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Should Disney Require Its Employees To Be Vaccinated?

redcaboodle Re:Just Require an IQ Test (660 comments)

Flu is known to mutate very often. That is why the vaccination is redone each year. There are also multiple strains of flue active at any one time. Flu vaccinations protect only against the most common strains, which is due to technical limitations of the vaccine breeding process.
As a rule of thumb, with a flu shot you are immune to 80% of the current flu viruses going around. This number may change if a previously unimportant strain mutates to be more virulent.
I remember a few year ago a Slashdot article on a new vaccine effective against all flu viruses that does relies on a property of the virus that does not mutate at such a high rate. (If it does mutate, the resulting virus is ineffective anyway.)
Science, bitches. It just works.

5 days ago

UK Police Warn Sharing James Foley Killing Video Is a Crime

redcaboodle Re:haven't watched it... (391 comments)

I just watched it. I assume they put him on a lot on tranqs, to be that calm. They most likely threatened him with something a lot worse if he didn't play his part.
Judging from the pauses between his sentences, I am also reasonably sure he used a prompter of some kind instead of learning the speech by heart.
Poor sod.

about 5 months ago

Student Records Kids Who Bully Him, Then Gets Threatened With Wiretapping Charge

redcaboodle Re:So while all of this was happening (798 comments)

You got 2 & 3 wrong: Bullies will see that authority punishes victim, learn that their behaviour must be right and the victim is actually the guilty party, whatever they do. Bullying will actually spread as other people join in on this clearly positive activity.

And yes - even if the victim is physically injured in fron of authority with the injuring party loudly declaring they did it on purpose - the victim will be laughed at and then punished by authority for being injured.

Humans are social pack animals and creating a pariah and treating him/her properly is part of pack behaviour. Suck it up.

What I have always found odd is that while it is perfectly acceptable and even praiseworthy to make someone wish they were not existent, it is very reprehensible and egoistic for that person to actually terminate their existence. I've asked for explanation but the only one I got is that it makes the bullies feel bad.

about 9 months ago

Feinstein and Rogers: No Clemency For Snowden

redcaboodle Re:Yeah, right... (504 comments)

And this will stop the USA from conducting another illegal extradition?.

about a year ago

Measles Outbreak Tied To Texas Megachurch

redcaboodle What was that? (622 comments)

I read that as Messiah outbreak tied to Texas Megachurch.

about a year and a half ago

Bill Gates Seeking Patent To Make Shakespeare Less Boring

redcaboodle Re:Since when has Shakespeare been boring??? (338 comments)

Try Ben Jonson instead. You'll lever look back.

Discussions like this always make me remember my last English teacher at school. It's only literature if there is a four letter word in each sentence. He apologized to us for making us read A midsummer night's dream. When some of us went to see Volpone on a class trip, he announced it as some play by a guy like Shakespeare. I've always wondered what would happen if he actually read something by Poe - his head would probably explode.

about a year and a half ago

Snowden Offered Asylum By Venezuelan President

redcaboodle Re:Thanks, Venezuela! (380 comments)

The German president is a he not a she. Joachim Gauck

Perhaps you are talking about the German chancellor, Angela Merkel?

Their pasts differ somewhat with Ms. Merkel having started her career as FDJ secretary for Agitation and Propaganda, while Mr. Gauck was basically lying low until the East German government was down when he suddenly and retroactively turned into an ardent supporter of freedom.

An easy mistake to make though, as they are both spineless hypocrites profiting from other people's work.

about a year and a half ago

World of Warcraft Film Shooting Begins Early 2014

redcaboodle Re:Confirmed cast list: (181 comments)

You know who would be great for all these parts? Mel Blanc.

Can someone send a Valkyrie his way to raise him?

about a year and a half ago

UN Debates Rules Surrounding Killer Robots

redcaboodle Re:Damn, I was just about ready to give it go: (215 comments)

You've got a bug there. If you mark a human as non-findable and it turns hostile later you cannot attack it. This code would only work for immutable humans.

about a year and a half ago

How Doctors Die

redcaboodle Re:Had a personal experience on this one (646 comments)

That might have been a mistake in translation if the OP's native language is not English. I think the word he was looking for is dignifeid.

about 3 years ago

Making a Learning Thermostat

redcaboodle Can it prevent PEBTAF errors? (192 comments)

Problem Exists Between Thermostat and Floor?

Like my darling bf who turn the heating on full and then keeps the door to the balcony open because "He needs fresh air" but "He does not want to sleep in the cold"?

Who got to use our old fridge with the broken door to keep his beer in, turned down to minimum because the door was nowhere near tight. Instead of keeping the stock there and moving what he needs to our new low-energy fridge he turned it on full tilt and I did not notice because I do not use the beer fridge.

Right now he has poured the old marmalade from the fridge through the kitchen drain and is whining because it's clogged again..."I did not do anything". I hope the mix of drain cleaner, hot water and vinegar he poured in afterwards doesn't eat through the drain. I'm not allowed to touch the mess and you should hear him if I drop so much as a small bread crumb in the drain.

In short - it's not always the women who refuse to learn how things work.

more than 3 years ago

Manufacturing Dreams

redcaboodle Re:Lucid Dreaming (114 comments)

Takes ages to master and what works with one person does not work with the next. So far there is no reason to believe that every person at every stage of life can even learn to dream like that. Plus you need to be able to embrace your dreams, so if you start up with bad nightmares your brain has even less incentive to dwell on those.

Once you do master it, it's a swell way to spend a night. It's not like you have complete control like a movie director but you can nudge it and even avoid themes that you do not want to dream. It's somewhat odd when you notice you are dreaming because you are speaking with dead people and can actively choose to continue the dream.

I learned lucid dreaming by the time I was 18 when it was still: "Don't be ridiculous. You cannot control dreams." and haven't had what felt like a nightmare since. Got burned at the stake for not knowing when to keep my mouth shut the other night and noticed it was totally unreal since my brain could not find a memory of pain strong enough. I can feel pain in dreams so I suppose my memory just links to past experiences. It's like watching a really well done movie - you are experiencing the scene and still deep down you know it is not real without having to vocalize the thought. More intense, of course, but that is the general idea.

What worked for me was trying to remember my dreams as often as possible but even so it took years.

more than 3 years ago

UN Bigwig: The Web Should Have Been Patented and Licensed

redcaboodle Re:Well? What do you expect? (411 comments)

That's a gross generalization. Not entirely untrue, but far from a given. My wife had surgery a few years ago. The surgeon tried to dissuade us from it since he gave it at best a 50% chance of working since some of the diagnostics they look for weren't there. He left the option up to us, and since we had been through everything else without any luck, we told him to go through with it. After removing her gall bladder he finally found the signs he expected to find originally and she's been doing much better.

Funny you should mention this. My aunt was operated by a gynecologist for a growth on her ovaries. Since they had to go in anyway they removed her gall bladder because of a stone. Unfortunately they bungled that part so badly that the gall couldn't leave by the external conduit they had installed so it poisoned her almost fatally. When the internal specialists operated on her they found the remnants of her natural gall conduits mangled to badly they could not use them and almost gave up before using an artificial internal conduit to get the gall to flow straight from the liver into the intestines.

She is now in intensive care under heavy pain medication and has not been conscious since the op. The point is since the pain from the large cut would be near unbearable the doctors have decided to switch her consciousness off until healing is well underway.

If the idiots doing the first op had just said: let's call in a specialist instead of trying to do the (in theory, relatively simple for a trained surgeon) removal of a gall bladder themselves she and her family would have been spared a lot of pain and permanent maiming. My guess is they didn't know that conduits, like sinews, shrivel when unconnected and cut too short.

more than 3 years ago

Phelps Clan Tweets Intent To Picket Jobs Funeral Via iPhone

redcaboodle Engineering Solution (699 comments)

Have the local sheriff designate a special area for this picket - somewhere highly visible. At that place, hide a conductive mat. In a nearby tree or something, hide the corresponding electrode. Apply sufficient voltage between electrodes. Bam - divine bolt of lightning perfectly delivered. For extra points, let a note drop down from the tree reading: "I don't need you to tell me how to do my job, thank you."

more than 3 years ago

Man Charged in Model Airplane Plot To Bomb Pentagon

redcaboodle Re:Worse, maybe it's FBI entrapment (515 comments)

What's the difference between lethal and deadly?

In this case it's the difference between will kill outright and will inflict lethal wounds (which will kill in short order). In other words: lethal is: "Hey St. Peter WTF just happened?" and deadly is "OMG -Kill me now. ARGHHHH!"

more than 2 years ago

IBM Launches Parking Meter Analytics System

redcaboodle Re:Municipalities already do (111 comments)

That aside, I was in a city in Germany (Trier or Cologne, not sure which it was) that had a system where they had displays around time that indicated how many spaces were available in a number of downtown parkades.

Cologne has had these for at least 25 years. By now every city has them. They simple count vehicles going in and out at the bar and compute the number of free spaces.

more than 3 years ago

YouTube Disables Comments and User Uploads For Korean Users

redcaboodle Re:How do... (237 comments)

Nope - that law applies only to commercial websites. Private websites and blogs are not affected unless they have ads on them.

The point of the law is to protect consumers' rights which are very strong here. Basically - if a company wants to make business with you, they have to state who they are and who is responsible and if they have the right to do business at all (some professions). There are some practical issues since the law is somewhat ambiguously worded and needed to be clarified by courts. The process is still ongoing, unfortunately.

more than 3 years ago

Heise's 'Two Clicks For More Privacy' vs. Facebook

redcaboodle Re:don't people already do this? (206 comments)

So - where you live tourists are fair game ofr killing and robbing?

Safety of life, limb and property is a human right in civilized countries, not a citizen's right.

more than 3 years ago

35% Use Mobile Apps Before Getting Out of Bed

redcaboodle Meow (180 comments)

Only if the alarm clock on my smart phone counts. I need to have it near me 24/7 (for that one time in 2 years there's a server emergency), so I may as well use it instead of the cheap old alarm clock. Never mind the amusing apologies from my boss when he behind-dials my number again.

I don't usually check the weather forecast until I'm out of the bathroom.

more than 3 years ago



American music label wants government bailout, too

redcaboodle redcaboodle writes  |  more than 6 years ago

redcaboodle (622288) writes "Guess who wants a piece of the government bailout cake?

Tommy Silverman, president of Hip-Hop-Label Tommy Boy demands 25 billion USD in corporate welfare for the American music industry, which he currently values at 9 billion USD.

Like the auto industry, the music business needs loan guarantees to retool to adapt to new technology. The government should fund a five-year, $25 billion loan package industry to pay for artist development and marketing and retooling for and adaptation to new technologies during the transition period. As a condition, it would limit salaries and bonuses and temporarily eliminate golden parachutes for top executives.

Read him in the original at a2im"


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