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First Global Map Outside the Solar System

romit_icarus Starcraft (19 comments)

Will it be possible to import this map into Starcraft? A DLC, even?

about 9 months ago

Google X Display Boss: Smartphones, Tablets, Apps Are "Mind-Numbing"

romit_icarus Re:Overlooking an obvious fact (157 comments)

Automated cars will be a big source of revenue for google. The cars will be in constant communication with google's datacenters to provide mapping data - not just GPS street coordinates, but detailed imagery and geometry from lidar captured previously by the Street View cars - plus road conditions gleaned in real time from tens of thousands of cars (down to the level of street light timing a few intersections ahead on your path). Google may or may not produce any cars themselves, but all the automakers will license their data streams. How many other companies have gathered street-level lidar and imagery on practically every street in the world and have the datacenters to process and serve it globally in real-time?

I agree with you that automated cars are likely to be a source of revenue but there a huge slip between the cup and the lip, and the fact is that while these are good bets the surety that they will be profitable and financially sustainable is definitely not guaranteed!

1 year,8 days

Google X Display Boss: Smartphones, Tablets, Apps Are "Mind-Numbing"

romit_icarus Overlooking an obvious fact (157 comments)

It looks like she might have overlooked the glaringly obvious fact that the entire reason why Google X and her job position exist is because of "mind numbing" technologies that serve as ad serving platforms that get in revenue for Google. Ask her to get driverless cars, balloons and a headpiece to start generating income!

1 year,8 days

Mutations Helped Humans Survive Siberian Winters

romit_icarus Lake Baikal Marathon (77 comments)

It's ironic that the annual Lake Baikal Marathon ( is rarely patronized by the local indigenous Buryat people.

It's clear from the story, that UCP1 and UCP3 would give them an unfair advantage!

about a year and a half ago

Google Challenging Microsoft For Business Software

romit_icarus Why is this news? (235 comments)

There is absolutely nothing in the NYTimes story that points to any new development that justifies the headline. Google Apps has been chipping away at the incumbent MS Office for a few years now and, at best, could be building momentum. Like many "stories" released during the Christmas season, this most likely was one of those weak story ideas that had once been shelved and has come to the rescue of some lurking journalist.

about 2 years ago

Google Talks About the Dangers of User Content

romit_icarus Google security breaches (172 comments)

For all its transparency, I've yet to see a working list of security breach attempts made on Google servers. I bet there are many, and it would be useful to know just the source and method if nothing more.

more than 2 years ago

World's Largest Biometric Database

romit_icarus UIDAI Website (117 comments)

For those who are interested to know more, here is their quite detailed website More than anything else, it conveys the logistical and bureaucratical complexity of executing a project of this dimension across a country like India.

more than 2 years ago

The Laws of Physics Trump Traffic Laws

romit_icarus Gravity and breasts (378 comments)

Nothing new, I say. I've often seen traffic laws being trumped by nothing less than a generous show of cleavage, which always seemed to defy at least one of the physics laws, namely gravity.

more than 2 years ago

Most Detailed Photos of an Atom Yet

romit_icarus Why is this significant? (229 comments)

The ability to directly measure electron density is quite an old technique. STMs and AFMs have been doing this since the very beginning.. I agree with the researcher's quote in the article that it's good to develop a complementary technique(FEEM) abd at best that's its contribution. I'd be happy to hear what else it contributes. though I don't quite agree with his or the editors spelling! ;) "it's always good to have complimentary approaches,"

more than 5 years ago

Early Look At the New Wolfenstein Game

romit_icarus marketing gimmick (88 comments)

Pluck an epic game from the past, slap on a 'feature' = cheap marketing and product development = low-risk/decent return game product.

more than 5 years ago

Whitehouse Emails Were Lost Due to "Upgrade"

romit_icarus Memory (482 comments)

So now you're telling me it wasn't Alzheimer's that wiped out Reagan's memory?

more than 6 years ago



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