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Hellmouth Website?

reptilian Re:The epitome of stupid... (130 comments)

Can you explain to me how Individualism is childish? How getting tormented and ostracized every day of your life is being childish? I love how people say "It's part of growing up. Get over it." I doubt you will even make an effort to understand what is actually happening here. It's not "childish" teenagers "whining" about how they were picked on. It's REAL HUMAN BEINGS venting, talking about the hell that they've gone through, because people like their teachers, parents, administrators, etc just don't listen. They have to tell someone, or they'll end up like Eric & Dylan.

But maybe that's what you want.. destroy individualism and all the problems will go away. That, if anything, is a childish mentality.

more than 15 years ago


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