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Lavabit Loses Contempt Appeal

reanjr Re:Procedural Rules? (128 comments)

There's no good reason decisions like this can't be made by a jury.

4 days ago

Code Quality: Open Source vs. Proprietary

reanjr Re:Managed langauges (132 comments)

I've never been in an interview where they asked for memorized framework and library facilities. As a web developer, I get questions about data normalization, graph theory, and complicated SQL JOINs.

4 days ago

Google: Teach Girls Coding, Get $2,500; Teach Boys, Get $0

reanjr Re:It would be inequal to provide equal rewards (673 comments)

I'd really like to know how the computer education in private girls schools is going. There are no silly boys to distract the teacher from focusing on the girls in that setting. So one would expect private school girls are far more likely to enter a career in software, correct?

about two weeks ago

Google: Teach Girls Coding, Get $2,500; Teach Boys, Get $0

reanjr Re:Discrimination of girls is bad and unethical (673 comments)

Absolutely. If Gucci noticed a dearth of designers in the handbag industry and decided to use their considerable wealth to attract heterosexual male designers, that's their concern. Their money. Their right. Their "speech" if you will. As a consumer, you have a right to not buy their products.

Private enterprise is not a government body. They are not held to the same legal framework as government. That said, a public university basketball team taking funds from the government has no right to discriminate. Our money. Our rights.

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Do You Still Trust Bitcoin?

reanjr Even more so now (631 comments)

Mt. Gox disappearing is good for BTC. From what I've been reading, people who left their money in Mt. Gox accounts have mostly been blaming themselves for trusting an untrustworthy organization. The signs were all over the place that people should pull their money out. And judging by the decline in volume at Mt. Gox, it seems most people did already. And observers need to know that these exchanges are not secure places to keep their money.

Anyone who willingly lets someone they hooked up with over the internet hold hundreds of thousands of dollars of their money should know the risks involved.

about 2 months ago

The Mystery/Myth of the $3 Million Google Engineer

reanjr Re:Working men top out around $120k (173 comments)

That's bullshit. I know well over a dozen working software engineers making above $150k. Get better at your job.

about 3 months ago

Asm.js Gets Faster

reanjr Re:64-bit computation vs. 64-bit storage (289 comments)

The only difference I can think of is that the generated code will be larger because 64-bit operations take more bytes. This may have an effect on caching and branching.

about 4 months ago

Why Bitcoin Is Doomed To Fail, In One Economist's Eyes

reanjr Re:*erior (537 comments)

Any merchant using a strategy of selling their BTC at the end of each week would have benefited from price gains against the local currency over the long term. There's plenty of good reason to hold on to them. Of course, once the price settles, that will no longer be the case, but we're probably still a long way from that.

about 5 months ago

195K Bitcoin Transaction

reanjr Re:Can someone explain bitcoin banks to me? (167 comments)

In theory, BTC quantity will cap at some point and the expected increase in economic activity combined with the very gradual loss of coins to things like hard drive failure will make BTC act like a slowly deflating currency. This amounts to approximately the same thing as interest.

about 5 months ago

Chinese Bitcoin Exchange Vanishes, Taking £2.5m of Coins With It

reanjr Re:Distributed security HEIST? (346 comments)

BTC is a lot like cash. If you choose to hand over a giant wad of cash to someone to hold for you (like these people did), you are at as much risk as would be expected.

You can always hold onto your own coins if you want to realize the promise. Of course, then you need to handle your own security and backups.

about 5 months ago

Your License Is Your Interface

reanjr Re:Then you're stuck with GitHub's terms. (356 comments)

My personal interpretation is that any project on GitHub that has no explicit license is covered under a very permissive BSD-style license (without any attribution requirements).

Typically a license grants you rights and informs you of your restrictions if you choose to exercise those rights. In this case, with no explicit attribution or GPL-like openness stated, but with forking a right implicit to public code on GitHub, I am led to believe I can take everything, then make closed modification to the software for my own personal or commercial use.

In other words - unless this is your intention in publishing on GitHub - you should definitely include a specific license.

about 10 months ago

What Features Does iOS 7 Need?

reanjr Re:Better Application Hooks (262 comments)

Doesn't cause a problem for Android users. Are iOS users just to ignorant to select decent software? Do they need Apple to hold their hand and tell them the stove is hot?

about 10 months ago

Oracle Discontinues Free Java Time Zone Updates

reanjr Java was a bad decision in the first place (405 comments)

Own up to your company's bad decisions, bite the bullet, and STOP USING PROPRIETARY SOFTWARE!!!

Seriously, you people who complain about all your own bad decisions are really getting on my nerves. Java was a bad idea 10 years ago even without the time restriction. Why? Because they throw in a time restriction whenever the fuck they want. Your company was stupid enough to be duped.

about 10 months ago

Ask Slashdot: When Is the User Experience Too Good?

reanjr Sell network effects (397 comments)

If part of what you're selling is the network effect of your product, then this very well may be a time when "crippling" a feature makes the product better.

about a year ago

iTunes: Still Slowing Down Windows PCs After All These Years

reanjr Re:iTunes (519 comments)

Windows has an API for hooking into file system events. If iTunes is scanning the hard drive except on startup, then it's because Apple has shitty engineers. Same with USB. Why don't Windows focused apps that do the same thing have no performance problem?

I'm a Linux/Android user, but you just seem like an Apple fanboy.

about a year ago

One Bitcoin By the Numbers: Is There Still Profit To Be Made?

reanjr Re:Another bitcoin article? (239 comments)

Perhaps. But they couldn't really cash out all their coins at a reasonable rate. The market cap is 21 million, so in order to dump anywhere near 5 million, you'd have to space it out to not crash the market before you can sell.

about a year ago

ZDNet Proclaims "Windows: It's Over"

reanjr Re:The baffling thing... (863 comments)

Microsoft doesn't give a shit about the PC market. They need to make inroads on smartphones and tablets. The Windows 8 works-like-touch decision is so that they can acclimate as many dupes as possible into the MS way so that when they get a smartphone, they're more likely to choose Windows.

MS sells Office. It's what they do. It's the only thing they know how to do. Their entire business is built upon it. If they can't get people to use Office on their phones, they are doomed.

about a year ago


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