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Uber Will Provide Transit Data To Cities

robbiedo The the obvious kind of irony (32 comments)

Isn't this the fascists wet dream of fusing corporate and government power?

about two weeks ago

Uber Pushing For Patent On Surge Pricing

robbiedo Didn't Coca Cola Try This? (190 comments)

I recall Coca Cola tried this on some vending machines based on the weather.

about a month ago

Russia May Be Planning National Space Station To Replace ISS

robbiedo Forget the Space Station (236 comments)

We should build a moon base. It will be the first of its kind...Alpha. Something we should have completed 15 years ago, instead of wasting money on ISS.

about 2 months ago

Will Lyft and Uber's Shared-Ride Service Hurt Public Transit?

robbiedo Re:It's only worth it (237 comments)

Portland is in the US.

about 3 months ago

The Era of Saturday Morning Cartoons Is Dead

robbiedo Re:Looney Tunes (320 comments)

How about "El Kabong?"

about 4 months ago

Is Alibaba Comparable To a US Company?

robbiedo Not sure (126 comments)

Fundamentally, China is a fascist government in the more Italian definition of the concept. Hard to tell what you are buying since the rule of law is not well established in China, nor is foreign ownership of companies.

about 4 months ago

Study: Chimpanzees Have Evolved To Kill Each Other

robbiedo Re:No surprise (224 comments)

As any male should know who went to high school. What do you think all that bullying was about?

Homoerotic tendencies?

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Old Technology Can't You Give Up?

robbiedo Re:Simple (635 comments)

Am I only only person who swears by nano?

about 5 months ago

Do Dark Matter and Dark Energy Cast Doubt On the Big Bang?

robbiedo Re:Oh good lord. (225 comments)

Almost like some kind of scientific Nirvana?

about 6 months ago

How Disney Built and Programmed an Animatronic President

robbiedo Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts! (97 comments)

Never truer words spoken. That was such a make-out ride in my teens.

about 7 months ago

Why China Is Worried About Japan's Plutonium Stocks

robbiedo Hey China...Don't antagonize Japan (398 comments)

Somehow I get the feeling China is creating there own problem in their push to regional dominance through provocations.

about 7 months ago

Amazon Confirms Hachette Spat Is To "Get a Better Deal"

robbiedo Isn't this classic anti-trust fodder (211 comments)

E-books are not books. They are not retail sales of merchandise. An e-book purchase is only a license. Amazon is using monopolistic behavior in e-book licensing to control pricing from publishers to extract monopolistic profits, to secure market share, and to reduce competition where Amazon is able to dictate access to customers who they control through their locked ecosystem. Amazon's ultimate goal is to bypass the publishers altogether, and control the licensing of books from authorship to consumer.

about 8 months ago

Fiat Chrysler CEO: Please Don't Buy Our Electric Car

robbiedo Re:Raise the Price (462 comments)

DEA math

about 8 months ago

Why Scientists Are Still Using FORTRAN in 2014

robbiedo As a Social Science Ph.d. (634 comments)

I am sticking with Visual Basic 6

about 9 months ago

US Intelligence Officials To Monitor Federal Employees With Security Clearances

robbiedo Re:One would hope (186 comments)

The problem is that the Federal Government over classifies jobs and information. There are lots of people with secret clearance who are not guarding state secrets, but what private companies would simply classify as confidential information. This creates an overly hostile, paranoid work environment where there is a tendency for the security personnel to abuse their power to create fear as an end unto itself.

about a year ago


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