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Apple, Google Agree To Settle Lawsuit Alleging Hiring Conspiracy

rhizome Re:terms not disclosed (108 comments)

I'd say that's a max. Class representatives Lieff Cabraser thankfully has a history of this kind of defendant-friendly incompetence. Note their role in the settlement in the California Hospital Price Gouging case, where the class received about $1,000 apiece in what should have also involved criminal charges.

Do the math:

about 5 months ago

Apple, Google Agree To Settle Lawsuit Alleging Hiring Conspiracy

rhizome Re:Misleading headline (108 comments)

If you're seething about a low settlement, blame the law firm representing the class, Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, who have a history of engineering small settlements for huge cases.

It's kayfabe, LCHB is a shill acting in the defendant's interest.

about 5 months ago

Five-Year-Old Uncovers Xbox One Login Flaw

rhizome Re:$300? (196 comments)

> isn't something that usually gets tested.

I bet it does now, and competent developers *do* test corner cases.

about 5 months ago

Woz & Jobs 2.0: Leap Motion's Holtz & Buckwald

rhizome Re:Leap doesn't work (86 comments)

Listen man, just pay attention to what their PR and image marketing staff is paying people to say, and think of it as the most awesome thing ever. You're obviously just using it wrong.

about a year ago

Obama Praises Amazon At One of Its Controversial Warehouses

rhizome Re:Obama isn't a Democrat (435 comments)

Capitalism is the national religion, executive profit-drive its pedophilia.

about a year ago

US Academy President Caught Embellishing Resume, Will Resign

rhizome Re:Dear God (124 comments)

Black people in the US can never transcend abuse, due to what Paul Mooney termed "the nigger wake up call," which is the observation that no matter what an African American achieves in America, they can still be treated "like a nigger," if the system wants to do so.

Martha Stewart was convicted of bullshit charges and Bernie Madoff only got busted because he ripped off people richer than him.

about a year ago

Meet Focal, the New Camera App For CyanogenMod

rhizome Re:i like cyanogenmod..but... (40 comments)

Ah, the "Well, you should have bought supported hardware" response. You can put that next to the "Well, why don't you code it yourself?" response in the library of catch-all catty answers to any criticism of OSS.

Sure, but your point here appears to boil down to, "Well, why doesn't CyanogenMod code it for me?" You know, if CM is so great and everything.

Kind of a "catty calling the cattle black" situation, if you ask me.

about a year ago

NSA Admits Searching "3 Hops" From Suspects

rhizome Re:Congress is "angry" (322 comments)

Has anybody mapped the anger to members who are up for re-election in 2014? Feinstein isn't up until 2016 I think, and she doesn't appear to be bummed about it at all.

about a year ago

BART Strike Provides Stark Contrast To Tech's Non-Union World

rhizome Re:Good for now yes (467 comments)

On what are you basing this prediction? Why is your scenario more likely than one where the employee is now known to be a valuable asset with whom the client likes to work?

about a year ago

U.S. Army Block Access To The Guardian's Website Over NSA Leaks

rhizome Re:network ignorance (331 comments)

I just read the entire text of 18 USC 798 and could not find anything about whether leaked information retains its classification ("is leaked secret info still secret?"), can you point me/us to the relevance of your comment?

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Getting Hired As a Self-Taught Old Guy?

rhizome Re:Liability (472 comments)

Software "engineering" is not a chartered discipline, so your lawyers (multiple!) would appear to have their head(s) wedged.

about a year ago

Oculus VR Co-founder Andrew Reisse Killed In Auto Collision

rhizome Re:FTA (302 comments)

apparently the perps were on probation too(and had warrants on their heads).

So, in other words the police knew who they were and had their license plates.

Also, I've not seen anything describing "a firefight," the only description I've seen is that a cop shot someone. Not the same thing.

about a year ago

The Case For a Government Bug Bounty Program

rhizome Never happen (53 comments)

The US Government will never allow a random citizen leverage over it, nor to provide for any obligation to that citizen due to the help they've contributed (ask many veterans).

about a year ago

Slashdot Mobile: Now For Tablets As Well As Phones

rhizome The food is terrible and the portions are small (123 comments)

Bad design for all of your devices!

Slashdot is by far the most difficult website to read and comment on. Read a story you'd like to contribute your voice to? I hope you're logged in, because if you're logged out you may not be able to find the story again once you log in. Have typing skills? "Slow down, cowboy!"

Slashdot has the worst NIH syndrome when it comes to best practices, no wonder they wanted to be sold off. There is nothing here that isn't done better everywhere else, and even the community has suffered thereby. I only keep them in my RSS out of laziness.

about 2 years ago

Legislators Call On Twitter To Ban Hamas

rhizome Which Seven Congresspeople? (486 comments)

The proponents of this stupid petition are too cowardly to list their names anywhere (and none of the linked stories do either), while the petition itself is a lame, "click to support" type thing, where you can't even see what the petition says without "registering your support." Odious, undemocratic, and obviously a prong in the AIPAC/IDF "social media" campaigns going on now.

I'd be interested to know whether the seven Congresspeople are having the screws put to them in response to only narrowly being (re-) elected this past campaign cycle. Of course we don't know who they are, as above.

about 2 years ago

Skype Disables Password Resets After Huge Security Hole Discovered

rhizome Re:HurrDurr 101? (65 comments)

I'm not sure I understand this.

So, it appears that Friendster still exists, and that it's quite popular in Southeast Asia. I have a domain that is apparently a natural one to use by teenage girls in Indonesia when creating their Friendster accounts. I have received many, many notification emails associated with these accounts, after which I request a password reset, receive the email, then log in and lock the account down, typically with a "HURR DURR I DON'T KNOW WHAT EMAIL IS" type status message. Is this a security issue of Friendster's, or a natural consequence of using another person's email address?

Of course, I've thought many times that Friendster is lame-o for not verifying email addresses, but I figure it's an indication that their business is so unsuccessful that they need all the users they can get, even if they have to use a "Reddit Alias" style account creation strategy.

about 2 years ago

Slashdot Turns 15, What Are You Doing Later?

rhizome Re:User ID vs year joined? (247 comments)

Everybody probalby thought 1200 users was a lot for the site back then. :) Once past 10,000 someone started saying how there are too many people and /. had lost its edge or wasn't cool anymore. Then around 90,000 people started registering for the low uids. Obviously I'm not a joiner. ;)

about 2 years ago



Ask Slashdot: How difficult is Slashdot to read ef

rhizome rhizome writes  |  more than 2 years ago

rhizome (115711) writes "With successful logins getting redirected to some page that bears no resemblance to your RSS feed, a filtering UI that is inscrutable at best, and barely any indication whether you are logged in, do you have any tips and tricks for reading Slashdot without frustration since the grand redesign?"


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