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Genetic Convergent Evolution: Stunning Gene Similarities Among Diverse Animals

roguegramma Re:intelligent design (164 comments)

You can of course water down the "intelligent design" claims until they don't mean that much anymore, but originally the term was used in contrast to natural evolution (including natural selection). "intelligent design" implies that someone had a specific design in mind when he/she/it started designing. Such a property however has not even been postulated in the religious books as far as I can recall. Therefore, what you really want to call such an argument is called "directed evolution", not "ID".

about a year ago

Genetic Convergent Evolution: Stunning Gene Similarities Among Diverse Animals

roguegramma No (164 comments)

Epigenetics does in general not change or mutate genes(*).
At least the most common examples for epigenetics are cases where a gene's activity has been increased or decreased, which can be explained by molecules attaching to the DNA. The study is talking about evolution, hence mutation, and not about epigenetics.

(*)Of course, someday someone will find a rare example where epigenetics actually changes the mutation rates of genes.

about a year ago

Genetic Convergent Evolution: Stunning Gene Similarities Among Diverse Animals

roguegramma You got out of bed with the wrong leg today (164 comments)

My understanding of the slashdot summary is that what you are saying is exactly the point of the study or at least the point that the author of the slashdot blurb wanted to make. No idea why someone labelled this with "intelligent design" as that means no evolution at all.

about a year ago

Nuclear Trashmen Profit From Unprecedented US Reactor Shutdowns

roguegramma No miracle needed (74 comments)

1. build reactor 2. decommision reactor 3. profit

about a year ago

Snowden Spoofed Top Officials' Identity To Mine NSA Secrets

roguegramma Re:Integrity (743 comments)

Brillant people are more prone to be independent thinkers, because they have experienced being smarter than others and thus having to think for themselves..

1 year,4 days

Excess Coffee May Be Linked To Early Death

roguegramma If that is a real question .. (220 comments)

It affects the male "valve" for peeing and can be benign although it is getting in the way after some years.

1 year,17 days

Samsung Infringed On Apple Patents, Says ITC

roguegramma patent x but with pc/internet//touchpad (274 comments)

I know the US patent office has given up on this, but they are supposed to not grant obvious patents, and doing anything on pc/internet/touchpad that has been done on paper/pc/touchscreen(yes, they existed before Apple) before most of the time sounds pretty obvious, especially when you consider that patents are usually formulated in legal language designed to stake a claim as broad as possible and as devoid of technical information as legal.

1 year,23 days

Samsung Infringed On Apple Patents, Says ITC

roguegramma Well, I'm not sure about US 7912501 B2 (274 comments)

On one hand, if you read claim 1 (the base claim), Apple actually spent effort on designing their own jack, which apparently has a special connector that creates a second circuit that is used for detection. On the other hand, the technical contribution seems to be a bit on the easy side, considering that the actual detecting circuit in figure 3 shows a circuit that is probably obvious to anyone schooled in designing circuits, though not to me.

1 year,23 days

Samsung Infringed On Apple Patents, Says ITC

roguegramma kindergarten valid (274 comments)

As you can read in
the US patent office pretends that one of the conditions for granting a US patent is non-obviousness.

Considering that it is very unlikely that someone swiping a finger across a touchscreen achieves a movement that is 100% horizontal and 0% vertical, it is obvious that any solution of the problem would tolerate a certain amount of vertical movement, and this is what that patent claim is about.

US american companies are promoting politicians with a kindergarten understanding of science, so that they can profit from that bullshit:

Also, the invention of input gestures is not as novel as you seem to believe, because the patent was filed 2008, while for example the video game Black and White had gestures in 2001. Okay, it was mouse gestures, but there is no big difference to a touch screen regarding movement.

1 year,23 days

Former NSA Chief Warns Hackers Will Attack US If Snowden Is Captured

roguegramma Now I'm hurt .. (413 comments)

.. because you forgot us slashdotters.

1 year,26 days

Ask Slashdot: Should More Math and Equations Be Used In the Popular Press?

roguegramma Sorry, was meant as a reply to (385 comments)

Sorry, was meant as a reply to:

"My (48-year old Thai) girlfriend starts work at 6am and gets off at 6pm. She insists that means she works thirteen hours a day. It is amazing how incredibly dumb the average person is. "

Evidently I'm too dumb to follow a thread on slashdot.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Should More Math and Equations Be Used In the Popular Press?

roguegramma Actually, it is just a off-by-one error (385 comments)

Come on, it is just a off-by-one error, which is common even in software written by above-average-smarts-persons.

And it is definitely smarter to write a bill for one hour of work when you worked from 6am to 6am than to go for no compensation.

about a year ago

Google Raises Campaign Funds For Climate Change Denier

roguegramma Actually climate change also affects rotation (365 comments)

Climate change also affects rotational speed, because it would move water in the form of ice on mountaintops down to sea level.

about a year ago

Catfish Strands Itself To Kill Pigeons

roguegramma They are there every day (115 comments)

They are there every day, either the catfish are not as dangerous as the video makes them out to be, or I don't know.

about a year and a half ago

Playstation Controller Runs Syrian Rebel Tank

roguegramma Toys (232 comments)

You don't give toys to soldiers just to make them win their battles, but also to raise their morale and make them move into dangerous areas.

about a year and a half ago

Catfish Strands Itself To Kill Pigeons

roguegramma Economy of the pigeons (115 comments)

What I really wonder about is the reason that the pigeons don't move elsewhere.

Is hygiene so important for them?
Have they become oblivious to dangers by constantly exposing themselves to them (just look how close they come to humans in the city)?

Or do pigeons who became smart by escaping (there is one such in the video) lead the other unknowing pigeons there for sport?

Is it a mating ritual where the brave get all the girls?

about a year and a half ago

The Scourge of Error Handling

roguegramma catch and rethrow (536 comments)

Well in Java, there is RuntimeExceptions (meant to propagate up to the user, who can give it to support) and Exceptions.

You can handle Exceptions you can't handle by rethrowing them as a RuntimeException. RuntimeExceptions also do not need to be declared in the function signature.

Not that I do that often, I'm busy with PHP, where the exception handling is usually done like "Hey, you broke it!".

about a year and a half ago



Supergravity discovered

roguegramma roguegramma writes  |  more than 4 years ago

roguegramma (982660) writes "Physicists from the European Space Agency have discovered that discs that are spinning very fast increase their measured weight much faster than can be explained by Einsteins theories of relativity alone. This matches previous observations where gravity decreased above rotating discs, which were ridiculed. Has supergravity finally been proven outside of the labs of cooks or is there a different explanation?"
Link to Original Source



Race of Keynesians

roguegramma roguegramma writes  |  more than 5 years ago

With the race being opened by the United States by trading government debt for monetary liquidity, governments all around the world cannot but react with their own programs of state debt to attract the cautious investors.

Anything else would mean prosperity in the United States at the expense of other economies. Even the German government, which was planning on its first stable budget in centuries, gave up its plan and happily jumped aboard the wagon.

This exposes the prisoners dilemma type of problem of a cautious spending policy by government: If one big government drops out and starts spending, the others have to follow suit.


The big surprise: Stock markets go down. Not a surprise.

roguegramma roguegramma writes  |  more than 5 years ago

News at 11: US government buys up liquidity abroad, exporting the banking crisis to other countries and bringing the stock markets down.

The 700bn bailout money has to come from somewhere: It is 700bn less that would partly be in the stock markets of the world. Also when the US issues additional bonds, a lower price means a higher return, and that is what investors are asking for when suddenly 700bn worth of bonds are issued.

Even if these bonds have not all been issued yet, the markets think ahead and expect lower prices. So it is not a surprise the stock markets go down when the governments start their rescue plans.

As a result of the bail out, the banks as beneficaries should recover on the stockmarkets while the rest of the economy slows down.

There is also the question that alternatives have not been considered, for example instead of buying the poisoned subprime loans at the benefit of the banks, house buyers could have been the benificaries, bringing housing prices up so that the loans and mortgages are worth something again.


Slashdot's new Discussion system

roguegramma roguegramma writes  |  about 8 years ago

This reply counting box implemented probably in javascript - on my olde PC it is very slow, why not count it in SQL or in the code of slash?

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