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BBC and FACT Shut Down Doctor Who Fansite

residents_parking Re:Anyone know what, exactly, was the issue? (186 comments)

Listen Basil,

I know you have a problem with me, and that's OK.

Now ... where to start with this abortion? You are measurably wrong on so many counts I don't need to comment.

As for opining: if I wanted Fox News, I'd read The Guardian.

That is all. Go figure.

about a week ago

BBC and FACT Shut Down Doctor Who Fansite

residents_parking Re:Anyone know what, exactly, was the issue? (186 comments)

"as a Brit you can't avoid being a taxpayer but you can most certainly avoid being a licence payer."

If current murmurings are to be believed, the new DG wants iPlayer and all other "watch again" services to be subject to the license. IMHO that will make an Internet connection subject to the TV License.

about a week ago

New EU Rules Will Limit Vacuum Cleaners To 1600W

residents_parking Re: Do the math (336 comments)

You're *accidentally* half right. DC is used over long distances and especially over cables, but point to point. (Although, part of the UK rail network is 550V dc with booster stations, but that's another story.) Conversion in this context is AC to DC and vice versa.

Sheesh, I live right where the cable is terminated on the UK side. The converter station at Sellindge is just up the road, and it's a butt-load bigger than a 2GW transformer, it's acres of kit. Everyone here knows this stuff.

about a week ago

BBC and FACT Shut Down Doctor Who Fansite

residents_parking Re:Anyone know what, exactly, was the issue? (186 comments)

"... keeping the BBC free from political influence"

Or accountability. Seriously it would be easier on my conscience if the BBC were a government department. Because being forced to pay for something you can't control which rubs its own political ideology in your face every day ...... sucks.

about a week ago

New EU Rules Will Limit Vacuum Cleaners To 1600W

residents_parking Re: Do the math (336 comments)

"They import it from France, and don't bother converting it."

Nope. The undersea cable carries DC. It is converted at both ends.

about a week ago

Is Dolby Atmos a Flop For Home Theater Like 3DTV Was?

residents_parking Re:media cos killed it w/compression+Bitstarvation (197 comments)

I can tell the difference between MP3 and FLAC while driving my car with the bog standard stereo. Once it's been pointed out to you, it soon becomes really annoying.

You don't even need ears to notice the difference. Just look at the spectrum. MP3's top end (13kHz up) flops about all over the place. And whaddya know? One sure sign is truncated reverb tails. But it can be difficult to put this into words. People might say there is less air or less space or depth. Bottom line it's measurable.

Anyone doing any kind of pro audio would be able to tell the difference. So take your gold plated straw man and burn him somewhere else, thank-you.

about two weeks ago

Add a TV Tuner To Your Xbox (In Europe)

residents_parking TV License (81 comments)

In the UK, you'll need a TV license (£145 per year) if you don't already have one - completely dwarfing the tuner purchase cost.

about three weeks ago

Cable Companies: We're Afraid Netflix Will Demand Payment From ISPs

residents_parking UK TV Licensing (200 comments)

It is well known the BBC want to extend TV licensing to "watch again" (not quite the same as on-demand) services like iPlayer, 4OD etc. The argument goes that a PVR needs a license but a PC does not, and that this is an anomaly. I can easily see ISPs being used as middle-men to collect the fee.

about a month ago

French Blogger Fined For Negative Restaurant Review

residents_parking Vive la whatever! (424 comments)

The French are well known for being overly precious and up themselves when it comes to accepting criticism. Especially when it comes to food. Hence the CAP, which is designed to tax other nations to preserve frenchness.

about a month and a half ago

French Blogger Fined For Negative Restaurant Review

residents_parking Re:Freedom of Expression... (424 comments)

Not Europe in general, just anywhere Napoleon conquered.

about a month and a half ago

Ode To Sound Blaster: Are Discrete Audio Cards Still Worth the Investment?

residents_parking If you're going to spend any money ... (502 comments)

Don't buy a card. Period. Get a decent USB I/O. That way you can use it anywhere and it doesn't have to be buried with your dead desktop.

Don't get me wrong, internal sound is actually not bad these days, but you never really know what you're getting and you might need to hack about with grounding for acceptable performance. (My current desktop is OK on output but terrible on input, even with hacks.) If you need something dependable, buy an external lump with known quality. I have a Roland Quad Capture I'm happy with.

about 2 months ago

UK Seeks To Hold Terrorism Trial In Secret

residents_parking Re:Dear UK (240 comments)

We don't give a rat's arse about stuff that happened 200 years ago or whatever. We leave all that stuff to your good selves. Most people don't even care if Scotland leave The Union. That's how it is.

We do care that Islamic Extremism is surging here in the UK. This is something the US you doesn't have to deal with 24/7, happily for them.

The problem with quoting The Guardian is that those guys don't actually care if Britain becomes Muslim. Some of them, eg George Galloway MP and former Mayor Ken Livingstone seem happy to get in line to further their own careers and damn what the rest of us want. Galloway even converted to Islam. And Islam suits "Red" Ken's chronic anti-semitism, as it does much of The Left.

I understand if you're ignorant about Islam's MO for taking over society, but kindly STFU until you've done some research. You want to see what we're up against? Google "UK School Trojan Horse Plot".

about 3 months ago

$30K Worth of Multimeters Must Be Destroyed Because They're Yellow

residents_parking How it works in China (653 comments)

It is likely Sparkfun or some other Western importer supplied a Fluke DMM as a sample and said "we want something like this". Now, China being China, they do tend to focus on the cosmetics. They are excellent copiers. In this case, too good. Sparkfun might be telling the truth about their ignorance of the trademark, but certainly not of the original article.

about 5 months ago

Neil Young's "Righteous" Pono Music Startup Raises $1 Million With Kickstarter

residents_parking Re:It IS FLAC (413 comments)

Out of interest I DLed some of these "high resolution" products, then analyzed them in Adobe Audition. Some were indeed from the analog master, I could tell by the extended top end going to ~30kHz. So perhaps there is some justification going to 96 (not losing anything), but not 192. These also had a noise floor around -70dB, making a mockery of 24 bits. Others turned out to be nothing more than the 44.1 digital master resampled to 24/192.

about 6 months ago

Ukraine May Have To Rearm With Nuclear Weapons Says Ukrainian MP

residents_parking Re:Riiiight (498 comments)

Clearly they're asking US & UK (both nuclear powers) for help.

about 6 months ago

WikiLeaks Cables Foreshadow Russian Instigation of Ukrainian Military Action

residents_parking Disagree (479 comments)

Given the recent history of Ukraine and also of Russia, this is not unexpected.

And if you've been paying attention *at all*, it's entirely expected.

about 6 months ago

Non-Coders As the Face of the Learn-to-Code Movements

residents_parking It's The British Way (158 comments)

... I'm afraid. Only certain personal traits (such as good looks and charisma - no pun intended) are socially celebrated, while science and engineering talent are quite frankly milked and abused.

The UK turned its back on science and engineering back in the 1950s and embraced the arts (nothing wrong with that) and the cult of management instead. That tide has not turned; if anything it is getting worse.

When I joined the IEE (now IET) back in 1990 there was an assumption that everyone with an engineering degree would be in management by age 30. That's only 10 years (and not the best years) of engineering usefulness.

Now I see India making the exact same mistakes. We have to deal with 22 year old rookies who don't have the experience (I work in firmware with a strong analog emphasis) to deliver production code.

about 7 months ago

Fire Destroys Iron Mountain Data Warehouse, Argentina's Bank Records Lost

residents_parking How Convenient (463 comments)

And some people wonder why we don't just hand over the Falklands.

about 7 months ago


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