products those people might buy, and showing advertisements to those people. EVERYTHING.

about 4 months ago

Invasion of Ukraine Continues As Russia Begins Nuclear Weapons Sabre Rattling

realmolo Try it, you prick (789 comments)

If Putin actually uses nukes, NATO will just have him assassinated. It's that simple. We don't want to go to war with Russia, but there's no need to. Putin just needs to be killed.

about 5 months ago

In Maryland, a Soviet-Style Punishment For a Novelist

realmolo Sue the bastards (441 comments)

Wow. Talk about a lawsuit that you are *guaranteed* to win.

This guy is going to make millions.

about 5 months ago

Choose Your Side On the Linux Divide

realmolo It's job security (826 comments)

Old-school Unix admins don't WANT anything to change, or get easier. It threatens their livelihood. This is true of anyone with any kind of skill, but int computer-land, the changes come quickly.

It wouldn't be a problem if people weren't fundamentally lazy. But most people are. And admins are some of the *laziest*, because that laziness translates into an "automate everything" mindset, which is actually a good thing if you are an admin. But the idea of having to RE-automate everything sounds like work. Lots of work.

about 5 months ago

Interviews: James Cameron and John Bruno Answer Your Questions

realmolo Idiots... (24 comments)

" That's kind of a SEGWAY to you, John, if you want to pick up on how you basically got it all dumped on your doorstep."

It's not spelled "segway" unless you are talking about the 2-wheeled motorized vehicle. The correct spelling is "segue".

about 5 months ago

The Almost Forgotten Story of the Amiga 2000

realmolo Uh, they're not cheap. Not really. (192 comments)

Yeah, you can find a bare-bones Amiga 2000 for not much money. But it's pointless- a bare-bones Amiga 2000 is essentially the same thing as an Amiga 500.

Unless you can get one that has accelerator cards and video cards and hard drives and all that stuff, it's not worth bothering with. Unfortunately, "loaded" Amiga 2000s are EXPENSIVE. All of those expansion cards are hard to come by, and sell for a ridiculous amount of money. Why? I have no idea. I assume it's because of the lunatic Amiga fans that still exist. The poor bastards.

Honestly, UAE (Ultimate Amiga Emulator) is so good, that there simply isn't a reason to own actual Amiga hardware. The emulator is faster, and more flexible, and more stable. And at this point, the only real reason to even mess around with an Amiga is to play the games.

As a general-purpose computer, it sucks. It sucks less than you might think for a nearly 30-year-old system, but it still sucks. Even the latest version of AmigaOS (which is only a couple of years old, I think) is a joke. There are some neat things that the AmigaOS can do, for sure, but most of it is irrelevant nowadays.

about 6 months ago

Adobe Creative Cloud Services Offline (Again?)

realmolo Re:The best part... (164 comments)

The thing is, if you are heavily tied to Adobe products, paying $50/month to ALWAYS have the latest version is actually a good deal, from a usability perspective. Adobe likes to change/abandon file formats with every upgrade, and that causes issues. If you always have the newest version, you don't have to worry about that.

You're right, though: Adobe has no competition. But that isn't Adobe's fault. For all the screwy-ness of Adobe's software, they are STILL better than any of the alternatives, and basically always have been. They "won" their market legitimately.

about 8 months ago

Microsoft Finally Selling Xbox One Without Kinect

realmolo Smart move on their part, but... (227 comments)

It's too little, too late. Sony has probably won this generation already. The Xbox One isn't a failure, but it is going to be relegated to second place.

If Microsoft REALLY wanted to sell some systems and possibly win the war, they would do away with "Gold" Live! subscriptions, and make the full online experience free-to-all.

about 8 months ago

Will the Nissan Leaf Take On the Tesla Model S At Half the Price?

realmolo Re:Disregarding range, is this actually cheaper? (398 comments)

Yes, but what is the *total cost of ownership* of the Versa versus the *total cost of ownership* of keeping your Altima?

Your Altima was paid for. The insurance was likely really cheap.

People like to ignore simple math when it comes to car purchases. Emotions take over. You want to "win" the car game? But a decent user car and drive it/repair it until it spends more time in the shop than on the road, and get rid of it. Then buy another decent used car.

New cars are ALWAYS a bad investment. The worst investment, actually. Don't be a sucker.

about 9 months ago

Crytek Ports CRYENGINE To Linux Support Ahead of Steam Machines Launch

realmolo Is gaming on Linux actually going to take off? (132 comments)

It almost seems like it's finally going to happen. Amazing.

Now we just need to standardize on a desktop environment, and Linux will actually be a nice OS for the masses. /cue the "But choice is good!" crowd. Yeah, choice is good, but fragmentation is FAR worse than having no choices, when it comes to operating systems.

about 10 months ago

GNU Hurd Gets Improvements: User-Space Driver Support and More

realmolo HURD is an embarrassment (163 comments)

Having a project like HURD reflects poorly on Open Source/Free software. It's kind-of emblematic of the major problem with non-commerical software projects; namely, without a central guiding force and a *real* budget, big software projects have a very difficult time getting finished.

Stallman should just kill it. It's pointless.

about a year ago

Samsung's First Tizen Smartphone Gets Leaked

realmolo It's doomed, because Japanese software sucks (153 comments)

It's a weird phenomenon, but it seems that the Japanese don't "get" system software/operating systems AT ALL.

It almost seems to be a cultural thing. They like baroque/quirky interfaces and systems. For video games, that is often a good thing; it makes the game interesting. For applications, it sucks.

about a year ago

Steam Controller Hands-on

realmolo This thing is DOA (138 comments)

The controller is over-engineered and silly, and apparently the SteamBox consoles themselves are going to sell for $500. That's insane. This thing isn't in the same league as an Xbox One or PS4. There are barely any games for it, and barely any announced!

This is going to be another footnote in the history of consoles, unless Valve is planning a big surprise reveal of MASSIVE developer support. Which I doubt will happen.

1 year,18 days

DHS Turns To Unpaid Interns For Nation's Cyber Security

realmolo Re:Evil Plot (174 comments)

That's exactly what this is.

The position requires a security clearance, for God's sake! This is an internship for the children of congressman and other highly-placed public officials (and, of course, children of big donors to the Republican and/or Democratic parties). Nothing will get accomplished, but a lot of rich kids will get to put it on their resume.

about a year ago

"Perfect" Electron Roundness Bruises Supersymmetry

realmolo Re:Invisible unicorns in a garage (150 comments)

You seem to be implying that somehow mathematics are not sufficient for describing the "real" world, and that is simply not the case.

Mathematics are the language of the universe, as far as we can tell.

about a year ago

The Quest To Build Xbox One and PS4 Emulators

realmolo Re:Microsoft should of been smart (227 comments)

Nobody cares about backwards-compatibility.

Why do you think both Sony and MS gave up on it a few years ago? It adds cost to the system, and it doesn't increase sales. A $99 add-on? Hardly anyone would buy it. Sony and MS aren't stupid- if backwards-compatibility was something that would help them sell more systems and/or games and make more money, they would include it. But it doesn't, because hardly anyone wants to play old games. And those that DO want to play the old games play them on the OLD CONSOLE!

about a year ago


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