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LinkedIn Invites Gone Wild: How To Keep Close With Exes and Strangers

religious freak Re:The usual sloppy reporting (164 comments)

It's obvious to me too, but I'm a computer nerd and odds are you are too. It irritates me to think people not familiar with computers think *I* am the one spamming them.

about a year ago

How much I care about GMO food labeling:

religious freak Re:You're rudely forgotten my demographic! (461 comments)

They've rudely forgotten my demographic. I'm for GMO use. If we can reduce the spraying of pesticides I don't see what the issue is. There are certain practices (like making seeds of grown food sterile) that I find disturbing but genetically modified foods which are stronger and better? I'm all for it.

about a year and a half ago

"Choice Blindness" Can Transform Conservatives Into Liberals - and Vice Versa

religious freak Re:Yeah Right (542 comments)

After the assault weapons ban expired crime dropped. If we're to use correlation we can "prove" exactly the opposite point. Fact is that this is social science and drawing firm conclusions from data correlations are questionable at best.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: How To (or How NOT To) Train Your Job Replacement?

religious freak Re:I love doing that, actually (292 comments)

I agree. Take the high road. If you show you can deliver all the way through and successfully provided the initial value, your client will remember this when they need another new system. You can also keep an eye out for the next gig once your replacement gets his stuff in relative gear. Exit gracefully and don't burn a bridge.

That'll get you a referral more than a "figure it out for yourself kid" style as some advocate. It'll also do right by the kid who is in the position we all were in at one point. If you do that enough times you'll probably find yourself with the best kind of work and a great network of happy, former (future) coworkers.

about a year and a half ago

What EMC Looks For When It's Hiring

religious freak Re:your parent killed my parent. (223 comments)

But really... where is a viable ./ replacement? I'm open to ideas. There are a lot of idiots here (obviously not you my dear reader!) but there's brilliant people here. Anywhere kind of sort of like this place was... a few (ok, several) years back?

about a year and a half ago

Walk or Run: Are We Built To Be Lazy?

religious freak Re:Fuck Sake (189 comments)

Angry much?

about a year and a half ago

DOE Asks For 30-Petaflop Supercomputer

religious freak Re:So . . . (66 comments)

I don't know. Personally whenever I see machines with specs like these I get the idea that the only practical application would be advanced AI.

Yes, I know the NNSA and others use this type of hardware to simulate physical environments and nuclear events but I just can't help but think there's a pretty good possibility our government is racing toward advanced AI systems. These computer folks are some of the best in the world and they know as well as anyone what an advancement in weapons tech an AI would be. At least that's what I'd be telling my superiors if I were working in these high computing departments.

about a year and a half ago

Cox Comm. Injects Code Into Web Traffic To Announce Email Outage

religious freak Re:Is this News? (271 comments)

Just remember to pay your bill. Otherwise they'll cut off your Cox.

about 2 years ago

Huston Huddleston Wants You To Help Save the Star Trek TNG Set

religious freak TNG set destroyed (131 comments)

I guess the original TNG set was *intentionally* destroyed by Paramount in the making of Generations? I actually didn't know that. Here's a little paragraph explaining. If anyone has a bit more info, let me know. (see "Brent Spiner also comments on filming the saucer crash scene:" section)

I'm actually surprised a set would be usable as a destroyed starship set. You'd think the cheap, fake plastic parts would be obvious on screen?

about 2 years ago

Making Driverless Cars Safer

religious freak Re:It's kind of a shame (140 comments)

Well, in their defense, I've noticed they tend to drive slowly because they're also usually stoned, lol

about 2 years ago

Making Driverless Cars Safer

religious freak Re:Adversarial Implications of sharing information (140 comments)

I'd suggest you read his test if you haven't already. Yes, it is still a problem but this approach is still the best one I've seen and pretty ingenious, imo. The car doesn't "trust" anyone, per se. But it does use some kind of reputation system (while still thinking on its own) to make better decisions. Theoretically.

But if your point is that it is still not perfect, I agree.

about 2 years ago

Making Driverless Cars Safer

religious freak Re:It's kind of a shame (140 comments)

Illegal Mexicans tend to be better drivers, in my experience, because they don't have car insurance. If they get in an accident they are deported. That's a real incentive to drive slowly.

about 2 years ago

US Election's Only VP Debate Tonight: Weigh In With Your Reactions

religious freak Re:epistemic closure (698 comments)

Oh please. Yes, facts are facts but you seem to be in favor of ignoring the context under which many facts came to be.

I agree with your conclusions (I think) but claiming these binary answers to atomic questions reveal some kind of truth is foolish. One must have a greater understanding of the entire situation to be truly informed.

And you took the comment into a completely different direction from anything I was saying.

about 2 years ago

US Election's Only VP Debate Tonight: Weigh In With Your Reactions

religious freak Re:Obama versus Romney? (698 comments)

Can anyone identify an issue - not an opinion or a general feeling or a policy goal, but an actual issue - for which Obama and Romney are on opposite sides? Something for which Obama would veto and Romney would pass, or vice versa?

Sure. Abortion and specific tax proposals are two of the most prominent issues featured during tonight's debate, though there were several others.

Each issue is a labyrinth of mis-quotes, mis-information, and nuance. Did Obama double the deficit? Or is it the debt? Or did he double it, but it's Bush's fault? ... etc, etc

I think you need to check your news sources, dude. The information is out there, but you're not going to get it from NBC, ABC, CNN or any of the other yahoos. Personally I like the newshour and if I've REALLY got questions the answers are always available if you're willing to do original research, like looking up an actual CBO report and skimming it (I've done this once or twice).

With that being said, there's only so much one can be informed and still maintain a job and family. That's ok. These people are our representatives and we elect them to act as such. Our job is to make sure they don't royally screw it up and they are not abusing their power and screwing the people at large. It's your opinion how well we citizens are doing on this.

Regardless of the R or D after the name, how about we just vote the incumbent out?

Well... that's one way to do it and I've considered it. Another way is to vote 3rd party. But my personal method is to vote gridlock. Gridlock is awesome. It pits the special interest groups against another and generally results in a stalemate where no crap gets through the system. As the 90s showed us there can be some loud sabre rattling, but the world doesn't fall apart and stuff does get done. The stuff that actually NEEDS to get done does get done and the crap stays in the committees where it belongs. Because of my views on certain issues and my perception of the respective party platforms I choose a Republican legislature and a Democratic President. I think if we had gridlock, we'd all be better for it.

TL;DR - Vote Gridlock because politicians are stupid.

about 2 years ago

US Election's Only VP Debate Tonight: Weigh In With Your Reactions

religious freak Re:What's the value here? (698 comments)

The role of Vice President has changed quite a bit over only the past couple decades. Vice Presidents take an active roll in policy implementation and even decision making. They also do quite a bit diplomatically and even a bit of PR.

about 2 years ago

Khan Academy: the Teachers Strike Back

religious freak Re:And the unions are pissed... (575 comments)

Correct-o. Teacher unions are the problem. Don't believe it? Ask your kid about their oldest teacher that clearly doesn't give a fuck anymore. They've got a tough job? Sure they do, but when you can't hack it you've got to go. That doesn't happen with teachers.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Old Dogs vs. New Technology?

religious freak xTrashcat *LOOK HERE* -I bet I know where you work (515 comments)

I know an environment exactly like the one you're describing. A HUGE enterprise with that setup.
* Do you have 150,000+ machines under management covering nearly all of the USA? (This is why they're still on XP btw, I sat in the meetings)
* Is it a large financial institution?
* Is the big boss (of the local group) of Israeli decent?

I too started in that group (at 20 years of age actually), though I'm no longer in it. If I'm spot on, let me know.

But dude, even if it's a different company, everyone here is right. You sound cocky. Way too cocky for what you think you know. A few points:
* They had to replace THOUSANDS of dollars worth of machinery? AYFKM? Do you realize most enterprises (esp the biggest ones) get their evaluation machinery for free? Even if they didn't, thousands of dollars ain't sh*t.
* Do you realize changing bios settings across 10s of thousands of machines will cost money?
* You're 22, your labor is cheap. Experienced IT engineers are not cheap. They know this and won't waste their time on errands that don't make the company money when they can just as easily switch to another manufacturer.
* There are literally dozens of manufacturers that would love to get into a company that will order machines by the thousands. If the manufacturer can't get the order right in the first place, it's usually more efficient to move to the next one.

I could go on but I won't. If you happen to work for the same department I once worked for and are looking for some advice, I'll give it to you because you appear to need it. I will give you some straight up advice (via work channels) and keep it between us if you want. I won't be rude, but I will be honest. There is A LOT of stuff you just don't understand dude. I figure I'll help a kid out as someone once did to me (in that same department with not too dissimilar situation) in my early 20s. Let me know.

more than 2 years ago



IBM creates question-answering algorithm

religious freak religious freak writes  |  more than 4 years ago

religious freak (1005821) writes "IBM has created and made the question answering algorithm, Watson, available online. Watson has competed in and won a majority of (mock) matches against humans in Jeopardy. Watson does not connect to the Internet to answer his questions and seeks answers using many different algorithms then employs a ranking algorithm to choose the best answer. Click on 'original source' below to try your luck against Watson."
Link to Original Source

How to diagnose a suddenly slow Windows computer?

religious freak religious freak writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Ensign Taco (1005821) writes "I'm sure nearly every one of us has had it happen. All of a sudden your Windows PC slows to a crawl for no apparent reason. Yeah, we all like Linux because it doesn't do annoying things like this, but the Windows desktop still reigns supreme in most managed LAN work environments. I'm running XP with 4G of RAM and a decent CPU, and everything was fine, until one day — it wasn't. I've run spybot, antivirus, and looked at proc explorer — no luck. There is no one offending, obvious process. It seems every process decides to spike at once at random intervals. So I'm wondering if there's a few /. wizards out there that know what to look at. Could this be a very clever virus that doesn't run as a process? Or could this just be some random application error that's causing bad behavior? I've encountered this a few times with Windows PCs, but the solution has always been to just add more hardware. Has anyone ever successfully diagnosed this kind of issue?"

Porn Industry Rocked Sideways and Inside Out

religious freak religious freak writes  |  more than 5 years ago

religious freak (1005821) writes "For those looking to justify their interest in porn or looking for something to read after, well... whatever, here's a surprisingly interesting (though somewhat lengthy) article regarding the problems and issues the porn industry is currently facing. The story outlines the origin and business model of YouPorn, its founder's apparent shame regarding his role in creating YouPorn, and how the old school pornographers are trying to cope with so much free content online."

Microsoft Implements Black Wallpaper of Shame

religious freak religious freak writes  |  more than 5 years ago

religious freak (1005821) writes "A number of news outlets bring us a story outlining Microsoft's anti-piracy efforts in China. Using a system update, Microsoft changes the wallpapers of pirated Chinese systems to solid black. The update does not prevent users from continuing usage of Windows, but will automatically revert back to the black wallpaper every 60 minutes. Certain Chinese users are calling this a "violation of their rights"."

Bloomberg Accidentally Posts Steve Jobs' Obituary

religious freak religious freak writes  |  about 6 years ago

religious freak (1005821) writes "Bloomberg Newswire has accidentally published Steve Jobs' obituary. TFA states "Some investors were undoubtedly rattled to see, as our tipster did late this afternoon, the Apple CEO's obit cross the wire and then suddenly disappear. Jobs's battle with pancreatic cancer, and speculation over his health, jarred Wall Street earlier this year and continues to be the subject of speculation.""

Jobs' Health Deteriorating?

religious freak religious freak writes  |  more than 6 years ago

religious freak (1005821) writes "San Jose Mercury news brings a story regarding the health of Steve Jobs and the evasive answer given by one of his top managers during a conference call. The question was asked as a result of Jobs' gaunt appearance at the Apple developer conference in June of this year. Given the huge impact Jobs has had in the innovation seen at Apple, could a departure by Jobs be bad news for Apple, or potentially, the entire industry?"


religious freak has no journal entries.

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