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Security Collapse In the HTTPS Market

rfunches Re:So offer a cost effective replacement (185 comments)

This is why you never, ever use a debit card at anything other than an ATM. (Not even at the grocery store for cash back.) That limits where your card details can be skimmed from.

I don't understand why you thought Newegg would do anything? If the bank "lost" the paperwork, you send a certified letter to follow up, and if they still play possum, send a letter to the regulators and (within the U.S.) state attorney's office...

about 4 months ago

Michaels Stores Investigating Possible Data Breach

rfunches Re:Chip & Pin (106 comments)

Chip and Pin has already been comprimised in the wild:


Nothing in the article states that the fraudulent charges were run as Chip+[Sig/PIN] transactions, though. They were processed in a way that bypass the chip:

  1. 1) Card not present transactions (mail/phone/internet)
  2. 2) Cloned magstripe-only card on a non-chip terminal (I had a chipped Visa fraudulently used in the US with this method)
  3. 3) Same as #2 but with a PIN at a merchant terminal for cash back or at an ATM for cash withdrawal or advance

I've yet to hear of a case where a fraudulent chip transaction came from a cloned card.

Forcing everything in the card present transaction chain -- cards, POS devices and ATMs, card processor networks, banks -- to require the chip, eliminating the use of the magstripe, should (at least in theory) eliminate methods 2 and 3. But there's still the issue of card not present transactions. Until you find a viable solution for that, the scammers will always have an avenue for fraud.

1 year,2 days

Verizon Wireless Goes Ahead With 'Bucket' Data Plans

rfunches Re:What the Hell??? (376 comments)

USA Today is making that up. There's an unlimited calling, unlimited texting, 300 MB data plan but

  • 1) it's only for basic phones (not smartphones)
  • 2) it costs $70 per month (not $80)

VZW's PDF (http://solutions.vzwshop.com/shareeverything/pdf/verizon_share_everything_plan_details.pdf) excludes smartphones from the "Share Everything Plans for Basic Phones" and "Data-Only Plans," therefore the minimum charge per month is $90 -- $40 for the device, $50 for 1 GB data. I'd argue the minimum is $100, since (if you keep reading) it's worded like a family plan with a two-device minimum, and the cheapest 2nd device is a tablet @ $10.

What isn't clear is if there will be single-line pricing, though the wording ("Select one smartphone and up to nine more devices", emphasis mine) implies that it'll exist. Most of the multi-line scenarios I can think of, however, are running $10-$30/mo higher with SE, with the biggest hit to basic phone non-texting customers. In my case, it's $110 now (2 basic phones, 1 smartphone w/unlimited data, no texting) vs. $150+ on SE (1 smartphone, 2 basic phones, 1 GB data, which I would definitely use in a month) so that's a ~33% increase.

more than 2 years ago

Apple Nixes iPad Giveaways

rfunches Re:Enforceability? (388 comments)

Silly Fonts aren't even copyrightable let alone trademarkable

The U.S. Copyright Office catalog would beg to differ. Run a quick search in there for Myriad Pro -- one example is document TX0005308118 registered on 2000-10-30 to Adobe Systems, Inc. You can also see registrations for ClearViewHwy, the new font for highway signs, plus if you search USPTO you'll find a trademark application filed in 2003 for the name of the font.

more than 3 years ago

PBS Web Sites and Databases Hacked

rfunches Re:Once apon a time (387 comments)

and additionally have advertising: their shows are all standard "44 minute hours" with the remaining time taken up letting us all know about how this show was made possible by a grant from the buystufffromus corporation

Now that is just false. The New York Times just ran an article today about PBS's programming model:

And, [John F. Wilson, the chief programming executive for PBS] noted, PBS shows would still be “the longest hour in television in terms of content,” with as much as 54 minutes of programming, compared with about 40 minutes for commercial networks.

Not to mention, the current programming format means that unless you're watching something over an hour long (e.g. Masterpiece, Great Performances) you don't have to sit through any sponsorships or use a DVR to skip them during the actual program -- the exception being membership drive broadcasts. From what I recall, the best the broadcast networks have done was the "limited commercial interruption" model -- last one I remember was "24" and they still had one or two cheesy Ford commercials during the actual show, probably 2-3 minutes each in length. Plus there's all of the in-show advertising/branding Ford got, in addition to their commercials.

(The article linked above explains that PBS will test programming breaks within the one-hour window, possibly once every ~15 minutes. Even if that becomes the norm, what you call "advertising" on PBS is a far cry from the advertising on broadcast/cable networks. It's a step removed from premium cable -- e.g .HBO, Cinemax -- but just barely.)

more than 3 years ago

New York Times Paywall Goes Live, Loopholes Abound

rfunches Re:Get a sunday subscription, it's cheaper. (127 comments)

for $3.75/week you can get a sunday NY paper delivered in the US, and that gives you a free on-line subscription. By itself the on-line subscription is 3.50/week. SO for less than the postage you get the delightful dead tree version too.

I thought about that too, until I found out that for the D.C. metro area, that's the intro price and only good for 8-12 weeks. After that, it doubles to $7.50/wk. Last time I checked -- granted, it was several years ago -- the newsstand price for the Sunday NYT was only $5.00. (In my case, since I own a smartphone but no tablet, I would be better off taking the Sunday NYT for 12 weeks, then switching to digital.) I'd be curious to know what the NY/NJ/"home area" rate is compared to D.C., or if other parts of the country have cheaper "standard" rates.

more than 3 years ago

Square Enix Attempting Final Fantasy XIV Damage Control

rfunches Re:Probably not. Sorry. (215 comments)

- Various other major bugfixes, particularly a fix to the "can't alt-tab out of full-screen mode" bug, which was present in FFXI as well.

Would people stop propagating this myth that Alt+Tab is a bug? It's not a bug and Square-Enix said so. The PC version of FFXI was intended to be full-screen only without the ability to Alt+Tab, and the linked notice clearly implies it was implemented to prevent the use of cheating tools. (The effectiveness of that is beside the point.)

more than 4 years ago

Final Fantasy XIV Launches To Scathing Reviews

rfunches Re:I Talked to a Couple of Beta Testers (401 comments)

Pretty good job? It was hard enough just pulling down patches and logging in during the limited alpha/beta windows, usually only 5-6 hours at night a few days a week, with the game blacked out the rest of the time. I tried to file bug reports and the form gave me an error, with no secondary way to contact them. Then they only wanted to solicit certain types of feedback per testing period, and if you didn't post within a few days you were SOL -- they locked the discussion thread. It was like going down a checklist: we've asked about item x for two weeks, now we'll move on to item y, we don't want to hear about item x again.

I played FFXI for several years after the North America launch. The game wasn't perfect, but eventually I got the hang of the controls and could navigate the UI without looking. Even with the lack of English-language sites documenting the quests, missions, jobs, weapons, etc. at the NA launch, most of the game mechanics made sense. With FFXIV, it's like they tried to come up with a more in-depth, customizable version of FFXI and ended up with a horribly complex and convoluted system. The XP system was unclear, they were offering job classes which were unplayable during the early stages of beta (and not warning people or removing the class option), and then there were the laggy menus with laggy submenus containing laggy submenus leading to laggy submenus ending in more laggy submenus, etc. In FFXI, attacking a monster with the keys was simple: tab to it (target name in bottom-left corner, monster highlighted with an arrow above it) and then Enter x2 (confirm target & issue attack command) to attack. I could keep my left hand over WASD and my right over the arrows and still comfortably play thief -- a class which required a lot of positioning and timed macros to play effectively. The controls in FFXIV just never made sense -- this coming from a PC gamer who has never felt the need for a gamepad.

I was appalled by the beta. It looked and played like some piece of concept code. At least in its day, FFXI was a notable contender in the MMO space, with its international reach (auto-translate was vital for playing outside of your region's peak hours) and broad player base (console & PC). FFXIV just looks like something S-E threw together to meet a deadline.

more than 4 years ago

New "Circuit Breaker" Imposed To Stop Market Crash

rfunches Re:Why do traders have such worst-case rules? (460 comments)

You can easily lose more than what you set because of situations like this. If it moves faster than you can sell for that amount, you will sell at below your stop loss number. You can set it at 40% and lose 99%

And this is why you only use a stop-limit order. You can place your stop at a price reflecting a 40% loss with a limit reflecting a 45% loss. Using May 6 as an example, a stock trading at $50.00 that printed at $0.01 would trigger the 40% stop, but your order wouldn't fill below $22.50, limiting your loss to 45%. (And your trade would not have been busted by the Clearly Erroneous Ruling Policy, since the criteria was price deviation greater/less than 60% from the last print at or before 2:40 PM ET.)

Some brokerage firms offer both stop and stop-limit order types. In a world of millisecond trading, using a stop-loss is playing with fire.

more than 4 years ago

Verizon Defends Doubling of Early Termination Fee

rfunches Re:Fairness? (319 comments)

Why are people complaining? Take a basic individual plan and a basic (Moto W755) phone on Verizon:

  • 2-year contract
    • Monthly plan: $39.99/mo
    • Phone: $0
    • Cancel after 1 year: $654.88 ($479.88 + $175 termination)
    • 2-year cost: $959.76
  • Month-to-month contract
    • Monthly plan: $39.99/mo
    • Phone: $249.99
    • 1-year cost: $729.87
    • 2-year base cost: $1209.75

It's still cheaper after one year to pay the full $175 ETF on-contract than go month-to-month because they inflate the "real" cost of the phone. The month-to-month plan is nothing more than a veiled warm-and-fuzzy to the people who want to "stick it to the phone company."

more than 5 years ago

The Machine SID Duplication Myth

rfunches Re:Except for Domain Controllers.. (201 comments)

Agreed...when I was reading up for one of the Server 2008 AD MCTS exams, I cloned a base VM image of Server 2008 to simulate two DCs, a file server, an IIS/application server, etc. I had to download and run NewSID because every server I joined to the domain (i.e. the "primary" DC) had problems getting joined correctly. I don't recall the specifics but Server 2008 did throw a hissy fit and I had to run NewSID on each VM prior to joining before I could do anything else.

more than 5 years ago

Bank Goofs, and Judge Orders Gmail Account Nuked

rfunches Re:G-Mail? (594 comments)

The balance sheet will break out assets and liabilities on a specific basis and you can clearly see where the banks got burned - mortgages, mortgage-backed, and asset-backed securities, on both the assets and liabilities -- basically, assets which the banks clearly didn't know how to count. (See Merrill Lynch's 10-K as an example.) For ML, there were massive losses in securities financing transactions, mortgage/asset-backed securities, and considerable losses on derivatives in 2008. The summarized balance sheet clearly shows what happened -- high leverage levels means that it only takes a 3% drop to wipe out shareholder equity (for ML, it was barely 3% - $667.5b in assets against $20b in equity) and ML saw a 34.56% decline in assets FY08 ($1t in FY07 to $667.5b in FY08). They got the leverage to 13.18 in Q1 2009 (down to 13.18 on $569.8b assets, $529.6b liabilities, $40.2b equity) which gave them a 7% cushion, but with a 14.6% decline in assets during the quarter. Profits and share issuance can help raise the equity and counter a drop in assets, but you're pretty much screwed trying to make up a 34% decline.

The ratio for ML reached its peak at the end of 2008, as the subprime mortgage market cratered:

  • 2004 - 20.02
  • 2005 - 19.13
  • 2006 - 20.57
  • 2007 - 30.94
  • 2008 - 32.37
  • Q1 2009 - 13.18

There's always been a race between big financial firms to beat each other to the very last penny (the concept of "flash" trading, for instance, has a hint of desperation in it) so one by one they decided to out-leverage each other to bring in bigger profits faster. It's a risk management problem -- ML bet their future in FY06 on continued success in prime brokerage and securities financing, as well as commercial and residential mortgage loans and long-term debt, while ignoring a 18% drop in equity due to a net loss in continuing ops, stock repurchases, and dividend payments of $1.40/share.

more than 5 years ago

Wordpress.org Warns of Active Worm Hacking Blogs

rfunches Re:maybe if they used their release notification l (103 comments)

You (and only you) access your Wordpress blog twice a month to make a semi-monthly post.
You see the admin panel when you log in.
The admin panel shows you when an update is available.
Therefore, you may be up to a half a month behind on update notifications delivered through the admin panel.

A half a month doesn't sound like a big deal but look at the most recent releases:

  • 2.8.1 - July 9, 2009
  • 2.8.2 - July 20, 2009
  • 2.8.3 - August 3, 2009
  • 2.8.4 - August 12, 2009

They really need an e-mail distribution list for those not already monitoring the development blog via RSS or security blogs, because 10 days is a reasonable amount of time for someone to not log into their blog. It has nothing to do with whether you use the admin panel or not, and everything to do with the critical "fix for a fix" that comes barely two weeks later.

more than 5 years ago

Blackboard Patent Invalidated By Appellate Court

rfunches Re:Blackboard execs should all be killed (142 comments)

Actually, I am quite familiar with it. Maybe your downtime was due to a poor server setup? A poor network setup? A poor computer setup? All of the above. Maybe it was implemented incorrectly? There are a lot of factors that would give you a poor user experience...that doesn't necessarily mean the software was crappy (though it could have also been the software itself).

Blackboard had multiple major software/hardware failures at their own Virginia datacenter hosting Blackboard for schools on Blackboard's own equipment. They had network cards write bad data for such a long period of time that the best backup Bb had would've resulted in nearly a week's worth of lost data (at the end of a semester, no less); they had major database corruption that required bringing in a 24/7 team of Oracle techs; they had a network component failure bring down the datacenter for several hours. In two semesters their own hosting had a week's worth of unplanned outages.

more than 5 years ago

If life gives you lemons, you should make ...

rfunches Re:Stronger drink! (393 comments)

Limoncello or hard lemonade would be good "Something else" options. Or use it to make a whisky (whiskey?) sour or something else with sour mix.

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Office 2007 SP2 Released, Supports ODF Out of the Box

rfunches Re:Great (274 comments)

No longer working as intended? What possessed Microsoft to change these three features:

  • Add-Ins: previously at Tools --> Add-Ins; now at Office Menu --> [program] Options --> Add-Ins --> Go
  • File properties (the Windows Explorer version): previously at File --> Properties; now at Office Menu --> Prepare --> Properties --> Document Properties --> Advanced Properties
  • Start Slide Show quick-button: previously at bottom-left, now at bottom-right

So...the menu structure clearly wasn't letting people find the first two features, so they put them into a new menu and required two or three more clicks than before, including actions which are clearly repetitive? (Once the document properties "window" is open, I still have to click Document Properties --> Advanced Properties to get the Explorer version of properties?) I find it hard to believe that they moved the "start slide show" button from the left to the right because "people couldn't find it." (If they couldn't find it on the left, why would they suddenly find it on the right?)

more than 5 years ago

Breach Exposes 19,000 Active US, UK Credit Cards

rfunches Re:Can some American please explain to me... (232 comments)

Your money is gone until you call the bank and they replace the funds pending an investigation. If you have $1000 in a checking account and someone fraudulently charges $1000 to that account's debit card, of course you can dispute the charge and likely get your money back. Your balance, however, is $0 *until* the bank replaces the money. E.g. if you had auto bill-pay run the same day for $200 and didn't see the $1000 fraudulent charge until the next day or received an overdraft notice, you'd overdraft by $200.

I would never use a debit card on my primary checking account for that very reason. At least if I need to dispute a fraudulent charge on my credit card, I don't have to worry about being temporarily out of $1000 and waiting a day or two for the bank to replace my money.

more than 5 years ago

ICANN Responds To gTLD Plan Comments

rfunches Re: (119 comments)

For some, the web isn't even ".com," it's whatever name they type in the address bar sans TLD. I had a user complain that she couldn't access Google. She edited the URL already in the address bar to read "http://www.google" and didn't know why she was getting the 404. (I guess there's a browser which will append a ".com" without using a specific keystroke?)

With other users getting to Google from their Yahoo home page by searching for "google" and clicking on the first link, I wouldn't bet on gTLDs going too far with the user base. It will probably only be a cash cow for ICANN and the major search engines.

more than 5 years ago

False Fact On Wikipedia Proves Itself

rfunches Re:This is a story? (513 comments)

And yet my local paper (News & Messenger, Prince William VA) has published front-page articles explicitly stating "According to Wikipedia" and directly quoting the wiki article. Clearly the academic bounds on Wiki use have not made their way into the world of journalism.

more than 5 years ago

Ruckus Closes Down

rfunches My uni apparently didn't get the memo (125 comments)

My university's website still links to Ruckus for "Music--Free and Legal Downloading" and we just had a whole bunch of copyright "awareness" posters put up in our computer labs that I think mention Ruckus.

Of course, every time I heard their name, my first thought was always "Are they still around?" If it wasn't clear before, the music labels don't care about anyone other than themselves, given the sudden shutdown.

more than 5 years ago



CERN Says LHC Offline Until April

rfunches rfunches writes  |  more than 6 years ago

rfunches writes "The Large Hadron Collider will be offline until April 2009 due to last Friday's electrical fault. That incident (covered here on /.) originally resulted in a repair estimate of two months, but officials at CERN said that a planned shutdown in early December to save money on electricity would have left researchers "scant time to run the collider." As a result, the LHC will stay offline until after the winter hiatus. Director-general Robert Aymar called the delay "a psychological blow," but vowed that "we will overcome this setback with the same degree of rigor and application." The LHC had a minor malfunction when it first went online, but researchers were able to run some successful tests before Friday's electrical fault."

Blu-ray, HDDVD Target of EU Antitrust Probe

rfunches rfunches writes  |  more than 7 years ago

rfunches writes "The Wall Street Journal reports that EU antitrust regulators are turning up the heat on the Blu-ray and HD-DVD format consortiums as the European Commission demanded evidence of Hollywood studios' "communications and agreements on the new generation of DVD formats." From the article:

The European Commission, the European Union's executive body, appears to be particularly interested in the activities of the Blu-ray group because of its dominance in Hollywood, according to people familiar with the situation. The commission is investigating whether improper tactics were used to suppress competition and persuade the studios to back their format.
The article points out that all of the major Hollywood studios except Universal are backing Blu-ray; Universal is backing HD-DVD. It also notes that while one industry watcher believes the first format to have an installed base of two million homes will come out on top, there were millions of Betamax units already sold when VHS won out in the format wars of the 80's."

Link to Original Source

rfunches rfunches writes  |  more than 7 years ago

rfunches writes "The New York Times (via Reuters) reports that Vonage's request for a retrial of the patent infringement case brought against the company by Verizon has been denied by a federal appeals court. Vonage had hoped to have the lower court's ruling overturned because of a Supreme Court ruling on Monday. From the article:

"The appeals court said Vonage could cite the new Supreme Court ruling as part of its pending appeal. Vonage had argued that the March 8 infringement verdict in favor of Verizon should be reconsidered after the Supreme Court loosened a crucial legal standard, making it easier to invalidate some patents on the grounds they are obvious inventions."

rfunches rfunches writes  |  more than 8 years ago

rfunches writes "Microsoft announced today how a pirated version of Vista will be crippled. From the article (may require registration/subscription):
If a legitimate copy is not bought within 30 days, the system will curtail functionality much further by restricting users to just the Web browser for an hour at a time, said Thomas Lindeman, Microsoft senior product manager. [...] Under that scenario, a person could use the browser to surf the Web, access documents on the hard drive or log onto Web-based email. But the user would not be able to directly open documents from the computer desktop or run other programs such as Outlook e-mail software.
Supposedly Vista won't be completely disabled, but at the same time critical security updates will still be downloaded. The question is, how much will it hurt those with false positives?"

rfunches rfunches writes  |  more than 8 years ago

rfunches writes "The Associated Press and the New York Times are now reporting that Atlantis will not launch Sunday. The delay will "give engineers more time to determine whether one of the most powerful lightning strikes ever at a Kennedy Space Center launch pad caused any problems. The lightning Friday didn't hit the shuttle — it struck a wire attached to a tower used to protect the spacecraft from such strikes at the launch pad — but it created a lightning field around the vehicle, NASA managers said. The launch, planned for Sunday, now won't happen until at least Monday.""


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