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If Your Cloud Vendor Goes Out of Business, Are You Ready?

ron_ivi change paradigm to *onsite* backups (150 comments)

Remember how "off-site backups" were important back before the cloud?

I think the best of both worlds is to have the live system in the cloud, but have on site backups of all those systems.

That way if/when the cloud dies, you can still have access to all your data.

4 days ago

Goodbye, World? 5 Languages That Might Not Be Long For This World

ron_ivi Re:Ruby? (546 comments)

Rails may die.

Thank you for making that distinction.

I liked using Ruby before ever seeing Rails, and have a moderate dislike for Rails.

I wish people would stop judging Ruby for one IMHO awkward and bloated framework.

about two weeks ago

Chrome 38 Released: New APIs and 159 Security Fixes

ron_ivi Re:Chromium (55 comments)

I hope yes for bug fixes. Less excited about "features". I'm not sure I want them adding "features" like Google Play and random to help their data business.

about two weeks ago

US Says It Can Hack Foreign Servers Without Warrants

ron_ivi If true - imagine the consequenses (335 comments)

Does that mean they think they're allowed to hack whatever banks and stock markets they want in foreign countries?

If so - imagine how effectively they might go after financial crimes.

Or is this just for when the FBI wants to overlap with the DEA on wars on drugs?

about two weeks ago

How the NSA Profits Off of Its Surveillance Technology

ron_ivi Licensing *what* technology and information? (83 comments)

I imagine with their surveilance on foreign corporations there's a huge amount of technology the could license.

And imagine how much money they could make licensing insider information of stock markets of enemy countries.

Might even be part of their job descriptions, if their job is to undermine such countries. It probably works better to destablize an enemy's economy than sanctions.

about three weeks ago

Forest Service Wants To Require Permits For Photography

ron_ivi Re:Yeah sorry, no (299 comments)

I guess the problem is writing the law in a way that disallows shooting commercials or movies

I don't think that's what they're targeting.

Wouldn't be surprised if the real target are environmentalists who complain about aggressive logging.

about three weeks ago

TrueCrypt Gets a New Life, New Name

ron_ivi Re:I prefer doxbox (270 comments)

Thank You!!! I've occasionally looked for something exactly like this.

about a month ago

NASA's Manned Rocket Contract: $4.2 Billion To Boeing, $2.6 Billion To SpaceX

ron_ivi Re:Six Missoins Each (188 comments)

It wouldn't suck if they made more profit on less revenue.

Sure it could.

For example, Boeing could take the $4B and spend $5B on R&D having negative profit; while SpaceX could take the $2B and make $1B profit.

But then Boeing's technology will have improved by $5B in R while SpaceX's will have only benefited 1/5th as much

about a month ago

FAA Scans the Internet For Drone Users; Sends Cease and Desist Letters

ron_ivi Re:Responsible Agency Enforcing Law (222 comments)

Well, there are forces that do not want *NEW* parts of the US economy to do well. Those are the big slow companies heavily invested in old legacy technologies. I imagine they're the ones who buy the lawyers who write the laws.

See also, electric cars.

about a month and a half ago

Should Docker Move To a Non-Profit Foundation?

ron_ivi Assuming it's open source, who cares. (47 comments)

If it's managed well, who cares what the organization / tax structure of the backers are.

If it gets mismanaged by an individual, you'll get dozens of non-profits as well as corporations that are welcome to fork it and try to convince people to use their own forks

If it gets mismanaged by a non-profit, you'll get dozens of commercial companies and individuals that are welcome to fork it and try to convince people to use their own forks.

In the end, the best managed fork will win; regardless of how it's taxed.

about a month and a half ago

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Says Switching ISPs Is Too Hard

ron_ivi Re:Seriously? (145 comments)

It's a nightmare to maintain


I'd have thought that was a solved problem long ago - and if it really is still painful, there are plenty of email hosting services that would love to sign up a major ISP to provide that service for you.

about a month and a half ago

NSA Agents Leak Tor Bugs To Developers

ron_ivi Re:Yes Google and FB are the ones to protect us? (116 comments)

No surprises here.

It'd make perfect sense if NSA submits bug reports to Tor for vulnerabilities it knows its competitors are using; while at the same time keeping quiet about the ones it uses itself.

about 2 months ago

Finding an ISIS Training Camp Using Google Earth

ron_ivi How do they know who's camp it is? (134 comments)

Seem the area has many groups - some friendly to one agenda, others friendly to other agendas. It doesn't seem hard to use areal photos to find *a* camp. But how might they know it's an ISIS camp? (especially considering that a facility may be Local Police one day, and ISIS the next.

about 2 months ago

Google Receives Takedown Request Every 8 Milliseconds

ron_ivi Re:Competitive Sabotage? (155 comments)

Might not be competing search engines.

Could just be a SEO-trick where a company hires a SEO optimization company to remove the content of competitors.

about a month ago

51% of Computer Users Share Passwords

ron_ivi Android makes this worse. (117 comments)

Android's especially annoying how a single tablet is linked tightly to a single google account. To have a table that's shared among all people living together, you practically have to set up a shared google acccount.

about a month ago

T-Mobile To Throttle Customers Who Use Unlimited LTE Data For Torrents/P2P

ron_ivi Re:This is going to end so well for them! (147 comments)

Are you suggesting all Comcast's T&C needs to say is something about not using too much of whatever protocols Netflix uses, and that'd give them the right to throttle Netflix?

about 2 months ago

California May Waive Environmental Rules For Tesla

ron_ivi Possibly not screwed (327 comments)

Sounds like the article's discussing the way in which it's not screwed.

There are circumstances under which such rules can be waived.

I especially hope they wave them, because Tesla's almost certainly a net-benefit to California's environment anyway (by making the industry wake up to electric vehicles when traditional automakers seemed like they were intentionally failing).

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Corporate Open Source Policy?

ron_ivi Re:CLA (57 comments)

Not the lawyer concerned about if the company should be paying those workers minimum wages.

(or maybe the lawyer will be happy - but the guy payhing the lawyer won't be)

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Corporate Open Source Policy?

ron_ivi Re:CLA (57 comments)

clear who owns the code

Do you have an example of a good Contributor License Agreement that doesn't just sound like "do work for us and we'll pay you less than minimum wage"?

Wouldn't it be better to just stick to a mainstream F/OSS license; and he users agree to release their code under that license?

about 2 months ago

Google Is Backing a New $300 Million High-Speed Internet Trans-Pacific Cable

ron_ivi So which agencies' backdoors are in there? (135 comments)

Google ... China Telecom Global ... KDDI ... SingTel

Does that suggest at least 4 countries with NSA-like taps into the data.

about 2 months ago



ron_ivi ron_ivi writes  |  more than 7 years ago

ron_ivi writes "I see that Wine (who just had their 0.9.37"> release last week) and related products like CodeWeavers CrossOver and Transgaming Cedega (who also each had releases in the past month) keep improving. Meanwhile, more and more reports are coming out about Vista compatibility issues with both software and hardware.

Is Wine or Vista more Windows-XP/2000 compatible?

At first glance it seems that Wine-over-Linux is *much* more compatible with Win2K-era hardware which is unlikely to have Vista drivers. And also that Wine-over-Linux is *much* more compatible with WinXP-era hardware which surprisingly is also unlikely to have Vista compatibility. Software compatibility seems more mixed — with Wine probably supporting more Win2K-era software and Vista supporting more WinXP-era software? Of course in many cases (like Oracle) we'd obviously just get a native Linux or Vista port from the Vendor.

So, AskSlashdot, we're looking to upgrade legacy Windows 2000 and XP systems — does Wine or Vista look more promising."


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