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Amazon's New Storage Service

reverend0 Re:What's new about this idea? (237 comments)

The availability of broadband is much greater now than back during the bubble days for one thing. This model is much cheaper as well. This is not geared toward end consumers but to developers. You get redundancy and multiple storage locations. Lots of positives. There will always be some drawbacks but for the 20 meg of vital data that I have, this could be seen as super nice. Now I can get a dev account and distribute this to my family and boom we are all in much better shape.

more than 8 years ago


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SSL on the cellular phone

reverend0 reverend0 writes  |  more than 11 years ago Irritation beyond irritation has struck with the inability to get a cellphone to connect over WAP to a SSL server I set up. I am using a certificate that I generated and Tomcat as the server. The WAP phone is able to connect to it without ssl but with ssl, I get a 500 error. The 500 error leaves me baffled because, I see no servlet activity or connection activity in the log. Is something weird going on with cell phones and SSL? So I start my search deep into cellular land to see if there is any information as to what browser a motorola c333 on ATT service has. All to no avail. So I look to see if WAP phones are able to connect to a SSL server that has a home grown certificate with no luck either. There just seems to be no information available.

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