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US Gained a Decade of Flynn-Effect IQ Points After Adding Iodine To Salt

reiisi Digging through the soil? (270 comments)

The way I heard it was that it was the use of untreated fertilizer in the fields and gardens that was the primary cause of the infections.

I suppose, sitting barefoot in an outhouse with no floor, that the hookworms working their way up from the pit could be a contributive factor.

But, shoes, yes. One of the reasons for the tradition of wooden geta in Japan was the general use of untreated (human) fertilizer in the rice paddies. The tradition of taking the shoes off on entering the house was also in no small part derived from the problems with the dirt.

And most parasites have a debilitating effect on the host, which is going to effect IQ and behavior in general.

about a year ago

Virus Eats School District's Homework

reiisi bios malware? (321 comments)

I take it you don't believe in the existence of malware that can over-write the BIOS?

about 2 years ago

Dual Interface Mobile Devices To Address BYOD Issue

reiisi Did you notice the word, "Intel"? (116 comments)

"... IC makers such as Intel ..."

Does that answer your question?

about 2 years ago

The Web Won't Be Safe Or Secure Until We Break It

reiisi lazarus and gambas? and perl+tk at a lower level? (180 comments)

I've been playing with all three a little lately. There's a fair amount of cross-platform capability there, with fairly capable html browser classes available.

Not to mention, libre.

about 2 years ago

ASIC Seeks Power To Read Your Emails

reiisi Checks and balances (114 comments)

There is a guiding force, but the leader of it all has this compulsion of self-contradiction. Likes to cause a lot of confusion by pretending to be God, and then saying that, since he is not God, God cannot be,. Etc., etc.

But you are right. Corruption is a continual and necessary part of the present natural world.

Which is the reason that national constitutions that waste little space on idealisms and focus primarily on checks and balances seem to be the most stable. (And why traitors to those constitutions attack them by trying to overload the checks and balances with idealisms.)

about 2 years ago

ASIC Seeks Power To Read Your Emails

reiisi learn anything from 1984? (114 comments)

No, we didn't.

My high school English teacher had it pegged:

1984 was neither predictive nor prescriptive. It was descriptive.

An allegory for society as we know it, through a lens double-tinted ever-so-slightly to two extremes, to bring a known secret out in sharp relief.

1984 is the world as we know it, viewed through the glasses of someone who thinks he is smarter than the rest of us trying to see it from the eyes of the rest of us.

Which is why it gave me a headache to read.

Very instructive book. Too bad most people don't think far enough to see the real message.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Fight Copyright Violations With DMCA?

reiisi Does youtube allow you to offer evidence? (455 comments)

I don't use youtube often enough to know about this, but can you ask youtube to look at the places in the video where the nutcase admits you produced the original?

Be aware, of course, of the Streisand effect. In this case, your attempts to shut his video down may give him fuel for his claims that he is being persecuted, adding slightly to his base of believers.

about 2 years ago

The Linux-Proof Processor That Nobody Wants

reiisi such a waste (403 comments)

Sure, Intel will pour more money and manufacturing and silicon into maintaining their monopoly.

But it's such a waste.

about 2 years ago

The Linux-Proof Processor That Nobody Wants

reiisi More oversimplified stuff, but, ... (403 comments)

Just for kicks, I tried comparing my recent single-core Atom with my ancient G4, using bc to compute pi an easy way.

Not conclusive by any means, but food for thought.

about 2 years ago

The Linux-Proof Processor That Nobody Wants

reiisi IA64? (403 comments)

I think the people who designed the Itanium seemed to think you could optimize all conditionals out of your code with the right compiler.

Pushing things way too far to the extreme does not prove much about more normal designs.

about 2 years ago

The Linux-Proof Processor That Nobody Wants

reiisi Try this for a reality check. (403 comments)

Use bc to compute pi on a single-core Atom. (Relatively recent, right?)

Do the same on a G4 iBook. (Ancient, right? waaaaaaaay slow FSB, right?)

Now compare the time between charges.

Gives you something to think about.

about 2 years ago

The Linux-Proof Processor That Nobody Wants

reiisi Re:RISC is not the silver bullet (403 comments)

You've got a few of the points right, but my experience with a single-core Atom (recent Lenovo) versus a single core G4 (ancient G4 iBook) leads me to think Intel really only caught up with the PPC recently.

about 2 years ago

The Linux-Proof Processor That Nobody Wants

reiisi Apple ditched on us, not just on RISC. (403 comments)

Apple bailed, not on the PPC, but on Motorola and IBM's SOC ideas.

Jobs kept talking about the road-map during the switch. Not the CPU, the road map. Intel's (still vaporware) pseudo-UWB, on-chip peripherals dedicated to desktop functionality, etc.

Mostly they ran scared from real UWB, but that's a bit of history that Intel has effectively erased. (A little strong-arm here, a little bribe there, .... Maybe a little help from the government.)

Shoot, my single core Atom ultra-lightweight is about as slow as my (unfortunately dead) iBook G4 on most of the real-world loads I put on it. (Well, some, at least.) The Atom is no improvement over the G4 in battery use, either.

Intel really hasn't kept any of their promises, so we can see that all Jobs really got was road-map into the mists, and the approval of a bunch of lemmingeeks.

about 2 years ago

The Linux-Proof Processor That Nobody Wants

reiisi Re:Misleading slant on mention of Atom's RISC core (403 comments)

I think you are confusing Intel with AMD in the '90s.

Sure, Intel (and Motorola) were using RISC tech in their CISC designs from back in the mid-'80s. Bits and pieces of the tech. Not full (almost-)RISC cores running CISC instructions by emulation circuitry (contrary to the propoganda), but cherry-picked RISC techniques. (8 GP registers do not a RISC make.)

AMD's 64 bit CPU was the first real x86 CISC-on-RISC. (And Intel had to go cap-in-hand to AMD for that, in the end.)

about 2 years ago

The Linux-Proof Processor That Nobody Wants

reiisi but when you don't have a busload of passengers .. (403 comments)

My bicycle is significantly more efficient getting me to the train station than the bus is.

I walk because it costs 150 yen or so to park the bike. That's still more efficient. I don't live close to a bus stop. Lots of people near me don't live close to a bus stop.

More than half the people going into the station at any particular time of the morning have not come in on a bus. And most buses at this station are about half-full, not operating at maximum efficiency.

The plain and simple fact is that we are not all going from and to the same place at the same time. Buses and trains are very useful in certain traffic corridors, but rely on small-volume transport to fill in the very huge gaps.

That said, there is still more to say. If Intel threw as much money at ARM as they do at x86, ARM could be even that much more efficient at the smaller design rules Intel has to resort to to make x86 anywhere close to efficient. And if Intel had joined (for example) the PPC consortia with the engineers they head-hunted away from better designs, they could have much more efficient server CPUs than any x86 CPU they have now or ever will have.

But, if they had done so, they could not have maintained their practical monopoly on desktop processors, and they would have given up their strategic inroads on servers. (Because someone else owns the IP, you see.)

about 2 years ago

Scientists Say Organic Food May Not Be Healthier For You

reiisi changing the subject (497 comments)

We assume that di-hydrogen monoxide is not a chemical the AC and his/her ancestors either did not grow up or did not evolve with. So you are changing the subject.

We are also pretty sure that non-dangerous levels of H2O are used in the production of organic foods, and non-dangerous levels are contained in them, as well.

about 2 years ago

Java Exploit Patched? Not So Fast

reiisi ... in a trusted environment (87 comments)

I don't believe in trusted environments, not when the end-user can change his IP and/or MAC, etc.

The effort you have to go through to set up the certificates the chain-of-trust, the execution context, constantly checks, etc., and I tend to think the out-of-band solutions work better.

about 2 years ago

Hackers Dump Millions of Records From Banks, Politicians

reiisi Re:Who's unreal? (310 comments)

You know, you seem to waste a lot of energy on misguided attempts at social engineering.

about 2 years ago

Hackers Dump Millions of Records From Banks, Politicians

reiisi Re:Who's unreal? (310 comments)

If you don't recognize the references I made in my posts, you have not looked at the data yourself.

Which makes your assertions of hypocrisy rather ironic.

Either that or you wouldn't recognize the data, which is a different kind of irony. (And it would be wiser to let you learn how to recognize such things for yourself, because you would likely be more responsible with knowledge you had to work for.)

But, if you really understand what you mean about security flaws being known in any system, why do you complain that anyone would mention the fact? That would rather suggest a cynical kind of hypocrisy on your part -- as if you were trying to shut people like me up so you would have more vulnerable systems to attack.

about 2 years ago

Java Exploit Patched? Not So Fast

reiisi Re:Arrrrrg (87 comments)

As I said, it's a speed bump, to be used in combination with other techniques, not a perfect solution.

Relative to X11, the attack has to be aware that the user that the browser is running under is restricted and not a login browser, and decide to attack X11 instead of just dropping a keylogger and adding a line to the user's .bashrc to invoke it. Just buys you a little time, but that's not a bad thing.

about 2 years ago



cool tech in immigration control

reiisi reiisi writes  |  more than 2 years ago

reiisi (1211052) writes "For several decades, we have enjoyed a visa waver zone, where everyone in the participating countries is allowed up to 90 days in any of the other countries without going to the trouble of getting a visa.

The department of homeland insecurity has seen fit to improve this program by requiring on-line requests in advance for permission to travel to the US. There is a travel promotion fee of ten dollars and a processing fee of four. So an expatriate married to a Japanese citizen and living in Japan, for instance, now gets the privilege of supporting the DHS to the tune of USD 14 in order to travel in the company of his wife to visit family and friends in the States. Paid by any of the convenient big 4 US credit cards.

Oh, and you get to use your brand-new digital passport.

So is this new mini-visa is Cool New Use of Technology, or what?"

Link to Original Source

paranoia about "NGN" in Japan

reiisi reiisi writes  |  about 5 years ago

reiisi (1211052) writes "My Japanese ISP (bought out in 2004 by NTT Data) has recently shifted from fixed address DNS servers to only advertising the DNS servers via DHCP. This leads to a number of questions for me, a couple of which I thought would be appropriate here.

In my search for a Japanese IPV6 capable provider, I've noticed that NTT seems to be pushing a "next generation network" plan where there are only three physical network companies, and all the other ISPs become vassals, I mean, dealers for the three physical network companies. They claim this "unified" solution is necessitated by some "multi-prefix" issue that I hadn't yet heard of. (More, in Japanese, here, here, and here, among other places.)

(My memory is that NTT was split into three companies when the Japanese government broke up the monopoly, but I haven't yet been able to track down just who the three companies in NTT's plan would be.)

This seems seriously at odds with Internet standards (in addition to looking like using IPV6 as an excuse in an attempt to commandeer the Japanese Internet).

Am I being too alarmist/paranoid here?

Also, my instinct is that providing the IP addresses of the DNS servers via DHCP on the WAN is just begging for MIM attacks. I'd like to hear qualified opinions on the subject, but I thought I'd also ask for opinions here on slashdot.

Oh, and does anyone want to point me to how I set a Fedora box to be a DHCP client with constant IP addresses? (For the interim.)"

Anyone installed Linux over MSWxp on an EEEPC?

reiisi reiisi writes  |  more than 6 years ago

reiisi (1211052) writes "Odd question, I know. But everywhere I've been here in the Kansai area (okay, just two big stores, Yodobashi Camera and Sofmap in Umeda), they tell me that no one in Japan is selling the EEEPC with Linux pre-installed, and I don't like to use plastic money. (Lame excuse, yes.)

EEEPC on line at sofmap, and at Yodobashi.

Actually, I'd rather not buy iNTEL, so I've been looking at the cloudbook, but that's definitely heavier. If we could get another G1G1 going, I'd try to have my brother snag one in the US for me, etc. The point is, I need something I can use on the train, to make the commute less of a waste of time, and I need to be able to edit source code and such. (Don't talk to me about hour+ commutes in Japan. I'm not quite ready for the kind of BS you have to be able to put out to be able to successfully set up your own "English Conversation School" here, and an hour commute is nowhere near being below average.) And I need it fairly soon.I have been considering a used iBook or PowerBook at roughly JPY 70,000. (My antique clamshell iBook has the old dead charger, and is not really lightweight). The EEEPC (G4 MSWindows version) is right at JPY 50,000; with additional flash it'll be close to the same, but much lighter. Enough with the rationalizations.

So, does anyone have any experience loading Fedora or Ubuntu over MSWindows on the EEEPC? And how about dual-boot, just in case I decide to try tightening it down and hooking it up to my portable phone, which Docomo's sales crew tells me may run Linux (and where are the sources?) but can only bridge MSWxxx via a USB converter?"


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