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AirMagnet Wi-Fi Security Tool Takes Aim At Drones

rebelwarlock Re:Makes Perfect Sense (52 comments)

Accidentally modded you redundant instead of insightful, so I'm replying to drop the score dock.

2 days ago

New York State Proposes Sweeping Bitcoin Regulations

rebelwarlock Popcorn, anyone? (121 comments)

Things that get the bitcoin "community" riled up are pretty amusing. Bitcoin is going to be a tax nightmare if you actually bother to file for it. Isn't it subject to capital gains tax in the US too?

about a week ago

Predicting a Future Free of Dollar Bills

rebelwarlock Re:Cash Needs To Go Away (751 comments)

I can, theoretically, defend myself against a mugger. I can't defend myself against what happened to Target, except by not using credit cards.

about a week ago

Seat Detects When You're Drowsy, Can Control Your Car

rebelwarlock First cars, next meetings (106 comments)

Only instead of auto piloting the meeting for you, the chair will electrocute you to wake your ass up so you don't miss out on the important monologues.

about two weeks ago

Predicting a Future Free of Dollar Bills

rebelwarlock Re:Cash Needs To Go Away (751 comments)

You wanna know a really cool feature of cash? If the merchant from whom I buy something with cash gets robbed/hacked after I leave, I don't lose the rest of my cash. It's pretty nifty.

about two weeks ago

Utility Wants $17,500 Refund After Failure To Scrub Negative Search Results

rebelwarlock should have never taken that contract (110 comments)

Don't take a contract you can't handle. If you claim to be able to do something, and you can't, you're in breach of contract. It doesn't matter how retarded the whole situation was - you agreed to do something and took money for it, then failed to follow through.

about two weeks ago

Slashdot Asks: Do You Want a Smart Watch?

rebelwarlock Re:Yes (381 comments)

All you people saying NO have no imagination.

1. That's not how capitalization works. Try quotation marks.
2. Apparently you haven't considered that we don't want to do anything in your list.
3. Not wanting a shitty product isn't the same as not having an imagination.

about two weeks ago

Normal Humans Effectively Excluded From Developing Software

rebelwarlock Apparently dedication = autism (608 comments)

You heard it here first, folks: if you're going to try to not suck at your job, you're autistic. Normal people don't give a fuck about trying.

about two weeks ago

By 2045 'The Top Species Will No Longer Be Humans,' and That Could Be a Problem

rebelwarlock So I made the mistake of reading the article (564 comments)

I gotta tell ya, this is the silliest bullshit I've heard all day, and I had to talk to clients. The only difference between this guy and TIMECUBE is punctuation and capitalization.

about three weeks ago

Facebook Fallout, Facts and Frenzy

rebelwarlock Time to get meta (160 comments)

Jokes on you guys - the "leak" was fictional. The real experiment is the public's reaction to this.

about three weeks ago

Nathan Myhrvold's Recipe For a Better Oven

rebelwarlock "Challenges"? (228 comments)

Yeah, let's glorify more people who say "X is done wrong, someone else should fix it. But not me! I'm just here to point out that everyone else is an idiot!"

about three weeks ago

How Apple Can Take Its Headphones To the Next Level

rebelwarlock I don't get it (196 comments)

Vital stats sensors... for listening to music? How is that helpful to me? If I have a medical condition that requires constant monitoring of my vitals, I'm not going to use Apple bullshit for it - I'm going to use real medical hardware. If I don't have a medical condition that requires constant monitoring of my vitals, why the fuck would I want to constantly monitor my vitals? That shit isn't interesting. It doesn't help me enjoy music. I would rather throw my $30 directly into the trash can, because at least then Apple wouldn't be getting it.

about three weeks ago

Google Is Offering Free Coding Lessons To Women and Minorities

rebelwarlock Apparently they need coddling (376 comments)

So what Google is saying is that women and minorities need their hands held so they can take their first little baby steps into programming, because their little brains can't handle it on their own like a big white man's brain can. Cut the bullshit. Getting starting in programming isn't hard - there is literally a glut of free resources. If you can't get started in programming, the problem isn't your vagina.

about three weeks ago

I prefer to settle down at night with a good..

rebelwarlock TURN DOWN FOR WHAT (139 comments)

"Settle down at night"? I'm just getting going.

about a month ago

'Selfie' Helps Doctors Diagnose Mini-Stroke

rebelwarlock Idiot bait (47 comments)

The use of the term 'selfie' was wholly unnecessary to the story. In fact, the only reason it's there is so they can get their drivel on slashdot. Kill this spam with fire.

about a month ago

Apple Acquires Social Search Engine Spotsetter

rebelwarlock Never heard of it (21 comments)

Is this "Spotsetter" something I'm supposed to have heard of? I feel like I got dumped into a story halfway with a bunch of characters I have no reason to care about.

about a month and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Where's the Most Unusual Place You've Written a Program From?

rebelwarlock Belize (310 comments)

When I started programming in PHP 12 years ago, I was still living in Belize. Talk about a place ill-suited to programming. I hear it's better now, but a lot of places barely had electricity back then.

In other news, I've apparently been doing PHP for 12 years. I need to reevaluate my life.

about a month and a half ago


top blocking international access during black friday.

rebelwarlock rebelwarlock writes  |  about 8 months ago

rebelwarlock (1319465) writes "If you live outside the US and want to do some shopping from TigerDirect this weekend, you're out of luck. International visitors are currently being greeted by an "Access Denied" message when trying to visit any page on the server. They have been deleting the complaints left by international users on their Facebook page, but complaints left as comments on their own posts are still showing up. The excuse? "Our international servers are down." Of course they are."

Antivirus Founder, John McAfee arrested in Belize

rebelwarlock rebelwarlock writes  |  more than 2 years ago

rebelwarlock (1319465) writes "McAfee lives in Belize and he says that he has become a target of the Gang Suppression Unit. He says the GSU came busting into his research facility in Orange Walk, killed his dog, took his passport, handcuffed him and arrested him on a bogus weapons charge. McAfee says he’s a victim because he didn’t donate money to a known U.D.P. Orange Walk politician."
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