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Apple Applies for a Touchscreen Gesture Patent

rhetland Re:Enough already --- fingerworks description (115 comments)

Saying that Apple bought fingerworks may not be enough for folks who don't know what that is. Fingerworks made a series of keyboards and other devices that allowed users to use 'gestures' for commands. The surface was flat, like a touchpad, so there were no keys, which threw many for a loop. A gesture would be, say, four fingers (all except the pinky) sliding together on the right surface of the keyboard to 'Save'. Gestures were programable, and many geeks loved the extensability. The keyboards were difficult to use, especially relearning typing without tactile feedback. But once you got it, these keyboards were *extremely* powerful. E.g., no mouse, since mousing is taken care of with gestures.

About a year ago, FingerWorks was bought out by some other company, that most now think is Apple. Many of the FingerWorks users are mad because they can no longer purchase new keyboards, or even get support for older keyboards that break. Apple had better think of something briliant to pacify this angry mob of **hundreds**.

**Disclamer -- typed with a FingerWorks TouchStream keyboard.

more than 8 years ago


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