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Slow Start For Mobile In 2012 Presidential Campaign

redhotchil mobile straw polls (65 comments)

Some 3rd parties are making mobile straw polls to gauge mobile voter sentiment. One example:

more than 2 years ago

Where Are All of the IT Fraternities?

redhotchil IT people (84 comments)

IT people are smart enough to realize frats are simply paying for friends.

call it flamebait but its true

more than 9 years ago


redhotchil hasn't submitted any stories.



today i talked to sammo

redhotchil redhotchil writes  |  more than 11 years ago

sammo is a little asian man. he speaks very little english. he is from korea. they speak korean there. who cares?


this is gay

redhotchil redhotchil writes  |  more than 12 years ago

why would anyone write in a "slashdot" journal, its not like someone is going to readit, or call my a tosser

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