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Recession Pushes IT To Find New Value In Old Gear

revbob We have now become Cuba (206 comments)

Considering what these guys are doing to the auto industry, we may be literally like Cuba, driving 1950s Buicks and swapping chickens for car parts.

more than 5 years ago

US Army To Invest $50 Million In Game Development

revbob Re:More than 50 mil (68 comments)

TRADOC funds the unit, which burns up money thinking. Then the unit tries to interest some university lab to build a demo. By the time the contract is let, most of the money's gone. Then the university kids run over budget and lose interest. The Colonel who came up with the idea gets promoted, and our kids are out on the battlefield of the Neverending War defending themelves with trashcan lids.

How the hell is TRADOC still in business after FCS?

more than 5 years ago


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