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Insects Rapidly Becoming Resistant To GM Corn

rev_sanchez Re:Jeff Goldblum (368 comments)

This argument implies that theses women have access to effective and culturally acceptable methods of birth control that they can use reliably and choose not to use it. I don't know that this is usually the case.

more than 2 years ago

Electronic Health Records Now In All US Military Hospitals

rev_sanchez Re:What about privacy? (86 comments)

Right now a lot of medical transcription work is sent overseas to take advantage of low cost out sourcing. A few years ago a woman in Pakistan threatened to publish medical records from UCSF Medical Center on the internet unless she was paid a bit more.

While it's always possible that external intruders could get by the network security, the EHR's security, and figure out how to access and make sense of the proprietary data in the systems, the biggest threat is from people on the inside.

IAAHITC - I Am A Healthcare IT Consultant

more than 3 years ago

All Languages Linked To Common Source

rev_sanchez Re:Cradle of Life & Language (318 comments)

You'd think that some of the phrases early African people were saying all of the time would still be kicking around and we'd be using them. Why don't more peoples have a common way of saying:
- Look, a lion! Run.
- Fuck, it's hot around here!
- Damn, look at that ass!
- Gross, why do elephants have to shit so big?

more than 3 years ago

Microsoft On List of Most Ethical Companies

rev_sanchez Accenture (465 comments)

I'm going to go ahead and say that if you've ever had to change the name of your company because of a huge ethical scandal then you shouldn't get to be on a list of ethical companies for a little more than 10 years. I'm looking at you Accenture (aka Anderson Consulting).

more than 3 years ago

Saudi Students In US Seek Segregation By Gender On Facebook

rev_sanchez Re:You can't free someone who doesn't want to be f (353 comments)

Their religion is also a little hard on poking and getting Facebook to implement a "throw rock" feature turned out to be more difficult than anticipated.

more than 3 years ago

Next Step For US Body Scanners Could Be Trains, Metro Systems

rev_sanchez glass 1/2 full (890 comments)

At this point I'm just glad that militant Islam probably has some pretty strict rules about sticking things up their butt. If one of those guys put a stick of dynamite up their ass and blew up a plane with it then the new air travel rules will largely restrict willing passengers to porn stars.

more than 3 years ago

Critics Call For Probe Into Google Government Ties

rev_sanchez Re:Just another non-profit, I'm sure (289 comments)

This is just one of the first few calls for investigations by the likes of Darrell Issa who recently asked that the House have "7 hearings a week times 40 weeks" investigating the executive branch. It's just like Clinton/Whitewater thing but with even less merit.

more than 3 years ago

MySpace Revamps Site To Recapture the Magic

rev_sanchez the #1 reason myspace failed (137 comments)

Most people have terrible taste and myspace gave them a lot more of an opportunity to unleash that onto the internet. They became the social networking version of Geocities and that ruined their branding.

Facebook locks down the look and feel of their website quite a lot and for branding purposes that's a good thing.

more than 3 years ago

Genetically Altering Trees To Sequester More Carbon

rev_sanchez what I'd rather see (279 comments)

What I've always wished for is that cars and boats and other fossil fuel burning vehicles that would concentrate their exhaust into solid pellets. What I have in my mind is a picture of bulldozers crapping charcoal briquettes all over a work site.

more than 3 years ago

Mega-Volcanoes Might Be Detectable On Exoplanets

rev_sanchez It could be a normal mega volcano or. . . (67 comments)

the evil galactic emperor Xenu could be dropping nuclear weapons into normal exoplanet volcanoes in an attempt to destroy the souls of brain-washed alien dissidents thereby creating exo-Thetans that will torment the future residents of said exoplanet.

Teach the controversy!

more than 3 years ago

Duke Nukem Forever Back In Development

rev_sanchez it worked for Batman (356 comments)

I say they do a reboot and start off with Duke Begins and then follow up with a bad ass sequel called The Duke Knight.

more than 3 years ago

Could Crowdsourcing Help the SEC Detect Fraud?

rev_sanchez Re:Apparent Contradiction in the Article (148 comments)

I agree that the crowd idea won't work until there is the political will to actually enforce these rules. Even in the best of times you have too many regulators looking for a way into the industry they're regulating (like the oil rig inspectors at the MMS) but when you combine that with leadership that doesn't believe in government regulation then things are so much worse.

When the Madoff matter started to look fishy message from the leadership in Washington was that lax enforcement was the way to achieve the deregulation they were looking for and that makes perfect sense from a political point of view. You don't get money for reelection from people you hound with regulators and people who don't believe in government, or at least believes that government regulation generally does more harm than good, shouldn't be expected to run one well.

about 4 years ago

Abandon Earth Or Die, Warns Hawking

rev_sanchez Re:This is pretty much what I've been telling peop (973 comments)

"Comparatively large" in this case meaning just shy of the rest of the world's defense budgets combined. Last year it was also bigger than Social Security or Medicare & Medicaid. link

about 4 years ago

My Automobile Gets __ MPG

rev_sanchez Re:Diesel (1141 comments)

Americans don't know what Le Mans is. It has "Le" which means French in American and "Mans" which is more than 1 man. Without actually knowing what it is many Americans would suspect that it was a gay thing and that would set diesel adoption back several years.

about 4 years ago

My Automobile Gets __ MPG

rev_sanchez Re:Diesel (1141 comments)

If you asked most Americans to describe a diesel car you'll hear that they are: noisy, stinky, expensive to buy and repair, perform poorly in cold weather, and are slow. I think this comes from experience with crappy diesel cars from the gas crisis in the late 70's and commercial transportation like buses, 18 wheelers, trains, etc.

As a group, we don't know about the much cleaner diesel we use today or modern diesel engines so it's going to take some time to make diesel trendy in the US.

about 4 years ago

To Ballmer, Grabbing iPad's Market Is 'Job One Urgency'

rev_sanchez Re:I don't get it. (764 comments)

In theory a Microsoft tablet could run most windows apps but in practice most of those don't work well on a tablet as every one of their previous tablet projects have shown so a tablet running strait Windows 7 is a bad idea. Maybe their Windows 7 Mobile will work better but what apps are they going to have for it? As for their other effort to build something that works well for a mobile platform, does anyone want a Zune app? You can pick from 24 and several of those are ad supported games no one cares about.

It's really something to see how times have changed. 10 years ago the Mac user's lament was that the software options for their computers were too limited and now Microsoft is trying to launch hardware or OSs for new hardware into markets where Apple and Google have the mindshare nearly cornered between iTunes and the Android Marketplace.

This is why Microsoft is becoming the stuff you use at work and Apple is slowly becoming the stuff you use everywhere else.

about 4 years ago


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