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Churchill Accused of Sealing UFO Files, Fearing Public Panic

rolandog Re:blah (615 comments)

And in the part about Noah's Ark, it is never mentioned that Noah rounded up two aliens.

Why would the aliens have needed to be inside Noah's Ark to survive? They were else-where, cruising through the Universe...

more than 4 years ago

RHIC Finds Symmetry Transformations In Quark Soup

rolandog Waiter! (140 comments)

There is or there isn't a hair in my quantum soup!

more than 4 years ago

Man "Beats" World of Warcraft

rolandog Re:Of course (655 comments)

Wow, tough crowd here today.


Lots of chicks with moderator points today?

Have you any idea of where you're posting? This is slashdot. There are no chicks.

more than 5 years ago

According to Linus, Linux Is "Bloated"

rolandog What a coincidence! (639 comments)

Because, according to Linux... Linus is bloated too.

more than 5 years ago

Shiny New Space Fence To Monitor Orbiting Junk

rolandog Bring forth Mega Maid! (76 comments)

And make her go from 'blow' to 'suck'.

more than 5 years ago

Duke Nukem For Never

rolandog It's time... (565 comments)

to write code and chew bubble gum; and I'm all out of gum...

more than 5 years ago

Yeast-Powered Fuel Cell Feeds On Human Blood

rolandog Re:Waste (250 comments)

Too much MGS4 for you.

more than 5 years ago

Locking Down Linux Desktops In an Enterprise?

rolandog Re:How about: less douchebaggery? (904 comments)

Generalizations aren't fair. I'd like to say that first of all I'm a geek... I'm also a chemical engineer and I recently used to work as a sales rep in a medium-large global company (~1600 people world-wide). This is how things were in Mexico's branch.

From the moment I started there, I spent a lot of time trying to get the IT department to switch from using Excel as a database!

Well, to be fair, they were actually using an ERP: An ancient version of BPCS (black background, green text) running in an AS/400. But, they did monthly exports of the data to Excel sheets. Then, a lot of time was wasted on manually generating sales reports (even though the data, after each sale, was already in the system... but you had to manually fill several spreadsheets).

You also had to be very careful when sending or receiving attachments, since they had a 2MB limit for email attachments, through the VERY-slow VPN. A lot of spreadsheets were 9MB in size -- zipped to a bit less than 2MB...

I remember the odyssey of creating a Contribution Margin percentage per customer chart: I had to sanitize the data though, since I can't tell if a faulty export script or BPCS' fields had been accumulating trailing spaces that were intoxicating Excel's data.

Even though I had a great time working there... I remember suffering a lot because I met a lot of resistance to change or innovation... and the monotony of filling out reports was just excruciating.

more than 5 years ago

Found In Space (On Flickr)

rolandog Re:Awesome (48 comments)

<boatload of="enthusiasm" style="text-transform: uppercase;">That. T-H-A-T. That.</boatload>

more than 5 years ago

Windows 7 To Skip Straight To a Release Candidate

rolandog Re:This seems abrupt (856 comments)

I'm thinking Windows 7 probably is Vista with the filesystem that they didn't have time to ship Vista with.

more than 5 years ago

Google Search Flagging Everything As Potentially Harmful

rolandog Re:Broke the internets! (407 comments)

If you use Firefox 3, you can start typing and the address bar -- now dubbed 'awesome bar' will show you results from your history that match keywords either from the URL you're typing or from the title of the webpage. Just hit Ctrl+L instead of Ctrl+K

more than 5 years ago

Magnetic Portals Connect Sun and Earth

rolandog Re:Well-done, NASA! (235 comments)

But there's no point crying over every mistake.

more than 6 years ago


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