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Security Expert Warns of Android Browser Flaw

rick001 Nice info (98 comments)

Good to know , thanks for sharing

more than 4 years ago



Advertising Online Shifts

rick001 rick001 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

rick001 (1948902) writes "So you own some kind of website and your economic slowdown, it seems advertising a new website has become much more difficult than it was a few years ago, when adsense arbitrage was rife and there was less competition on google. Why has advertising a starup business today become much more difficult anyway? Is advertising really free, i dont understand how some websites are convinced that the saying their site offers free advertising and then asking for 10 dollars for that same offer is at all ethical? Even so, we all need to advertise online in some way or another.

The problem lies with the large number of websites online, we are all assosiated with some kind of website online. We may own this website or even be using social medai to promote our product. The web is full of [free] advertising websites that allow you to place free ads about your business or services however some of these site want you to pay for free advertising, many have high page rank and so paying may not be a bad idea. Remember website advertising is just like product promotion , your website look and feel should reflect your business services in some similar manner.

Various types of advertising can be used to promote your business like blogs, social media, directories, advertising websites, banner advertising and classified sites. Print meadia is slowing but we are not saying that it will fall out of existence we just fill various business people are joining the online advertising layers, and there are many layers. I have listed a few free advertising sites below to get you started that i liked alot. I listed a few sites that you can list your business and website services online for free.



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