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Qt 5.0 Released

rocjoe71 Re:How? (161 comments)

Hey, several of my favoruite Windows apps are in Qt (e.g. from my WinXP days: "Launchy", and current versions of TweetDeck and Calibre).

Qt-on-Windows runtime installs much like the Visual C++ runtime, and that, for me, is preferable over any app done in Java/Perl/Python, as I don't have to clutter up my system with RTEs (that are all too often supporting a single app)

...and not one annoying "time to update your runtime... AGAIN" ... ever!

about 2 years ago

After Weeks of Trying, UK Cryptographers Fail To Crack WWII Code

rocjoe71 I have the decoded message (263 comments)

"Send more pigeons"

...you're welcome.

about 2 years ago

Training Bacteria To Deliver Drugs?

rocjoe71 Re:Oblig Leslie Neilson (29 comments)

Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop posting on /.

more than 6 years ago



ISP ordered to prove traffic-shaping is necessary

rocjoe71 rocjoe71 writes  |  more than 6 years ago

rocjoe71 (545053) writes "The Canadian Radio and Telecommunication Commission has asked Bell to provide "full rationale and evidence" to support its claim most of its users were negatively impacted by peer-to-peer traffic. In the past, the CRTC has stuck it to Bell and other Canadian telecom companies for overcharging on everything from long-distance rates to phone handset rental. A decision to be made soon would really the first and best opportunity to send a message to ISPs not to decide how consumers are allowed to access the Internet."
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