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richardbowers Re:18-35 #1 ELECTION/VOTING REFORM: (1501 comments)

How can giving more weight to the votes of individuals possibly lead to fascism, unless by fascism you mean to imply any governmental system you dislike and which isn't blatantly communist(both fascist and communist have both been way too overused in the last 50 or so years).

It's what's called the Tyranny of the Majority - Germany, IIRC, had a purely popular vote in the early thirties. If you have a purely popular vote, you only need to convince the majority of actual voters that they are being disinfranchised by group X, or that party Y is somehow corrupt, to start losing some of what we have.

There's nothing special about being a democracy with a popular vote - they've been around for a long time. They generally fail, though, as soon as people realize that they can vote themselves stuff at other peoples' expense. You could argue that we're already in that situation now, but I think a purely popular vote would make it worse.

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