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Political Bloggers May Be Forced to Register

robogop Re:We just want to see zee papers (658 comments)

Maybe you don't remember that far back, but the DC Sniper story was front page news for weeks. Inability of police to catch the criminals, fear among the general public of that region, and worry about when they would strike next. Not a good thing at all, but I only list it as an example of what havoc an armed person can create. Your original posted intoned that armed people couldn't stand up to our government. I am just thinking of the reaction to 30 million armed people standing up to our government instead of just 2 nutjobs.

You are right, it is not very likely to happen. We have seen our rights slowly trampled on for quite a few years now and nobody really takes offense at it anymore. I doubt Bush was the first President to spy on us, just the most open and obvious about doing it. And it would take something insane to get armed citizens to stand up to the government. I hope nothing like that ever occurs, but if it did, it most likely would only occur after most of the guns had been removed from individual ownership.

On Iraq, you kind went astray from the whole issue there - I merely pointed out that the same AK-47 you characterized as ineffective, is the small arm of choice of the insurgents in Iraq. If such a small country with a limited number of insurgents and weapons causes the problems for our army that it does, wouldn't a country of our size be able to resist an army at least as well?

about 8 years ago


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