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News From Apple's iPhone Event

rlthomps-1 Wow (392 comments)

Twitter reports that /. has a thread that says that CNN has some info about some iPhone stuff. A marvel of modern communication

more than 3 years ago

YouTube Was Evil, and Google Knew It

rlthomps-1 Re:Double Standards, or Above the Law? - (419 comments)

IANAL, but the case about books and literature is much, much more complicated than that and has a wide ranging impact on the basics of referring information on the Internet, what constitutes fair use, and what counts as a "reproduction"

Don't fall for the feelgood idiot riffing on the "Evil Google" narrative.

more than 4 years ago

New "Spear Phishing" Attacks Target IT Admins

rlthomps-1 Something doesn't make sense here... (134 comments)

The emails, containing no obvious malicious links, are fooling even the savviest of users into opening up holes in their company's network defenses.

I think by definition, you are not the savviest of users if you fall victim to a phishing attack.

more than 4 years ago

Lack of Manpower May Kill VLC For Mac

rlthomps-1 Re:Oh fuck no (398 comments)

Its like its authors decided the age-old concept of 'files' was not good enough anymore so their software (poorly) tries to portray the real-life concept of a dusty box filled with records while dumping every song into some random folder with a cryptic filename. But these wiseguys don't realise that I'd much rather deal with files that I can recognise by their filename, copy and move them with the well known 'cp' and 'mv' commands rather than having their craptastic software try to manage it all.

I'm sure you're just going to yell "FANBOI FANBOI FANBOI" at me, but seriously, if you want to use 'mv' and 'cp' to manage your files, why did you think a GUI music library program was going to be useful to you at all? Also, if you're so leet, how come you didn't figure out that you can turn off their file management features? Is it because they didn't give you a CLI tool to edit the pref file?

more than 5 years ago

Massive VMware Bug Shuts Systems Down

rlthomps-1 Re:"License management code..." (410 comments)

Consider this: to a proprietary vendor the only safe failure mode for "license management code" is one where everything stops.

That's sooo not true. How is it "safe" for any company to have a bug like this? There's many very real costs that are associated with an incident of this magnitude, this very thread is an example of the brand being hurt and customer perceptions about reliability being changed. Do you think companies enjoy the bad press and fallout with customers over things like this?

more than 6 years ago


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