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60 Minutes Dubbed Engines Noise Over Tesla Model S

ripvlan Re:Top Gear was worse. (544 comments)

Wait - Audi created e-sound for their e-tron electric cars.


Although that Top Gear episode was funny. Until this year I don't think they gave electric cars any serious consideration. Now that Porsche has an electric car to make the Hamster happy - I'd expect we'll see more of them. He can drive that until his GT3 is re-delivered.

about two weeks ago

NSA General Counsel Insists US Companies Assisted In Data Collection

ripvlan Re:Taking bets here.. (103 comments)

Yeah - that was my first thought. Kind of like when a bully is beating a weak kid with his own arms. "he was hitting himself"

Wasn't that the definition of "the letter" - the one that companies aren't allowed to acknowledge they received?! Maybe they aren't allowed to even say that they heard of the program.

about a month ago

The Era of Facebook Is an Anomaly

ripvlan Re:Laughable (260 comments)

I didn't interpret her words in that manner. She seems to be suggesting that we would NOT come to a common place for *all* interactions. Ever been to a company party with your parents? You probably don't know many of the other kids - and the adults are a bit different too from the ones who came to your house for a BBQ. We all interact differently, even with the same people, when the context is different.

When I was in college there was a bar/pub that "everyone" hung out at on Friday nights. There were two guys who played Irish songs in sing-along fashion - we'd all sing and drink and otherwise socialize. But after last-call we'd all head our separate ways - until the next weekend. Sunday morning I would meet other friends at a different location to play games.

Different places for different kinds of interactions - I believe that is her point. We don't all go to FB for everything.

Even now I use other web-forums for things like car racing, or software-architecture, or other hobbies. Gosh - that's almost the design of meetup.com - a board for like minded people to find each other - and then they meet externally in a place conducive to the theme of the meetup.

Last time I saw a company on the web try to be everything - we later laughed at it. It was called AOL.

about a month ago

Ask Slashdot: Does your employer perform HTTPS MITM attacks on employees?

ripvlan Well gosh darn (1 comments)

How would employees know that such a system was installed?

I can understand a company needing to monitor for leaks - and granted they do own everything. Yes - my cell phone is my "trusted" way out to the internet that my employer can't snoop on (and I'm not using their resources).

Seriously though - how could anyone know the difference between "good" vs "bad" MITM ? Could DNSSEC be fooled in this same way?

Please - get back to work. Nothing else shall be tolerated.

about a month and a half ago

Teaching Calculus To 5-Year-Olds

ripvlan Re:I had something similar as a kid (231 comments)

Yes - Calculus can be taught visually, that's how my father taught it to me. I was a wiz at geometry, I can bisect lines and draw tangents in my mind.

Here's what I didn't understand though....what does the area under the curve have to do with anything? The line on graph paper was a line - what value was the area? To me the line was continuous - it didn't end, it was a function - so how could the area have bounds?

When I was given min-max problems in College the area/vol was always something concrete (e.g. land size, a rectangle, or a water bottle). I had a difficult time with Calc in college because I just couldn't relate these "areas under the curve" to anything real. I could do the mechanics (integrate, derivatives etc) and understood acceleration/speed. It wasn't until I was older that some of these area/volumes started to make sense (What is "work?" :-D )

My suggestion - I can't be alone in this problem - is to relate these areas to things. Answer the question: why is the area equal/equivalent/describe X ?. I had to take it on faith - my Dad said so. Can this be shown or described and be shown to "be really the answer" -- Why is it that?! A bit more concrete evidence that this is true.

I may not be an abstract thinker in math. This is why I program computers ;-)

about a month and a half ago

Using Handheld Phone GPS While Driving Is Legal In California

ripvlan Re:Still should be hands free (142 comments)

Handsfree does not lead to less-distraction. The very conversation, hands-free or not, is still a problem. How much of a problem? I don't understand yet.

Most states that I've traveled are hands-free. Although a few are anti-texting only. Fewer yet have no restrictions. I haven't seen any that restrict usage in all-forms (except for specific classes of drivers, such as young/new).

Personally - it's the pushing of "buttons" that causes me pain. Using Google maps on my iPhone is a PITA (finding the "start route" button generally is hard). When hands-free I use Siri and Apple maps (for good or bad) - or having to Unlock the damn thing to make a modification (Siri, stop route, "sorry Dave, I can't do that") I bring my Garmin GPS with me whenever possible as it has the best UI - purpose built for in-car use (actually - navigation in general). I only use my phone for looking around or finding something very specific [planning phase]... then plug it into my Garmin and go. Plus, I tend to find myself in No-signal zones a lot. And of course - Siri has failed me multiple times with bogus routes or wrong address locations (arggg, sorry - breathe, breathe, take a slow breath)

NY has a rule that the driver may not operate a hand-held phone (although observationally few adhere to the law). When I went to CA last week the airport announcement was that CA restricts using any device that was not *specifically designed* for hands-free operation (or in car use?). I just remember the Specifically Designed statement.

VT has an anti-texting law (after a spate of joggers being run down & killed by folks texting and driving). Although they are currently considering upgrading that to hands-free because the Police have said that they can't tell if people are texting or dialing their phone, or using some GPS app. It all looks the same to them so enforcement is complicated. People under a certain age (17?) already may not use a cell phone at anytime in any manner while driving.

And WI or MI has restrictions on where the GPS unit may be mounted (must be mounted on the dash - not on the glass, I assume to keep it low in the field of vision). I can't remember which state - I just know that it caused me to buy a dash-mount for my GPS.

My null position is that I assume every state has a hands-free rule. Keeping with the spirit that Distracted is distracted. But commanding my phone to do my bidding seems like a fair risk to take.

about 2 months ago

Using Handheld Phone GPS While Driving Is Legal In California

ripvlan Re:Still should be hands free (142 comments)

So very inconsistent. I drove cross country a few years ago. My GPS came with a suction-cup window mount, and for a variety of reasons I also purchased a dash-mount. Good thing because one upper-mid-west state requires dash mount. They had a big sign as I crossed the border announcing that requirement along with their cell-phone rules. I think I Googled something like "GPS mounting laws" while prepping for my trip.

I now travel on business and bring the dash-mount with me everywhere I go because of that one restriction. Plus some rental car windshields are too short to use the suction-cup (angle too great) - such that the GPS hits the dash - or I have to place the suction-cup so high that it blocks my view.

Nobody stopped me in CA last week - I put the dashmount right in the middle of the dash above the radio.

about 2 months ago

Facebook Shuts Down @Facebook Email System

ripvlan FB had email? (149 comments)

ah - now I know why I haven't been getting email all of these years.

about 2 months ago

Ford Dumping Windows For QNX In New Vehicles

ripvlan Re:MSFT seems to work... (314 comments)

I also rented a Ford (a small car) with the MSFT system. While the car was fine - I was infuriated by the MS system.

I opened the car door and the dash showed a popup "Engine is running" with an "Okay" button on it. Really? What purpose was this? And how do I press "okay" (it wasn't touch screen). Staring at the steering wheel later I noticed that there were two buttons labeled Okay (and each worked separately).

The worst part was the radio. I had gotten into some menu deep down and decided I didn't want to do whatever I had started. So I tried pressing the "FM" and "Radio" button - nothing would "exit" and return me to the top level. Many minutes of fumbling around through menus and deeper sub-menus the UI would sit idle and finally show "okay / cancel" on the screen. There weren't any buttons near the screen! Finally I discovered that way down low on the dash near the shifter were 4 decorative buttons with lines on them. Turns out they lined up with the UI (though 18 inches away).

Between the software of the UI and the physical UI I couldn't stand it. Nothing made sense.

about 2 months ago

Do Hypersonic Missiles Make Defense Systems Obsolete?

ripvlan Re:Procurement inertia (365 comments)

Well - I'm not sure I agree with the inertia position. Granted old ideas take a long time to die - until a disrupting technology comes along. I was touring a Navy museum once and the guide (retired Navy veteran) said, sometimes its about having the big guns and parking it in the harbor. Simple intimidation. You won't use it - it just looks big.

The US strength - we can build a ship larger than yours and sail it into your backyard.

Back on topic - as others have pointed out already, the defense system is designed to repel realistic attacks. Some group that is starting out will unlikely get their hands on a hypersonic missile. First they start out with a battering ram, then a Yugo, move up to a Pinto, some rockets, old SCUDs, and finally ICBMs. Sure - the smart ones are building disruptors, but another branch is thinking of ways to protect against them.

It's MAD I tell you, MAD. It's a MAD MAD world. What, me worry?

about 2 months ago

A New Use For Drones: Traffic Scouting

ripvlan Re:Would it not be easier.. (144 comments)

Exactly how I see it playing out. There will be more traffic jams and crashes in the sky from all of these drones filling the air. Yes - parts will rain down from the sky and kill small children. The sky will go black from the flocks of drones. Did they get this idea from playing Call of Duty?

Next somebody will sell an accessory laser so your drone can shoot others out of the sky as a sort of crash avoidance system.

Available only to the rich.

about 2 months ago

How Adobe Got Rid of Traditional Stack-Ranking Performance Reviews

ripvlan Comment from Beta (175 comments)

Hey look - this is a comment input from the beta.

I'll give you the white space. It feels like we've all got pitchforks and are standing at the gates of the User Experience.

Maybe the UX designer got a deal on whitespace from the cloud vendor. Next will be pastel colors and strange thin outlined buttons that convey nothing to the user until they click them (cough... iOS7).

about 2 months ago

Google Glass To Be Banned While Driving In NY?

ripvlan Until it is safe (1 comments)

Just because something is created doesn't mean it is suitable or safe to use in all situations. People still believe that hands-free solves all problems when it has been proven multiple times that distraction is distraction (although it may be a matter of degree).

I read a review by one Google Glass user who basically said, "yeah - I'd never drive with this again. Sounded like a good idea - tried it once, bad idea"

The developers of technology need to think about safety (and risk) and build appropriate features. Until then, things that seem dangerous are just going to be blocked. Granted - sometimes new technology scares some. Still - safety is a reasonable concern.

about 3 months ago

Why Letting Your Insurance Company Monitor How You Drive Can Be a Good Thing

ripvlan What can go wrong? (567 comments)

Sure - what can go wrong by allowing a device to track your every move?

Yes - some cars have black boxes in them. But I don't believe those are consulted until after the, eh, crime.

Although - I suppose my cell phone is already tracking my every move - in far more detail than my car ever would. Google certainly knows where I've been and even guesses where I want to go next. Friday at 5pm it pops up, "20 minute drive to [girlfriend] house with traffic"

I downloaded my insurance company's app and then took my car to a race track just to screw with their data.

Next stop, Orwellville.

about 5 months ago

Airgap-Jumping Malware May Use Ultrasonic Networking To Communicate

ripvlan Peer Review RE:It's definitely possible... (265 comments)

I agree that this may be possible. But after reading the article there are several things that don't pass the sniff test. Hopefully this will get the peer review it needs.

My first thought was the website for this story was infected with a browser virus, and the incredible story was there as candy to draw us in.

Infecting multiple OS, using some common hidden/unknown USB feature seems difficult to believe. What is the commonality in chipsets? The virus would have to run at the BIOS level.. right? Under the OS? Injecting itself up into OS' that it supports? Sure, there are few motherboards. and I've also heard of viruses that live in RAM/GPU and survive reboots. I'll also forgive people for possible misusing "ultrasonic" when they might mean - higher/lower frequencies than humans can hear but the PC can generate. Also don't forget - video cards and other electronics make noises too - I had a video card that when drawing at high FPS made a very high pitch sound that could be manipulated (I'm one of those weirdos who can "hear" CRTs). Maybe the fan is sending Morse-code.

This is also an interesting network driver. I assume he was doing packet sniffing from within the OS. I can see the following - the OS sends data packets to the network card (which go nowhere because the cable is pulled out) - but the infected BIOS sees those and copies them out the speaker. However, he pulled the network card... so I would expect the OS to shutdown all connectivity features - so what was the sniffer attaching to? (or rather - what was he sniffing? - no pun) Either that or a software driver had to be installed (or hook the virtual loopback). All possible. Although on my laptop only the wifi/bluetooth can come out - the Ethernet is on the mainboard.

All of it may be hypothetically possible. I can't wait for an update and see the results. Need to think simple - those kinds of attacks tend to work.

about 6 months ago

Ask Slashdot: As a Programmer/Geek, Should I Learn Business?

ripvlan Re:short answer (167 comments)

Marketing or Business - either or both. Whether to enter those roles as a career is up to you. Either case, understanding them is key.

I'm a software engineer who understands and converses regularly with Marketing. By understanding "why" we are doing things, what the market wants, and what the customer wants, aids me in making design decisions. And because I understand more about the product and company has made me more than "just a software jock," and thus more valuable. Plus I can help influence decisions because I can bring my understanding of technology direction into the mix.

I hang out with, and made friends with, people in the business and marketing departments. We have general conversations as well as specific ones. We each teach each other about our areas of expertise. Sometimes you need to know people more deeply than posting automated "happy birthday" notices on Facebook ;-) [sorry - showing my age]

Knowing what is going on outside your circle is always a good idea. Never stop learning.

about 6 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Why Isn't There More Public Outrage About NSA Revelations?

ripvlan Re:Deep down.. (610 comments)

I don't think American's care. They might ask: How does it affect my daily life? Is the NSA really spying on "me?"

I'm sure most people would think that the NSA is spying on somebody else - and hopefully the right somebody else.

Until somebody can link it back to how it impacts the average Joe, I don't think people will be outraged. Most are trying to pay bills and go on with their daily lives. Those without tinfoil hats probably can't believe the gov't coming to get them. I mean, like dude, seriously?! They can't see the slippery slope and are unable to relate to what it might mean in the future. And possibly the NSA et al have done a good job explaining that there is oversight and that only terrorists are being monitored.

Besides - as of late, Federal government has shown us that they are irrelevant, lost in some bugger flicking fight. :-P

about 6 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Is iOS 7 Slow?

ripvlan iPad3 yes, iPhone5 not so much (488 comments)

I've noticed that the keyboard comes up on my iPad3 kind of jerky and there is a delay before I can start typing. It is no longer "instant"

Not so much on my iPhone5. There are a few things that pause - I've had a few time where I double pressed a button because it was slow to respond (so slow that I thought I missed the button). But for the most part everything works fine.

Generally yes, it is no longer "instant" - almost as if something is running in the background.

I also don't like the animations of the icons dropping in from above. Looks nice - but I need to wait for it to finish before I can use the device.

Also - what's up with the delay when pushing the power button? The screen now slowly gets brighter...which I need to wait for that too. The "getting darker" transition when locking the device is okay. But when I press On, I mean On...stupid dragon.

Overall I do like iOS7. Just a few minor kinks to work out.

about 7 months ago

Apple Shows Off New iOS 7, Mac OS X At WWDC

ripvlan WebOS lives again (607 comments)

As a long time user of Palm (Pre+), I was delighted to see the influences of WebOS on iOS7. Apple appears to have taken the best of the WebOS UI and used it in iOS7. The multi-tasking card interface, sliding inbox items side-to-side, and a few others.

These were some of the features that I enjoyed the most, and missed when I upgraded to a new iPhone.

I'm not saying "stole" - innovation and creativity requires looking at what others did and building upon it. So - good for them.

That parallax UI looks very "neat" - I wonder if it's gimmicky though. The share via bluetooth will be useful - if it works with non iOS devices. Unfortunately my friends use some unknown Android release.


about 10 months ago

If I could augment my senses (w/ implant or similar) ...

ripvlan Re:A true and accurate and transparent lie detecto (456 comments)

I would never waste my wish on a lie detector - it isn't needed. Everyone lies. Just tie a blinking LED to their heads and you have it.

I'd want something I don't already have.

Let's see - LSD gives you colors,
      Compass? I'm a guy - I don't get lost,
      the world is stinky enough (really? smell more stuff?),
      radiation meter seems a bit after the fact.

So I'd go for "able to leap tall buildings in a single bound"

1 year,29 days


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