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USPTO Rejects Amazon's One-Click Patent

redmond_herring About time (166 comments)

Finally, some sanity is slowly creeping back into our patent system.

about 7 years ago



redmond_herring redmond_herring writes  |  more than 7 years ago

redmond_herring (839209) writes "Over on there is an article about DQ's Kit Kat Blizzard ice cream that is causing quite a stir up north.
"Opponents of a controversial Dairy Queen commercial are angry they're seeing it on television, a week after it was supposed to be pulled... The advertisement for Kit Kat Blizzard ice cream treats depicts a youth taunting his little brother while the younger boy hangs by his underwear from a door hook."
The ad is controversial because of the 1998 death of a 10 year old, found hanging from a coat hook.
Is this simply a storm in a teacup, or a legitimate complaint?"


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