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Rockstar Ships Max Payne 2 Cracked By Pirates

rockspider Re:Unclean hands (340 comments)

Yes, of course there are lots of practical reasons why a case like this would probably never happen or go badly for the plaintiffs. I'm just saying that 'unclean hands' wouldn't apply because it's not an equitable remedy.

more than 4 years ago

Rockstar Ships Max Payne 2 Cracked By Pirates

rockspider Re:Unclean hands (340 comments)

For some reason i'm prompted to make a quick legal correction. The doctrine of unclean hands applies to equitable remedies. Most likely the crackers would sue for damages under a copyright act e.g.DMCA. Damages are not an equitable remedy. The doctrine on unclean hands would not apply.

more than 4 years ago

Extending Pop Music Copyrights

rockspider Re:Catchy advertisements (709 comments)

> I don't watch real ads, so why should I "Imagine" one? Um, to help you consider one of the potential advantages of extending patents on pop-music? The way a large corporations marketing machine can appropriate such elements of pop-culture, without copyright protections, has wider implications than just a tv add. (I realise you probably didn't want to take this that question seriously, and just wanted to show how 'edgy' you are by not watching free to air tv, but meh)

more than 9 years ago


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