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Android Apps Now Unofficially Able To Run On Any Major Desktop OS

rjejr Candy Crush Saga on the desktop!! (101 comments)

So I can finally play Candy Crush on my PC ;-) Kidding aside, I wouldnt mind Angry Birds Epic on my PC, and wouldnt this make loads more money for companies like Gung Ho who were raking it in w/ Puzzle and Dragons and now can code once but have everyone with a PC spending money on their games? Seems like win-win to me, IF IF IF it works properly.

3 days ago

Microsoft Killing Off Windows Phone Brand Name In Favor of Just Windows

rjejr Doesnt matter what they call it now... (352 comments)

Next week we'll all be running Microsoft Minecraft on our Minecraft Phones and using Minecraft Office.

about two weeks ago

Report: Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Studio For $2bn+

rjejr Stupid move, like buying Gamefreak in 1997 (368 comments)

Stupid Microsoft. Imagine if they tried to buy Gamefreak in 1996 after Pokemon Red and Green had already come out. What has Gamefreak done since 1996? Well besides Diamond and Pearl. And Ruby and Sapphire. And X and Y. And Black and White. Boy I would hate to have owned Gamefreak and the Pokemon license for 18 years. Who wants to keep track of all that money for 18 years?

about two weeks ago

Report: Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Studio For $2bn+

rjejr Re:Licenses (368 comments)

Thank goodness somebody gets it. Rovio's Angry Birds are everywhere, but Minecraft is going to stick with kids forever and ever as they are much more involved in the game world.

about two weeks ago

The Hobbit: the Battle of Five Armies Trailer Released

rjejr finally over (156 comments)

So can I finally get my Lego Smaug now? I've been waiting 37 years for it.

about 2 months ago

For Now, UK Online Pirates Will Get 4 Warnings -- And That's It

rjejr The US started this 2 years ago (143 comments)

This sounds a lot like the "copyright alert system" that ISPs and the MPAA and RIA started 2 years ago. You get an email form your ISP when you illegally download copies of Game of Thrones on bittorrent. Or so I've been told.

about 2 months ago

Neil Gaiman Confirms Movie Talks For Sandman, American Gods

rjejr Sandman or Endless or Death or Rose or Barbie? (35 comments)

No way no how can they make a Sandman movie covering 75 comics. so what storyline do they cover? Sandman's capture and subsequent freedom to start (Preludes and Nocturnes) would be the least interesting as all he does is whine. The Corinthian and his fellow serial killers (Doll's House) is worthy of it's own black comedy but would need to be done completely in black and white cartoon format like Sin City or Aeon Flux. A proper Death film could single handedly resurrect goth, but no way to do it properly. The witches in the apartment complex (Doll's House) are deserving of a faux documentary, but I see Depp as the Cuckcoo directed by Tim Burton and it's all turned into a bad Alice in Wonderland flick. I can't imagine any of the later storylines as a stand alone film. Rose has always been one of my favorites and I remember wanting to see a film about her staring Rose McGowan (who in her prime could also have played Death). Most important thing about a Sandman film, the least he's in it the better. A great character, but he's Rod Sterling in Twilight Zone.

about 5 months ago

Amazon Launches Android-Powered 'Fire TV' For Streaming and Gaming

rjejr Re:I too am somewhat underwhelmed... (180 comments)

"The purchase also oddly does not include the game controller" This was my first thought as well, but then I decided Amazon is marketing this the right way. Soccer moms will buy this, they are probably the #1 owners of Kindles. They will like the easy search option on the easy to use remote. If this were packaged w/ a gamepad it would scare away the soccer moms as a gaming device. By Christmas, after a few million soccer moms have picked this up, they will offer a "Gaming system" that includes the controller, maybe even for $99. This is just the intial sales run for Prime members, only about 100 games available. I don't think it even has Candy Crush Saga yet. No point trying to sell it to soccer moms w/o Candy Crush.

about 6 months ago

Iran Builds Mock-up of Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier

rjejr Movie prop for Airbus Flight 655 (298 comments)

This was debunked days ago, its a movie prop about the US shooting down an Iranian commercial fight in 1988. Don't the Slashdot editors have access to Google?

about 6 months ago

Malaysian Flight Disappearance 'Deliberate'

rjejr But they KNOW it crashed (436 comments)

First they lose the plane comepltelty, then it's found to maybe still be in one piece for 4 or 5 hours later with the engines still running, and it's over the Indian ocean, o rmaybe not, or maybe Bengal, and maybe it was was 45,000', or 25,000, and all this contradicting info is still coming out SEVEN DAYS LATER. Yet still thru all this all I ever hear any talking head say is - we know it crashed, even if they keep changing what body of water it crashed into. If they've gotten all this wrong before how does anybody know it crashed!?!?

about 6 months ago

Confirmed: Earth's Oldest Rock In Australia

rjejr Franklin institue (74 comments)

Had my hand on a rock yesterday at the Franklin insitue in Philly that said it was 5.5 billion years old that was "found on Earth". (Well the rock didn't speak, thats what the sign read.) I know a meteor isnt created on Earth, but it was found there.

about 7 months ago

Layoffs At Now-Private Dell May Hit Over 15,000 Staffers

rjejr This is slanted wrong (287 comments)

Usually when big companies make big moves like this their stock price goes up as they are cutting costs. This article makes it osund like it would have been a bad thing to fire people while it was still a publicly traed company. Publicly traded companies fire people all the time, it' snot better or worse or different now that they are private.

about 8 months ago

An OS You'll Love? AI Experts Weigh In On Her

rjejr An upgrade for Manti Te'o (175 comments)

Manti Te'o supposedly fell in love w/ a voice on the phone belonging to another guy that he thought was a girl. I don't see falling in love w/ a talking machine voice as that much of a stretch.

about 8 months ago

Target Admits Data Breach May Have Up To 110 Million Victims

rjejr Am I the only person who doesn't care anymore? (213 comments)

About 20 years ago somebody behind me at a Detroit gas station had their tank of gas billed to my credit card. A few years ago Sony gave it all away. Next year I'm sure there will be another security breach. And the year after that. And the year after that. I shop in Target every week with my Target credit card, and I will continue to do so. They are going to get you one way or another. Or they aren't. Target obviously screwed up, their security was lax, their investigation is pathetic, their forth coming with the news leaves alot to be desired. But I'm not going to kill myself, cut up all my credit cards and start using cash, or leave the country. I don't blame people for not shopping there anymore, or switching to cash, but I just don't care anymore. This shit happens all the time, every day people have their identity stolens, it sucks, but it's part of everyday life now, no getting around it. Well suppose tehre's the Amish way, but thats just not for me.

about 8 months ago

The Hobbit and Game of Thrones Top Most Pirated Lists of 2013

rjejr Did my part (193 comments)

All 3 seasons of GoT back in April. Saw both Hobbit movies in theaters though, full New York prices, sorry. I'm not DLing "epic" feature films to watch on my tv, GoT is on tv regardless. If it was on Hulu or NF I'ld watch GoT that way. Can I get HBOgo w/o HBO yet?

about 9 months ago

Space Junk or a Meteor? Fireball Lit Up Midwestern Skies

rjejr Gamera (87 comments)

They should called a biologist as its obviously a flying turtle.

about 9 months ago

Why Competing For Tenure Is Like Trying To Become a Drug Lord

rjejr Re:So, Like any Tournament Model (168 comments)

What he said. Emphasis on sports and inflammatory. Basically big fish eat little fish. L.I.F.E.

about 10 months ago

Nintendo Announces $99 Wii Mini For US Release

rjejr Re:Wii Mini isn't worth $99 (147 comments)

It's not funny (score 4, funny), it's sad. First Nintendo removes Gamecube support under cover of darkness - no Gamecube games, but more importantly for us no Wavebirds for Kart and SSB - and then they remove Netflix after promoting it all over their website. Sure the Wii had a few good games, very few in the past 2 years though, and while the oringal poster was probably trying to be funny I bet most Wiis these days are just used for Netflix/HuluPlus.

about a year ago


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