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Game of Thrones Author George R R Martin Writes with WordStar on DOS

relaxinparadise DOSBox (522 comments)

So if I wanted to emulate Martin without having to dig up an XT machine, I would use DOSBox. But since I don't, has anyone used DOSBox for office-ware? How does the printing function work?

about 4 months ago

Help EFF Test a New Tool To Stop Creepy Online Tracking

relaxinparadise Abine's DoNotTrackMe addon (219 comments)

How is Privacy Badger different from DoNotTrack me? I've been using Abine's addon for some time, but want to know if anyone knows of any advantages or disadvantages to either.

about 5 months ago

Our Education System Is Failing IT

relaxinparadise Increase the scope of the question (306 comments)

I would ask has there ever been a time that a majority of the working population displayed critical thinking skills? Old timers will likely say, "Back in the day..." but I wager that when they were the young-uns, the older timers likely said the same thing about their skill set. I think the vast majority of people indentured to a wage from top to bottom of the workplace hierarchy are lacking in the ability. But as noted in above comments, I'm just another hater too, or so they say.

about 5 months ago

CyanogenMod Integrates Text Message Encryption

relaxinparadise One minor part in a bigger problem. (118 comments)

While anything to prevent any intrusion into peoples private conversations is laudable, it's just treating a symptom of the greater problem. Just my opinion, but I would also like to see efforts made so governments and any other authorities don't spy on their people as well as these kinds of efforts which make it so they can't spy on their people.

about 9 months ago

Russia Today: Vladimir Putin's Weapon In 'The War of Images'

relaxinparadise Cultural competition ala Civilization. (254 comments)

RT, or Russia Today, is an admission ticket for Russia into the global competition of culture. Much akin to a game of Civilization (thank god for Sid Meier) where a civ goes for a cultural victory. Also, the comparison's to Fox News in the US are a bit off. Fox News' focus of 'us vs. them' is the intra-national infighting of the dis-United States while Russia Today's 'us vs. them' is clearly international.

about a year ago

Man Of Steel Leaps Over Record With $125.1 Million To Mixed Reviews

relaxinparadise I enjoyed it for what it is, a Superman story. (364 comments)

I'm watching a pirated copy on a stream right now, but did see it over the weekend at a 3D theater. My opinion is that it's the most enjoyable summer action movie this year so far, at least in comparison to Star Trek: Into Darkness, which was also very good, Fast Furious 6, which delivered on action even though it made little sense, and much more enjoyable than the Tony Stark movie, Iron Man 3, which I didn't particularly enjoy as a whole, even if it had some entertaining parts. I don't get the general disdain on 'reboots' here, but I think people should be able to retell the stories they want. I'm happy to compare and opine on what I like and don't like afterwards.

about a year ago

IBM's Watson Gets a Swear Filter After Learning the Urban Dictionary

relaxinparadise AI (310 comments)

Seems that Watson is on his way to passing the threshold to an oxymoron, a real artificial intellingence.

about a year and a half ago

U.S. Election Day In Progress: What's Been Your Experience?

relaxinparadise HI - Aiea (Honolulu suburb) Easy (821 comments)

No wait. Greeted kindly and informed on procedure. Was given choice between paper ballot or machine. Accepted a paper one and filled in the boxes. Submitted into ballot box. Was thanked for voting and left. I sympathize for voters having problems. I am grateful to have it so nice.

about 2 years ago

Diablo 3 Banhammer Dropped Just Before RMAH Goes Live

relaxinparadise Torchlight (540 comments)

Torchlight had everything that was fun in Diablo and Diablo 2 minus multiplayer. Torchlight 2 intends to remedy that issue and will not likely require always on, an authenticator, or a lot of the other nagging issues that are required to be endured when playing Diablo 3. Torchlight 2 is also 1/3 the price of Diablo 3 and if pre-purchased on Steam gives a copy of the original Torchlight game. By value and ease, my opinion is that Torchlight 2 is a better product. Still, I have no real hate for Diablo 3 if that is what other people choose to spend their money on and play. Hopefully everyone enjoys their click fests.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Headphones, Earbuds, Earphones?

relaxinparadise Grado Labs iGrado (448 comments)

Some posts have already mentioned the more expensive Grado headphones, but I had not seen any mention the iGrado. The iGrado is priced right at the $50 mark the OP asked for and use the drivers from the slightly more expensive SR60i model. I personally own an SR80, before they came out with the i designation, and still think they sound better than anything else I have tried, as I prefer the greater bass they put out than the SR60 and iGrado models. The OP did want a flat sound level, and I think the iGrado model seems to hit the mark.

more than 2 years ago

Will Kickstarter Launch a Gaming Renaissance?

relaxinparadise Re:Renaissance? (170 comments)

Perhaps the word resurgence should have been used instead of renaissance.

more than 2 years ago

Will Kickstarter Launch a Gaming Renaissance?

relaxinparadise Re:Given the sorry state... (170 comments)

I am guessing GK2 refers to Gabriel Knight 2.

more than 2 years ago

Climate Scientists Ask For Help Fighting Somali Pirates

relaxinparadise join the pirates? take over! (300 comments)

why not pull a hostile takeover on the somali pirates and make a real enterprise out of it? startup costs are not prohibitive assuming you can find some willing participants to join you in the endeavor. insurance and legal costs are minimal. the world is awash in small arms and un/underemployed. there is a lot of profit there for someone.

more than 3 years ago

What Free Antivirus Do You Install On Windows?

relaxinparadise Avira,Iobit 360/Advanced System Care,Malwarebytes (896 comments)

Avira rates consistently high on the site and even with high heuristics set, the overhead on the system is far lower than AVG or Avast. I use Iobit 360 with Advanced System Care to take care of threats other than virii, Peerblock and Windows Firewall behind a NAT router to keep things away and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, a Kaspersky and Avira BootCD to clean anything if anything gets past the other layers. Just like when it gets cold outside, nothing protects better than layering.

more than 4 years ago

Tegra 2 Tablets/Slates Impress At CES

relaxinparadise Re:Wow, I have a different experience (48 comments)

Splitting hairs I know, but freedom is more equated to liberty rather than democracy, and do as we say or get shot is more akin to tyranny rather than communism. Democracy is more about everyone getting a say. Communism is more about sharing.

more than 4 years ago

World's First Integrated Twin-Lens 3D Camcorder

relaxinparadise Cheap 3D Camera = Next Gen Homemade Pornography (162 comments)

It's not too hard to imagine a glut of really bad homemade porn with this new camera, but maybe someone will make something interesting out if it.

Does it/Do they look bigger in 3D?

more than 4 years ago

Google's Nexus One Phone Launches

relaxinparadise By looks alone (568 comments)

The Nexus One certainly is a beautifully designed phone, nice color choice and lines. First phone I've seen that surpasses the iPhone in looks, as subjective a statement that is to say. A nice thing is the ability to buy the phone straight up and not get locked into a 2 year prison term with a carrier.

more than 4 years ago

Boost a Weak 3G Modem Signal, With a Saucepan

relaxinparadise cluster? (146 comments)

imagine how many starving children could be fed with a Beowulf cluster of these

more than 4 years ago

Slashdot Turns 100,000

relaxinparadise Gratis on 100,000 (443 comments)

Congratulations to /. for getting this far, good luck to many more posts in the future.

more than 4 years ago


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