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Ask Steve Wozniak Anything

rhoder Keyboard nor Touchscreen (612 comments)

I like to think that someday I'll have a drafting table style display. Touch typing on a flat surface doesn't pass muster and interacting with both a large display and a keyboard simultaneously seems clunky. So, somewhere between the standard keyboard and a touchscreen lives something better. Have you given any thought to what that might be?

about 2 years ago

China Calls Out US On Internet Freedom

rhoder Re:Hah! (338 comments)

A USA-free Internet is what the world needs since Americans can't stand up to their own government.

yes they can, and they do:

more than 3 years ago

Researchers Discover That Sand Behaves Like Water

rhoder Re:hmm... (192 comments)

Wind resistance. Like a car riding behind a big rig. There's not as much drag for the following particle.

more than 5 years ago

Would You Pay For YouTube Videos?

rhoder Embed a torrent client (475 comments)

Embed a modified-for-streaming torrent client into the youtube flash app?

more than 5 years ago

Successful Moonlighting For Geeks?

rhoder start a band (448 comments)

rock and roll, man.

more than 6 years ago



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