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One Step Closer To Speedier, Bootless Computers

rhyre417 Re:Wishful thinking... (249 comments)

I saw articles from 2006 about spin graphene, so hopefully working transistors in 2015 will be feasible.

more than 4 years ago

Firefox Extension HTTPS Everywhere Does What It Sounds Like

rhyre417 Law, not profit Re:You're not dealing with this... (272 comments)

I agree that the profit incentive is powerful, but this misses the fact that corporations are constructs of the law, and are
bound by it.  A corporation that violates its charter, or violates the law, should expect the "death penalty" in the form of
bankruptcy, or losing its right to do business in my state.

A business isn't a natural person, and corporations require approval (in the form of a charter or articles of incorporation) to exist.
Charters ARE revokable.  It doesn't happen often, but I expect a business to follow the law, and if that law says
"corporation must pay taxes", or "corporation must give 10% of its profits to a charitable 501(c)3", then I'm not concerned
about undue putting a burden on them, since every other corporation is expected to play by the same rules.

more than 4 years ago

Most Useful OS For High-School Science Education?

rhyre417 Recommend server-based Apps (434 comments)

The "computer lab" is something your students won't encounter in grad school or the "real world".  They will use a network-based resources, and redirect the display to their personal laptop, in most instances.  So your CAD "lab" actually runs on servers, and students just need to run a display client to interact with it.

The future is portable, and multiplatform, with a mix of Windows, Linux, Mac.  That's actually a good thing, as computer monocultures are bad for a number of reasons.

You may be driven to Windows (and Windows 7) by CAD software requirements, if nothing else.  But that doesn't mean you have to install Windows on the desktop PCs, you just need something that allows screen sharing.  If needed, use the Macs in the publication department for the "Mac Lab", for apps that need it.

My Son's school is considering Google Mail and Google Apps, because of onerous MS license renewal costs.  My daughter's college switched to gmail in 2008.

Another way to consider the problem - what software would you choose if your students were bringing their own hardware?  If they bring their own hardware, you certainly wouldn't waste time in a cat-and-mouse game of trying to restrict their actitivies, and you'd focus on preserving network access.  By the time they are in high school, you want the combination of an acceptable use policy and computer ethics to have the students manage their behavior appropriately.  If the AUP calls for a failing grade in a classes based on "cracking" into other systems, the problem will be self-correcting. 99% of the challenge is gone when the students use their own hardware.

As for grad school compatibility, you will find that Linux is more dominant there than in current elementary and secondary schools, especially in the schools your math and science geeks aspire to.  SAGE, System R, and other Math/Computer Algebra packages are something they should be exposed to early.

more than 4 years ago

GIMP Dropped From Ubuntu 10.04

rhyre417 Re:Where does this leave GIMP? (900 comments)

And we are supposed to believe you because of your anonymity?

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.  Unfortunately, on slashdot, the second statement is usually
(sometimes unfairly) tagged as the extraordinary one.

more than 5 years ago

Doctorow On What Cloud Computing Is Really For

rhyre417 Re:I'm already paying a recurring fee (348 comments)

You forgot

c) When the cloud provider says you must.

Apple wants me to replace a 4-year old Mac Mini just to run "Snow Leopard" on it?
I don't believe I will do that.  However, I don't always get that choice with cell phones.

Both computing models will remain because consumers want the choice.

We have this wonderful things called "Moore's law", and disk drive technology is on it, too.  I've paid less for storage every year, and now I can get a 1TB drive for $100.

- Ralph

Clouds are unstable because people are making choices about when to upgrade the OS, how many machines to do it.

It's a monopolists's dream

more than 5 years ago

World's First Formally-Proven OS Kernel

rhyre417 Re:Then a driver blows it all up.. (517 comments)

Which is EXACTLY why you don't let device drivers run in the same ring/priviledge space as the OS kernel.
Microkernels (in the early days) didn't have device drivers build in - they just provided a message passing layer
that ran in the priviledged space, while other systems services (file systems, the BSD operating system services, etc)
ran in user space.

Nice try, though.

more than 5 years ago

0 A.D. Goes Open Source

rhyre417 Only 150KLOC? Is that a typo? (88 comments)

If it's 150kLoc, then you could base an operating system on it.

more than 5 years ago

US House May Pass "Cap & Trade" Bill

rhyre417 Re:Gas (874 comments)

You mean "the mass transit I have access to".

My children have two methods of getting to school:

* walk to school (neighborhood schools for elementary kids, they live
* ride the taxpayer-funded school bus. These can also take children to after-school day care.

more than 5 years ago

Fermilab Detects "Doubly Strange" Particle

rhyre417 Re:or (36 comments)

My blender runs Linux and its knob goes to '12' - should I be worried about creating a singularity in my kitchen?

A number without Units is meaningless, people :-)

more than 5 years ago

Hospital Confirms Steve Jobs's Liver Transplant

rhyre417 Re:I feel anger. (but it's about my iPod) (402 comments)

He's worked hard and he's added a lot to society. If we tried to cut him down so things were more fair, then it would be a loss to all of us.

Yeah, but all I want is to be able to replace the battery in my iPod myself.

It's not liking am asking to do my own liver surgery....

more than 5 years ago

Hospital Confirms Steve Jobs's Liver Transplant

rhyre417 Xerox (402 comments)

>>You like OS X and Cocoa?
>>That was the kind of platform that Xerox PARC had developed in the 1970's,
>>only what PARC had was even easier to develop for and better integrated.

>Troll please. I'm not even reading the rest of this comment.

That's a shame, because the new generations keep repeating the mistakes of the old. If re-use was really happening, how many versions of Unix would we need?

As Santyana said: "'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

more than 5 years ago

Best Handset For Freedom?

rhyre417 Re:Open source smart phone (232 comments)

In addition to the 'locked firmware' problem, "Telephone" implies that there is a centralized "telephone network" that can be
surveilled and/or attacked, making for a short revolution.

Wireless device have an interesting property. They can communicate with ANY compatible device within range, as long as it is programmed correctly. Why depend on "the man" (who is typically government regulated, or depends on 'retroactive immunity' in the US), if you don't have to.

Just be more decentralized in your thinking. 10 years ago there was a great gadget called a 'Cybiko', which ran on unlicensed
900 Mhz frequencies, but you could program on your own. The device went through several hardware generations, but doesn't exist any more. It even had an interesting 'walking talkie' application, which converted your voice to a digital signal and sent it to other Cybikos within RF range.

No cell network required.

more than 5 years ago

Hospital Confirms Steve Jobs's Liver Transplant

rhyre417 Green coal plants? (402 comments)

>If we were all just as productive ... We might have green coal plants

I don't know about you, but I was kind of expecting the fusion guys in the 1980s to have developed
workable fusion power plants by now.

I guess 'Back to the Future' wasn't inspirational enough.

more than 5 years ago

Crowdsourcing Big Brother In Lancaster, PA

rhyre417 giving up freedom for fast food and TV? (440 comments)

Thankfully, fast food and television don't have sustainable business models, long term.

The problem will correct itself, as the fast-food-eating TV watchers die off, to be replaced
by quick-thinking vegetarians who will outlive them.

more than 5 years ago

Users Rage Over Missing FireWire On New MacBooks

rhyre417 Proprietary - quite the opposite Re:Drat you Steve (820 comments)

Let's face it:

FireWire is on its way out due to USB's huge dominance... if it's not discontinued now, it will be eventually. It will join the ranks of all the other discontinued proprietary formats like Atari, Commodore, Amiga, VHS, Betamax, DivX, HD DVD, and so on.

Firewire (aka IEEE 1394) is not proprietary. And it meets needs that USB does not.
It is isochronous, and supports high-end digital camera and camcorders better, with higher stability (less 'jitter' than USB).
It also doesn't force you to think about hosts and targets, and worry about whether the connector will fit. USB forces you to worry about which device is the host, and which is the target.
For example:
Connect PDA to PC - works OK.
Connect Scanner to PC - works OK.
Connect PDA to scanner - Hmm..

With firewire, this isn't an issue. As a result, I've been advocating firewire for interconnecting software-defined radio components for some time.

more than 6 years ago



Popular AVSIM site wiped, backups deleted

rhyre417 rhyre417 writes  |  more than 5 years ago

rhyre417 (919946) writes "Popular Flight Simulator site AVSIM was destroyed this week, possibly by a disgruntled employee.
No offsite backups existed, as one server was backed up to the other server, so deleting files on both
servers left no usable backups.

From the BBC article: ...he explained the site's backing up process, although he did not explain why the firm
had no external media storage.

"Some have asked whether or not we had back ups. Yes, we dutifully backed up our servers every day. Unfortunately, we backed up the servers between our two servers.

"The hacker took out both servers, destroying our ability to use one or the other back up to remedy the situation.""

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