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Ask Slashdot: Computer Charities for the Children?

redd Computers for Charities, not Children (291 comments)

It's funny how this topic should come up.. I was pondering the other day about setting up a charity in England to provide free software, hardware, and technical consulting (no job too big or small) to charities who need the stuff to do their job but really can't afford it. I came up with the idea after hearing that my mums charity (the Rosemary foundation) had just bought a bunch of PC's, and not really knowing much about it ended up wasting money on kick-ass games machines because the vendor convinced them that this is what they need.

This is only an idea so far, but if anybody either
a) knows of an existing charity that's already doing this
b) is interested in helping

then contact me at gilesc@ftech.net

more than 15 years ago


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