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Amazon Taking Down Erotica, Removing From Kindles

rhammack Re:What's the open alternative? (641 comments)

Baen books has been doing well for many years selling ebooks available in multiple formats, with absolutely NO DRM - you can download or read online whenever you want, in RTF, HTML, Rocketbook, MobiPocket etc www.webscriptions.net - you can even get the book before it hits the bookstores. also, most of the authors have a few completely free books, and the first third or so of the books are available for free - kind of a "try before you buy". The only Major downside is it's all science fiction or fantasy published by Baen. - limited selection. I keep hoping others will follow their lead, and a few minor publishers are starting to sell from their store as well, under the same terms. Personally, I've been buying from them since 2000, and have spent over $2000 dollars so far - WAY more then I spent at bookstores.

more than 4 years ago

Tor Books Is Giving Away E-Books

rhammack Re:E-books are the future! At least, they will be. (172 comments)

I'm hoping that more publishers will follow Baen's lead with online-HTML versions of books, both free and purchased - they eleminate the need for a special reader, as anything that can browse the web can be used as a reader. This includes all but the cheapest cellphones these days.
Personally, I've spent over $600 on ebooks at baen's webscriptions so far, and would spend even more for some other books / series from other publishers, so long as I'm not tied to a proprietary reader and there's no DRM. I did buy a few ebooks that were both, years ago, from Embid Publishing and decided "never again!"

--Robb Hammack

more than 6 years ago


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