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Fixing China's Greenhouse Gas Emissions For Them

renzhi Per capita tariff (322 comments)

How about a tariff on a per capita basis? Especially if we can tax on the amount of resources consumed per person per year. If the cost is not tied to each individual's life style, some people in some countries would continue burning through their huge SUV, while asking everyone else to live a caveman's life.

about 8 months ago

Google Unveils Self-Driving Car With No Steering Wheel

renzhi No thanks (583 comments)

No thanks, wouldn't want a car that I can't manually override when shit happens.

about 8 months ago

US May Prevent Chinese Hackers From Attending Def Con, Black Hat

renzhi Obama is a jerk (193 comments)

Obama is a jerk, the whole administration keeps on making stupid decision. If you keep on doing things like this, just don't come crying when other people would do the same thing to you. It's not just China, it could be any country too.

about 8 months ago

Google's Project Ara Could Bring PC-Like Hardware Ecosystem To Phones

renzhi so much negativity (139 comments)

WTF? Where is the geek spirit in this /. crowd? When a manufacturer releases a phone with battery soldered, everyone's complaining. When a laptop manufacturer releases a laptop that you can't upgrade, complaining again. Now that people are putting effort to allow you to custom your mobile device till your heart bleeds, you are complaining again.

I had enough of phones that I have to throw away because of one very small, and not even the most important, component went bad, and I can't do anything. And it's not worth repairing coz the repair cost is almost as high, or even higher, than buying a new phone. What a fucking waste of resources.

Give me this modular design anyday. I've been waiting for someone to do this for laptop and mobile phone for a decade. Can't come soon enough.

Just release the design, release the interface, make it so open that anyone on the planet can manufacture components without huge license cost, and let the market decide. I'm sure there will a lot of entrepreneurial folks who will set up shop to assemble this into a nice package for your customization. Just like the PC era. Bring it on. There will be a lot of new applications. Talk about wearables? Wait till you have all these components that you can assemble the way you like it.

about 9 months ago

MIT Researchers Create Platform To Build Secure Web Apps That Never Leak Data

renzhi Did this in 2005 (90 comments)

Did something like this in 2005, with the data encrypted on the client side using the user's public key. The key pair is in a hardware USB token.

We also did something with this scheme for an electronic patient record project. Each doctor was issued a USB key with his/her own key pair, and when the doctor submitted any prescription to the system, the data were signed with his key, and the operation was logged into a central log database, each log record is linked to some previous log records in a Merkle tree so that we could detect if a log record has been tampered with or removed.

However, cryptography is hard to get right in applications, and clients are not willing to pay for it. Se stopped doing this after a while.

about 10 months ago

Interview: Ask Eric Raymond What You Will

renzhi Your favorite editor (126 comments)

Which editor do you use on a daily basis? Emacs or Vi? :)

about a year ago

100-Year-Old Photo Negatives Discovered In Antarctica

renzhi Digital camera (114 comments)

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the title is, hmm, let's put a digital camera or an SD card full of digital pictures in Antartica for 100 years, and see if we can recover it :)

1 year,29 days

F-Secure's Mikko Hypponen Cancels RSA Talk In Protest

renzhi I bet he didn't get refunded (248 comments)

It's nice and all that Mikko Hypponen withdrew his support for the RSA conference, but I bet he didn't get refunded. That sucks big.

about a year ago

Nokia Takeover In Jeopardy Due To Alleged $3.4B Tax Bill In India

renzhi It's a game (226 comments)

It's a game played by the Indian government. Nokia's handset division is to be sold to Microsoft, which has a ton of cash on hand. It's a game worth playing, as Nokia has no way of packing their bag and getting out tomorrow, so does Microsoft. Microsoft wants that handset division as part of its strategy, and the liability can be worked out by Nokia/Microsoft to transfer to Microsoft, which will then work out a deal with the government, which will promise to sweeten via some kind of tax break on the condition that Microsoft invest more in the country. At the end, they will make a join release, saying that each one has made a score, it is good for the consumer, for the shareholders, for the country, for Jesus, for Buhda, for Ganesha, for Annapurna, for Hanuman, and whatever deity you've got. Everyone would be happy, and it would be the end of the story.

It's the same kind of game governments play all over the world.

about a year ago

Norway's Army Battles Global Warming By Going Vegetarian

renzhi Re:ridiculous... (495 comments)

I never tried to convince anyone to save the planet. My arguments have always been it's good for your health, and it saves you a tons of money too. But when people have a "dream", they don't give a shit about other things, they "need" to fullfill their dream first, which is to live the american life.

about a year ago

Norway's Army Battles Global Warming By Going Vegetarian

renzhi Re:ridiculous... (495 comments)

Per capita wise, we probably should start with the USA. If the Americans eat less meat, drive less and consume less resources, I'm sure that's going to have a very positive impact on their health too, not just the environment of this planet.

Unfortunately, the american lifestyle is a model that most Chinese dream of right now. So this trend is a terrible one. But what do you expect people in other countries to do, when the Americans export their movies in which people are living in big houses, with gigantic backyard, and there are more cars than persons in a family, have a fun life with a lot of meat (fill in your favorite resources)? When people in other countries have the means, they will want the same thing. And they emulate. This is totally normal. That means, in China, people also want a big house, at least a car, or preferably, one car per person, and all the comfort in life that the Americans have been enjoying for so long.

I gave up driving 10 years ago, my wife and I each have a bike. We ride or take the public transit, set a quota on our own diet, watch closely our AC and heater to just have a minimum of comfort. We watch our carbon footprint carefully. But when we try to convince other people to at least try to do something, people think we are idiots. The planet belongs to everyone, if the Americans/Europeans can enjoy the resources, why can't we?

It would interesting if there was some kind of quota system on all countries in the world, based on the population size. And it would be even more interesting if we can control it at the individual level. You want to enjoy more resources? Pay for it. That money will go to those who have left over. So the rich people can have all the shit they want, as long as they pay for it.

about a year ago

Military Robots Expected To Outnumber Troops By 2023

renzhi Interested in battery (177 comments)

Ok, are these robots going to run on battery or just some kind of diesel engine? If they are going to run on battery, is the technology available yet, or are we so optimistic that we can solve the issue in 10 years? I'm only interested in the battery technology, this is going to make it or break it. I'm not that optimistic, unless these guys have something in the pocket that we don't know about. Until we solve the battery (or fuel cell, or whatever portable energy pack) problem, we are not going to see much of autonomous robots (save the unmanned drone, or vehicle large enough to carry a big fuel tank).

about a year ago

Sweden Is Closing Many Prisons Due to Lack of Prisoners

renzhi Outsource it to the Americans (752 comments)

Why closing them? They should outsource/rent to the Americans, I'm sure they could make some money and create more jobs at the same time.

about a year ago

Motorola's "Project Ara" Will Allow Users To Customize Their Smartphones

renzhi Not going to happen (112 comments)

Don't hold your breath, this is not going to happen. There is little profit margin in selling components like this, why would the phone manufacturers get into low-margin business and abandon their high-profit business? Selling replaceable components means that users are going to hold on to their longer, and replace it less. Where's the profit in that the manufacturers? Their job is to dump a new phone model on the market every 3 months, rinse and repeat.

about a year ago

Is Choice a Problem For Android?

renzhi what I want to say is, (361 comments)

Dave Feldman, please speak for yourself only, ok? Please continue to use your fruity device, choice is good for us, I like it that way, thank you.

about a year ago

400 Million Chinese Cannot Speak Mandarin

renzhi Baffled to read comments here (562 comments)

I'm baffled to read comments from those who don't know Chinese, or don't even bother to learn Chinese. The mandarin, is just another dialect in China, which happens to be promoted by the emperor/government as the one unified tongue so as to facilitate communication. Even with tens of different regional dialects, they are all based on the same character set. People had been able to communicate with each other for thousands of years.

The worst thing is to see people suggest that the Chinese should "latinize" their language. Please, do not make stupid suggestions like on subject you have no idea.

And for people who said that Chinese is difficult, that's because you haven't really put efforts into it. Look, how many hours have you put into learning Chinese on a daily basis, as compared to the hours that Chinese people (and other people all over the world) had put into learning English? And you even complain that these folks can't speak English correctly, whereas the Chinese people would have congratulated you even all you can say is "nihao" and "xiexie". For non-English-speaking people, English is really a bastard language. Why is "shit" not "sheet" or "shait"? Words such as "anticonstitutionally", where am I supposed to put the tone on? And the grammatical rules and exceptions. And shit like that.

And the French language. Try to learn just the conjugation of the verbs. Try to master the grammar. And how do I figure out the gender of a noun? Is there a rule for that? I spent years learning French, I know it pretty well, but I can't even say I really master the grammar. And before we went on a trip to Italy, everyone said Italian is really easy. Even with my French background, I still struggled quite a bit to learn that other latin-based language.

And before going to Germany, I also tried to learn German. Oh, ouch, err... learning German is like being a masochist.

How about if people in other parts of the world tell the Amerians/Brits to "simplify" English, or tell the French to simplify French, or tell the Germans to simplify German? Or to simplify your _insert_your_favorite_mother_tongue_here_ ? You know what, it's been a struggling experience for them too.

I master quite well Chinese (Mandarin plus other 3 dialects)/English/French, know a bit of Italian and Spanish, Khmer and Vietnamese, but still struggle a lot whenever I try to learn a new language. Languages evolve over hundreds/thousands of years, it's hard to learn, even harder to master. You need to really put effort into it. Besides, learning a new language or get to know a new culture, is supposed to be an intellectual endeavor of your own journey. People don't give a shit about what you think of their language or culture. You are supposed to approach them. They have no duty to "make it easy" (whatever that means) for you.

about a year ago

Jolla Announces First Meego Phone Available By End 2013

renzhi Put on a keyboard (152 comments)

Put on a keyboard, with decent specs, and I'll get one in a heartbeat. Heck, I'll order 5.

about a year and a half ago

Tech Leaders Create Most Lucrative Science Prize In History

renzhi that's nice (147 comments)

but why only in life sciences? other kinds of sciences are not important? they wouldn't be in their current position if there were not progress and breakthrough in physical sciences and maths. Just wondering.

about 2 years ago

Rat Attack Causes Broadband Outage In Scotland

renzhi Ah rats... (85 comments)

I know a thing or two about these guys. Here is my story of rats attack.

Around 2005, I got a message on my cell phone at night, from a monitoring server, that one of the app servers is down. I tried to login remotely without success, ping didn't go through. I dragged myself up and went to the server room. A colleague who received the same message got there at the same time. From the terminal, we saw that the server was running just fine. We checked the network cable, it was cut, and looked like it's bitten by something. Other cables were also bitten to lesser degree. Some little animal was grinding its teeth, we guessed. We replaced the cable, and went back to sleep.

The next day, I passed by a co-worker's desk, saw he had a web cam. I borrowed it, and set it up in the server room, near the machine whose cable was bitten, and wrote a cron to snap images during the night.

We received another message the second night, another server went down. We went to the server room again, sure enough, another bitten network cable. Not only the network cable, the head of my Philips cell phone charger was completely bitten off. I was working in the server room the day before, and had my cell phone charged there, and forgot to bring the charger back to my desk. I was pissed. We check the photos snapped by the web cam... ah, here it was, a small rat, the size of the fist of a small boy. I told myself I'd take care of that pest.

The third day, we checked around, and found a small hole in the elevated floor in a corner. We guessed it must come out from there. We surrounded with whatever we could find in the office, put an old IBM machine that had been replaced and was laying around, connected the web cam to that machine and set up to snap photos again. My colleague went to the grocery store to buy a mouse trap, and put it there. We hoped that the mouse trap would catch it right there.

The third night went without any incident. In the morning, we went to check again. Oh, it was awful. The rat was lying there, its hairs all messy, and we still could smell something. The power cord of the machine was half bitten. We put the photos together into a slide show, and saw that as it was biting into the cable, there was sparks coming out, and the rat was obviously electrocuted on the spot. We showed that to the colleagues in the office and had a good laugh, some of them thought it was really gross, and that we were cruel, and that we had really mistreated animals.

more than 3 years ago

Dennis Ritchie, Creator of C Programming Language, Passed Away

renzhi great mind (725 comments)

Only a great mind like dmr can create a compiler able to compile the following:

for(;P("\n"),R--;P("|"))for(e=C;e--;P("_"+(*u++/8)%2))P("|"+(*u/4) %2);

RIP, dmr

more than 3 years ago


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