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Watch Bill Nye and Ken Ham Clash Over Creationism Live

robot_love Re:rationality (593 comments)

While this may be true in a glib sense, it can attest that I myself was definitely rationally argued out of my evangelical faith. We should absolutely engage the faithful in rational debate whenever possible.

about 6 months ago

Stephen Hawking: 'There Are No Black Holes'

robot_love Re:SubjectsInCommentsAreStupid (458 comments)

Religion is based on pretending to know what you can't possibly know.


Of course, I'm not sure how that provides a better explanation than "myth, legend, and anecdotal evidence".

about 6 months ago

Bill Nye To Debate Creationist Museum Founder Ken Ham

robot_love Re:Waste of Time (611 comments)

This makes the problem worse, not better. The facts around Jesus' death and resurrection MUST be true if Christianity is to have any value. If the stories in the Bible are a rough guide, you must throw out the Jesus miracles.

If you do throw them out, you're left with a book that has no more value than the next "self-help" book on Amazon, and probably quite a bit less (few current self-help books advocate the horrors that the Bible does).

about 7 months ago

Bill Nye To Debate Creationist Museum Founder Ken Ham

robot_love Re:Waste of Time (611 comments)

I've always found this particular combination confusing. If evolutionary theory is true, there were no physical Adam and Eve. If there were no Adam and Eve, there was no original sin. If there was no original sin, we do not need Christ's atonement.

If we don't need Christ's atonement, what possible use could there be for being a Christian?

Not trying to be confrontational, just wondering how you reconciled these things.

about 7 months ago

New Documentary Chronicles Road Tripping Scientists Promoting Reason

robot_love Re:Reason (674 comments)

Try this instead: "Religion does not rigorously use logic or empiricism." Unfortunately for your arguments, it's just as devastating.

about 7 months ago

First Lab Demonstration That the Ability To Evolve Can Itself Evolve

robot_love Re:Why is this suprising? (72 comments)

I always thought this was the acknowledged importance of sexual reproduction as well: It increases the variability.

about 8 months ago

Most Drivers Would Hand Keys Over To Computer If It Meant Lower Insurance Rates

robot_love Re: Flagrant Flatulism Posing as Reporting (449 comments)

I'm sure a computer could do it better as long as the gubmint doesn't regulate the crap out of it.

Just like the boondoggle that is the FAA has made air travel little more than a death wish?

about 9 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Simple Backups To a Neighbor?

robot_love Re:Btsync (285 comments)

I've been using it without issue for a few months to sync 2TB of media across a couple of computers. Transfers don't start immediately, but they go quickly once they do.

They're apparently developing a feature where the folder on the other computer will be encrypted, allowing you to swap space with your neighbor and have off-site storage without him poking into your business. I'm eagerly awaiting this...

about 9 months ago

Using Java In Low Latency Environments

robot_love Re:Yes (371 comments)

I got this one, boys.

Let me translate what you said to a car analogy, then you can see if your statement still makes sense.

"Your car is unsafe because it was recalled due to a seat-belt issue. You should ride a motorbike like me. It's never been recalled for seat belt issues."

about a year ago

How Joel Spolsky Shot Down a Microsoft Patent In 15 Minutes

robot_love Re:Mutually Assured Destruction (175 comments)

A bunch of small minded people are going to tell you this is impossible, but that's because many people react to new ideas with "I can think of a problem with your idea, therefore it won't work" rather than "let's see how we can make this work".

I think you may well be on to something. It could be the most important thing you do in your life. Explore this further. If you need someone to write some software for it (a web app?), let me know, and I'll contribute.

1 year,1 day

Criminal Complaint Filed Against Facebook After Girl's Death

robot_love Re:too many cams, kids cant be kids (559 comments)

And you blame the victim. The other sources of blame may be misguided. Yours is reprehensible.

about a year ago

Ask Dr. Robert Bakker About Dinosaurs and Merging Science and Religion

robot_love Re:No Real Conflicts? Really? (528 comments)

Your post is (deliberately?) obtuse.

Are you claiming that, with what we know now, that all of the dietary/hygienic instructions in Leviticus are:

  1. Simpler to understand
  2. More effective at achieving their aims

...than the four simple rules I stated above? If they are not, is the reason more likely that an omnipotent God deliberately set down rules that were not as effective as they could be, or that it was written by bronze-age shepherds who didn't know any better?

about a year and a half ago

Ask Dr. Robert Bakker About Dinosaurs and Merging Science and Religion

robot_love Re:No Real Conflicts? Really? (528 comments)

I disagree. An omnipotent god would have thrown out all the dietary/hygiene rules in the OT and replaced it with "Boil your water, cook your food, wash your hands, shit downstream from where you live". These 4 simple instructions are VASTLY superior to all the rubbish that masquerades as "divinely inspired" nonsense in the OT. They are easier to remember, easier to do, and about 1000 times more effective. Why isn't that information in the Bible? Because the ignorant shepherds who wrote it didn't know about germ theory.

To paraphrase Sam Harris, imagine how incredible the Bible would be if it was actually written by an omnipotent being.

about a year and a half ago

Open-Hardware Licensed Handheld Software-Defined Radio In the Works

robot_love Re:Can't wait! (50 comments)

Thanks, Chris. That was useful, and I'll do some more Googling based on your reply.

about a year and a half ago

Open-Hardware Licensed Handheld Software-Defined Radio In the Works

robot_love Re:Can't wait! (50 comments)

I see these articles occasionally, but I don't know the significance. Can you outline *why* I should be excited about this?

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Which OSS Database Project To Help?

robot_love Re:With shared hosting (287 comments)

All my sites hosted at Webfaction use PostgreSQL at no extra charge. On top of this, their service is fantastic.

about a year and a half ago

Would You Put a Tracking Device On Your Child?

robot_love Re:Or not. (610 comments)

This is the same argument that people make for abstinence-only sex education. When it's done perfectly, it's perfect. When it's not done perfectly, it's a fucking disaster.

I have a 2 and a 4-year-old. I bust my ass to keep tabs on them and I'll rip the face off of anyone who claims otherwise. But I'm not perfect, and neither are they. Why the hell would I gamble everything on my ability to be perfect?

Whenever someone mentions tracking technology, everyone gets their panties in a giant knot, and there are real issues there, so that's fine. But let me put it to you this way: If you had the ability to put a small device on your child that communicated in an encrypted fashion with a mobile that you carried, and it was impossible for anyone else (your mobile provider, Google, Apple) to learn ANYTHING about where you child was except you, wouldn't you do it? I sure as hell would. It would be negligent not to.

So the problem isn't knowing where your toddler is through electronic means, the problem is third parties knowing where your toddler is through electronic means. This is a software problem, and one we know how to solve. Let's move on to finding a better way for parents to look after their kids.

Lemon out.

about a year ago

Science Wins Over Creationism In South Korea

robot_love Re:Neil DeGrasse quote instantly came to mind. (302 comments)

You've received some flack for this in your comments, but you're right. There are NO technologies that have been created based on the theory of God. That tells you something about the usefulness and explanatory power of religion: nil.

about 2 years ago



UK Proposes Collecting DNA From Entire Population.

robot_love robot_love writes  |  more than 6 years ago

robot_love (1089921) writes "The UK has a database that records the DNA of anyone ever arrested. This data is not removed even if the charges are dropped. An English judge has recognized that more black people than white people are in the database, and to solve this injustice has recommended that all residents of the UK should have to submit their DNA to the database. He tells the public not to fear, because the information will "be on file for the absolutely rigorously restricted purpose of crime detection and prevention."

Instead of comforting me, his assurances terrify me. This database was started in 1995 and only the DNA of convicted offenders could be held in it. However, in 2001 the law was changed to allow the DNA of those acquitted of crimes to be kept. In 2004 it was changed again to include anyone arrested or held in a police station. Now teenagers caught skateboarding in the wrong place have their DNA taken and put on file. I'm reminded of the /. story of a few days ago that told of the man who was arrested because he refused to show his receipt to the goon at the door. If he lived in the UK, he would have had his DNA taken and kept regardless of the outcome of the case. And this insanity is being pushed on to all people, guilty or not.

Welcome to the land of presumed guilty. I have the fortunate luxury of being able to leave the UK for Canada should this ever come to pass (where they have laws forbidding this very thing). I feel for all those who do not."

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