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US Plunges To 46th In World Press Freedom Index

rickyslashdot Re:We're the best country in the world!!! Woo!! (357 comments)

It's a sad day when no significant social changes have been made since "... bread and circus ..." PTTQ (Preaching To The Choir)

about 2 months ago

New Study Shows One-Third of Americans Don't Believe In Evolution

rickyslashdot New Study Shows One-Third of Americans Don't Belie (1010 comments)

RELIGION vs REASON - BELIEF vs ANY amount of verifiable evidence. So sad to see this country, once the leading proponent for free expression and personal freedoms, falling into the same sectarian schism as the muslam world - who, by the way, before the CRUSADES, were very enlightened and tolerant of their neighbors' beliefs and lifestyles. It's SO much easier to fall under the sway of a charismatic gospel leader than it is to actually THINK for yourself. THIS is why I paste the Canadian Maple Leaf on all my luggage when travelling abroad (ashamed to be an American),

about 4 months ago

Indiana Man Gets 8 Months For Teaching How To Beat Polygraph Tests

rickyslashdot Indiana Man Gets 8 Months For Teaching How To Beat (356 comments)

A TOTAL non-issue item. The idiot actually took clients KNOWN to be offenders of one sort or another, and deliberately flouted common sense by teaching basic bio-reaction techniques to those who wanted to break / bypass legal limitations !

about 7 months ago

US Gov't Blocks Sales To Russian Supercomputer Maker

rickyslashdot Re:Export control on computers needs to stop (116 comments)

the restrictions are not because the processors might be used in weapons, but that they can be configured into supercomputers / clusters to SIMULATE the weapons ignition / blast profiles - blast-less weapons experimentation / testing

1 year,6 days

Activity of Whole Fish Brains Mapped Second To Second

rickyslashdot ultimate goal (56 comments)

DARPA will throw money at this - if details can be refined, and RECORDED, then IMPOSING the recorded patterns onto another brain equals INSTANT CONDITIONING !

1 year,29 days



Another example of how the fed's programs can be hijacked . . .

rickyslashdot rickyslashdot writes  |  about three weeks ago

rickyslashdot (2870609) writes "These types of short-term loans are generally predatory in nature — by design !
They 'capture' a chunk of the Social Security disbursements by allowing / coaxing SS recipients to continue roll-overs & consolidate into new loans (even more expensive).
Each 'catch' can lead to profits of thou$and$ of dollars annually, and can last for several years of 'negative-sum' leaching of Social Security funds — - -
UNTIL the SS debtor collapses, leading to forfeiture and seizure of everything they own !

In just about every situation I can imagine, the final seizure PROBABLY exceeds tha original debt(s)
      and (also) PROBABLY by a $ub$tantial amount . . ."

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