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Snowden Documents Show How Well NSA Codebreakers Can Pry

riondluz Re: Do users really care? (278 comments)

Hopefully, that it will happen when ISP's are prodded into letting non-business accts run servers of their own and the new thing will be a turnkey, out of the box, 'face-book-like' app curated by the end-user and by invite only.

about a month ago

Uber's Android App Caught Reporting Data Back Without Permission

riondluz Re:Spoofing (234 comments)

What you said!

For /. - anyone who freqs here should have learned how2 then rooted their droids ASAP. No different from exercising control of their linux boxen.

I like, in concept at least, the notion of android; though i'll drop it instantly for a true linux based phone using 'certified' apt/yum... repos.

I think, in many ways, that just as www lowered the bar to self-publishing android has done the same for app development; so easy a cave-man can do it.

Just compare the gross number of apps out there to those available in repository to see the difference.

Google serves its own interests for sure, but 'the more apps the better' is not much different from 'many ways to do one thing' The onus/burden has always been on the end-user to choose wisely.

Anyone who doesn't take the time to understand the working of the devices they trust to compute and communicate deserves what they get.

about 2 months ago

We Are All Confident Idiots

riondluz Re:Who? (306 comments)

"...to just push ahead with whatever seems..."

Which goes a long way to explaining why things are
working so well for us all.

Seriously, systems are as fucked-up as they are
because some "A-types" have to feel able to do anything asked of them; and when it doesn't go as planned, they only need "more $, more manpower".
"let's not dwell on how we got here and focus on the goal(s)"
It's not piss-poor planning, it's tailoring the
plan (its feasibility) to a desired outcome
facts be damned.

WTF? It's all bullshit. It's putting
good ol boys in places that reward failure with
promotions. It's about supressing critical
thinking so as not to temper people's enthusiasm.

It's about trusting that when things don't go
as planned the process will just correct itself.

Yet, the more we come to learn it seems the 'best
and brightest' collectively are over paid and
over credited blowhards whose ego's are their own
worst enemies.

I can only conclude that stated goals are eclipsed
by the unstated ones; basically self-promotion.
For 'them and those like us'. Getting w/the
program, belonging to the group, requires it.

Look at our green machine; a vast ring-knocker
brain-trust that always seems to repeat its
own mistakes from one generation to the next.
COIN failed, CT failed, both never lived up to
expectations, but it sure has enriched a fuckton
of ring-knockers.

I'm concluding that our society's motto is
'get away w/it as long as you can then lie and
spin and hope to outrun the pitchforks if/when
people get wise to the massive theft perpetrated
upon them.

What our 'leaders' are doing 'in our name' will
be our ruination.
Maybe it's just the human condition

about 3 months ago

Flurry of Scans Hint That Bash Vulnerability Could Already Be In the Wild

riondluz Re:Phew, that was close (318 comments)

for some odd reason I cannot for the life of me
remember the name (goes to check notes... aha)
Shell Shock!
I just keep wanting to call it "Skull Fucker"

about 4 months ago

Google Hangouts Gets Google Voice Integration And Free VoIP Calls

riondluz Re:inum (162 comments)

Hi - are you able to make outgoing SIP2SIP calls using GVoice?
I have plenty of SIP#'s (ostel,iptel,antisip,... all provide them) but have yet to figure out a way (from android or linux cli) to make a sip2sip call via GVoice.
My GV# forwards nicely to my devices that have an app assoc'd to a (ipkall) DID# - but not solely a SIP#

Any secrets you can share?


about 5 months ago

Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

riondluz I want Linux on my Under my Desktop (727 comments)

Even if the Desktop has transformed itself into a (virtual desktop) "Workspace", I want the OS on my laptop, my pad, my phone....

I want it running E17, or another light DM/WM
I want it to run my android/PlayStore stuff
sandboxed in a container or a VM.

I want it to run encryped out of the box:
Selinux, shorewall, gpg email, encrypted FS,
TOR/I2P browsing.....

To Linus: met you at UNH in 93or94; what a ride
it's been.

More please, thank-you

about 5 months ago

Microsoft Takes Down No-IP.com Domains

riondluz Re:Legal Precedent? (495 comments)

allowed.org moo.com afraid.org

all work fine for me.

about 7 months ago

Microsoft Takes Down No-IP.com Domains

riondluz Re: My stuff got hit by this. (495 comments)


This is what I have done for my dynamicIP issue:

Register a subdomain with Allowed.org or Moo.com or afraid.com
e.g. myhome.allowed.org

Next goto your real domain registrar or edit your own DNS server and create a CNAME for a subdomain that points to what you registered.
e.g. myhome.mydomain.com -> myhome.allowed.org

Just be aware that it has no rDNS.

Next, create a script that updates your IP whenever you notice it changes using this script:
wget http://freedns.afraid.org/scri...

So, for my purposes: I heavily restrict ssh on my C5 servers to specific domains/IPs using shorewall.
Whenever my IP would change i risked getting locked out and had to resort to a jump host.
Now, instead I have a shorewall param that sets some var to myhome.allowed.org and a rule that permits ssh using that var.

Then just run a cronjob to update the IPaddress on a regular basis.

Hope this helps.

about 7 months ago

New Federal Database Will Track Americans' Credit Ratings, Other Financial Info

riondluz Re:the Putin stage (294 comments)

I know you probably won't see it, but it is entirely the Financial Industry's fault; that
includes Investment Banks or those that act like

Here's the back-story; it starts with time-shares.
Do a google search on "David Siegel"
Sure, it was about making money; but it was more
about "everyman's" ability to 'own' a vacation

Take the results of the time-share industry,
commoditize it even more, turn the buyers into
profit-centers, sell that to the newly budding "investment" society and you get Wall Street
lobbiests and lawyers crafting both the opinions
and laws the bought-off politicans create.

It's pretty easy for the willing get chumped, but
this package was far to toxic by half. Pure greed.
From top to bottom.

about 8 months ago

Perl 5.20 Released, and Mojolicious 5.0: the Very Modern Perl Web Framework

riondluz Re:That's not it. (mostly) (126 comments)

I mostly lurk and seldom reply to anon.
But I'm compelled to say
Well Spoke, and thanks for the forethought.

Perl was the reason I started wrapping my brain around regular expressions. Later in the 90's I build complex backends using cgilib. Tried a few frameworks like mason..... I became a perlOphite for all the sentiments you expressed so well.

The ease of cpan, of quickly manipulating DBI tables, so many reasons why it, and its attitude,
always works for me. Off a CLI, wrapped up in a shell script, part of a larger pipe; I just cannot imagine using another interpreter as painlessly.

Specially for admin stuff and my personal libs of
files/data which require maintaining.

That said, were I a manager today I'd see the
sense in concluding that python, ruby, a compiled
lang, .... would have a better outcome from the
devs; despite my personal aversion for each of them. Enforcing Delimiters does not good code guarantee and makes editing others' code in vi more tedious (or macro'd). Maybe if I were an IDE
type of guy.

I found my time spent adopting/trying/using rails/passenger/gems/mongrel less warm-n-fuzzy
than squating in the cpan/perlmonkworld camp

I feel Perl epotimizes the LAMP stack, the finishing touch of what, for me, was a process
(mentioned earlier) of learning OS as much as CS
and appreciating the many ways to do one thing.

But not all programmers feel drawn to broader systems and from that narrower perspective more structure makes infinitely more sense.

For those who might say perl is a hackers language
I would heartily agree. Its where it's genius lies.

about 8 months ago

Why Snowden Did Right

riondluz Re:The Roman Empire? (348 comments)

"Pretending is far from harmless"

Truer words..........

about 8 months ago

Who Helped Kill Patent Troll Reform In the Senate

riondluz Re:University of Vermont (157 comments)

The State of Choice for retired Generals, Diplomats and those in Witness Protection to reside under the radar:)

about 8 months ago

Verizon and New Jersey Agree 4G Service Equivalent to Broadband Internet

riondluz Re:in this thread (155 comments)

"Organized" Protest has changed more governments in the last 15 years than ever before.

Just google Gene Sharp. His formula has been adopted by the underclass world-over. He and his book have been declared "emeny of the State" in banana republics world over (incl Russia).

His 1st Directive: Have a solid strategic plan.
Wish OWS leadership followed his advice.

about 9 months ago

Oklahoma Moves To Discourage Solar and Wind Power

riondluz Re:Something wrong at the foundation - (504 comments)

"How do you keep the costs honest on a shifting base?"

Well, the way it's been done was to charge more when demand is high and charge more when demand is less.

Each use-case perfectly designed to have the same outcome. We pay more regardless.

about 9 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?

riondluz Re:Soldier (737 comments)

I suspect edge weapons will be the norm; "loaded" being the keyword (and the ammo-makers being in short supply cuz its not the 19th century).

And just for honorable mention, since i haven't seen it come up in the threads (yet):
"transition-town" - google it.
They (the membership) have had their eye on this particular ball for quite some time now

about 10 months ago

Time Dilation Drug Could Let Heinous Criminals Serve 1,000 Year Sentences

riondluz Re: Ridiculous. (914 comments)

Coincidentally enough, this weeks' episode of "Hannibal" introduced the concept of "brain-driving" as using light/sound to induce a state of epilepsy. Meme's been around (like uv/bbeats...) awhile but 1st i heard it called that.

Seems to me trippin time means increasing FPS on all senses; gets old fast.

about 10 months ago

Time Dilation Drug Could Let Heinous Criminals Serve 1,000 Year Sentences

riondluz Re: Ridiculous. (914 comments)

Using your comment to go on record with my own; my feeling on capital punishment isn't so much about rehabilitation vs vengence as much as it is the suffering induce in our methods of killing.

FFS, it would be cheaper and kinder to put me in front of a firing squad, give me the piece and I'd do myself first. Why state murder can't follow the same tack as (phys) assisted suicide. A tank of helium and the cost of a plastic bag.

Killing anything should reflect the dignity and heart of a society as much as those it condemns to death row.

about 10 months ago

Enlightenment E19 To Have Full Wayland Support

riondluz Re:Enlightenment is a toy system (140 comments)

For starters: Enlightenment_remote

The "something bad...." seldom has prevented E from restarting on the occasional hangup.
But having e remote to control the DM/WM is really useful

And moreso in its 1st encarnation than the last

about 10 months ago

Enlightenment E19 Pre-Alpha Released

riondluz Re:Summary (89 comments)

Technically, E is a DE as much as it is a WM
If you cared to install entrance you have a decent alternative to KDM/GDM/LXDM....
It's pretty nice; i only wish it did XDMCP as well as KDE.
One thing that makes E indespensible for me is the remote tool and that despite the ominous 'something bad' message, restarting never fails.

Combine E with compositing a la ecomp/ecomorph and the result is a pretty stable system that's worked for me for ages. And like all DM/WM's not as smart as i wish they would be.

about a year ago

How Silicon Valley CEOs Conspired To Suppress Engineers' Wages

riondluz Re:So, cue up.. (462 comments)

Anarchism firstly believes that everyone has a right to exist. That means/implies a right to homestead; own and manage land for sustanence.

You are correct that anarchists do not believe in leaders, per se. Because it leads to heirarchies and patronages.

That is not to say there are no leaders, only that they are driven from below AOT above and everyone participating has a seat/voice at the table.

Led or Leaderless, even the dumbest anarchist understands the need for strategic planning. Its more then about how the planning gets done and executed.

I know of few, if any, real anarchist communities; but the coops and guilds come close; the stories of the Basque Mondragon is a good model perhaps, as is the work currently being done in S.America

1 year,5 days



Can Geeks and Nerds Help Prevent Genocide

riondluz riondluz writes  |  more than 5 years ago

riondluz writes "Hello fellow /.'s

I am an admin. System, database and network admins are the keepers of information. We hold the locks and keys that keep the vaults of trusted data secure and private. Being a professional who upholds the ethics of my position, I do not pry; but there are few secrets that can be withheld from an IT dept or a good sysadmin. At no other time in our history do we suffer from a lack of accountablilty greater than today. In politics, in finance and industry, the military; in the minor constellations of influence peddlers orbiting our modern world. Theft has become the order of the day. What has factorially impacted the damage are the technologies that have enabled this "New World Order" to compute and communicate across the globe at the speed of light. The technologies that we, us here, are responsible for creating.

I'm a bit embarrassed to be asking this question of the group, but since its tech-related, and this being the place to get the best-n-brightest (AWA the worst-n-dumbest) input on the planet, I figured I'd swallow my self-consciousness and "ask" my question. And this is 'after' reading and digesting every single slashdot story on the subject of wireless and Wisps over the past few years:

I would like to find a way to use home-brew tech as a means to create a global, web-based quick-response mechanism to stop acts of genocide while they are are in progress, its gory details in living color for all the world to see. If nerds and geeks can ever hope to change the world, perhaps this area would be a good place to start. I figure that if devices like the SAT-TRAC24 [www.exploroz.com/Forum/View.asp?ForumQID=5122], designed primarily for SAR in remote wildernesses, can be used in Africa by "shadow force" [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Parr_(producer)] to prevent poaching in game preserves then there should be a way to engineer such, or similar, devices to prevent the slaughter of people as well.

Central to this notion are a few premises:
=> Preventing genocide can succeed if perpetrators are made aware that they will be held immediately accountable for their actions. Not in a week, month, or the years to come.
=> That massively focused outside pressure comming from powerful sources can influence governments that condone genocide.
=> That low-cost telecommunications can provide the means even in the most desolate of regions.
=> That people care enough to actually get involved.
=> That the people being protected do not mind being watched by the world.

I've done a fair amount of reading and research, but have little practical experience with wireless networking beyond a lab and workbench; so any input related to what you would do, or what you've found to be a workable solution would be of assistance. One primary requirement is the need-for-speed (a 1000Mb pipe) to minimize the risk posed to the local participants. Unlike a roll of film or a SSD/CD that can be siezed and destroyed, my logic dictates that immediate 'publication' would make harming the person (presuming they're caught) moot.

From the top down my idea flows from a Command-n-Control Center connected to a website that would serve as a distribution medium and to muster up and organize a world-wide community of volunteers. These volunteers would have the ability to sign up as watchers and as responders. Watchers agree to monitor a live-cam for some allotted time-slot, 'eyes on the ground' as it were. Responders agree to become part of an alarm system, akin to a phone (s/phone/(email|fax|sms)/) tree; receiving and passing along the alert to their designated target. These final targets would be officials contacted by the Organization and solicited to be 'on-call' in the event of an emergency who collectively have the power to effect action, stop the genocide and apprehend the offenders. The website would also function as a feedback loop to provide 'after-action' reporting; enabling members to rate the effectiveness of their "upstream" connections and forums for discussing improvements to the system.

All streams would flow to the data-center, preserving an historical record; (and maybe could be NAT'd to the Watchers PC from the closest router?) In the event of being notified of an incident, an escalation procedure would be initiated to notify local authorities and any other responders who may be in the area. Depending on the severity of the incident and the immediacy of local response, the Center could then post that stream to its website and begin the process of activating its phone tree. Building the central site is a mostly trivial exercise compared to creating (what are essentially) the Wisps that connect to it and the devices they utilize.

My break-down comprises: camera->PC->meshnet->DSSdrop->SATuplink->CnC

1) Camera and Pico-sized MID
Acceptance of being watched is an issue that needs to be addressed. But if residents of developed nations can tolerate the presence of "all seeing eyes" watching their movements under the cover of a "protection from terror" rationale, then it seems to me that well-placed (hidden) web-cams installed in high-risk parts of the developing world would make even more sense for those residents. If a vulnerable area is seeded with a few web-cams then it means the Organization can put it under a general protective blanket of 24-hour watchfulness. The Organization also could provide camcorders to dedicated volunteers who are willing to put their well-being on the line to document incursion events and raids; analogous to copwatch [copwatch.net]; but having the ability to stream their feed. Knowing that what they are doing counts and has results might offset the great risk they incur. I would like to know more about linux-based Systems-on-Chip (SOC) or pico-sized MID that the cameras could be attached to (bluetooth) and are WiFi capable.

2) mesh Network
I would like The PC's would be connected to a mesh-net but I have concerns that video wont work too well due to latency. Much of the references I have examined come from this website and the numerous posts related to community wireless over the years. I've looked into MANNET [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_ad-hoc_network] solutions for small non-commercial endeavors, beginning with (high hopes that) Meraki [http://meraki.com/] would be the solution. But so many alternatives present themselves that I feel overcome by abundance. Qorvus Qnode [http://www.qorvus.com/qnode/index.html] seems too expensive. CUWin [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Champaign-Urbana_Community_Wireless_Network]
[http://www.sonbuddy.com/], the Homer Mesh Project [http://ken.ipl31.net/category/freenetworks/], Metrix [http://metrix.net/] and PyramidLinux [http://pyramid.metrix.net/] all seem equally fine. Then there's Trango, Saxnet and their MeshnodeIII [http://linuxdevices.com/news/NS3716484588.html], and Vyatta routers [http://linuxdevices.com/news/NS5500382710.html]; or maybe even a homebrew system of WRT54G wireless routers running Freifunk firmware [http://freifunk.net] with directional antennas. Xirrus's Linux-based "ArrayOS.[http://linuxdevices.com/news/NS6959431443.html] looks like a contender as well.

A little bit of digging has shown that there are others involved in similar endeavors, like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Center_for_Neighborhood_Technology, but before I go digging too much more, I'd like to know what people here have found to be in the "best-of-breed" class (good-n-cheap) and what misses the mark.

3) Backhaul
I would imagine the mesh can be linked to a DSS back-haul [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spread_spectrum] but know little about RF. I thought that DSS was primarily for voice, but have read of its use in data networks used by Wisps. But the possible techniques Point2point, Point2multipoint, FHSS/DSSS/THSS/CSS confuse me. I have an easier time understanding the pringles-in-a-can and am hoping for some clear explanation on above or anything else that can connect 1-or-more Wisps to a satellite connection.

4) Internetworked Connection
I suppose that it might be possible to have multiple drops that offer DSL, EDGE, 3G or other connectivity to the Internet beyond a SATphone-like device, both for redundancy and (if I can use tor) to balance uploading the streams. But non-dependence on local infrastructure (and local government) is desirable. And, much of the 'uplink' gear might already be in use by NGO's working "in-country". (like medicine sans frontiers), and, if they agreed to participate, would only be a matter of configuration. So, my questions are what (type of) Satphone (GSM, Iridium?) is ideal for this situation; how can cost-vs-efficiency be addressed to give the greatest bang for bucks?

I'm sure my 'newbie-ness' is showing to those of you who have "been there and done that"; and, for those who care to point out my naivete insofar as hacking the proposed system or otherwise undermining its stated aim, please be kind:)

Be Well and Safe and Happy New Year to All.

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