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The Case For Flipping Your Monitor From Landscape to Portrait

rogermcdodger Re:Depends (567 comments)

Many monitors have a larger bezel on the bottom. By flipping the top one it reduces non-screen space between the two.

about a month and a half ago

Intel Announced 8-Core CPUs And Iris Pro Graphics for Desktop Chips

rogermcdodger Re:DDR4? (173 comments)

You'll have 16GB unbuffered DIMMs so you aren't losing anything. With Haswell-EP using LR-DIMMs allows 3 per channel for 768GB per CPU.

about 10 months ago

Intel Wants To Charge $50 To Unlock Your CPU's Full Capabilities

rogermcdodger Re:I'm all for it (832 comments)

It isn't just economy CPUs. All Xeon 5600 processors are 6-core parts. The 4-core models just have two disabled. I'm sure if enterprise users could just pay the difference later on to upgrade they wouldn't be complaining.

more than 4 years ago

How Hollywood Tie-Ins Saved Lego

rogermcdodger Re:Lego Movie? (193 comments)

They have recently (last month) signed a deal to produce a movie based on the LEGO license.

more than 5 years ago

Apple Rumored To Want To Buy Twitter

rogermcdodger Re:Triple sell is flashing. (325 comments)

The last I heard was that they were now trying to buy it back for 2/3rds of what they sold it for. So yeah I guess they are.

more than 5 years ago

FBI Seizes All Servers In Dallas Data Center

rogermcdodger http://uwwwb.com/ (629 comments)

A few weeks ago the same Agent and agency involved performed a similar raid on another company. The owner claims the following:

"They continued to ask me questions for 4 to 5 hours, and although I swear on my skin I gave them nothing but the truth, this guy repeatedly told me I was lying, and he knew I was lying, because the truth I told him didn't match the stories of the their "informant" Marcus Wentrcek. The amazing thing is that this guy was fired almost 2 years ago. So NONE of the information the FBI had was even current."

"The most damaging false statements made by the "Informant", was that we didn't have a single customer, and that anything that happened from the data center or our 64,000 IP addresses, was part of my evil empire of cyber crime. So the feds seize the data center based on that 2-year old statement from a very unreliable source.

Well, one of my customers, of which I had 300 - 400 of, was Intelimate. This is a government contractor; they provide all the phone service for prisons in 3 states. All of which lost their phone services when the FBI raided the data center. We also had a Credit Card Processor, Mortgage companies, and dozens of VoIP companies as well. The FBI effectively did tens of millions of dollars in damages to dozens of businesses within a few minutes based on bad intel, and no investigation whatsoever. I actually got a copy of the 40 page affidavit they submitted to a federal magistrate to get the search warrants...it's 90% outright lies, and 10% misrepresented truth. With a lot of "my experience as a special agent of the FBI for X number of years leads me to believe..." as excuses for a warrant."


more than 5 years ago

Notebook Sales Outpace Desktop Sales

rogermcdodger Re:Wrong Decision (207 comments)

Notebooks enable a different computing experience that people are willing to pay the extra for. Not being tied to a single location is a big selling point even if the computer will never leave the home.

more than 6 years ago

NVIDIA Makes First 4GB Graphics Card

rogermcdodger Re:That's Awesome. (292 comments)

The Quadro FX 5500 is two and a half years old and still goes for $2000+ new so I wouldn't count on it.

more than 6 years ago

NVIDIA Makes First 4GB Graphics Card

rogermcdodger Re:Power != memory (292 comments)

Or maybe there are companies that need high end cards with 4GB of RAM. This isn't some trick to get consumers to pay more for a low end card. This is now Nvidia's highest end workstation card.

more than 6 years ago


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