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Google Shifts Editing From Drive to Docs and Sheets In 'Confusing' Switch

ronark Offline mode (89 comments)

There is no offline mode. You can open a document, but if you try to edit it, the app will try to open the document in online mode. This is one of the most requested features, offline editing, so naturally Google ignores it.

about 9 months ago

OpenStreetMap Hits One Million Registered Users

ronark Better Than Before (58 comments)

Haven't been there in a while. The accuracy in my area (NEPA) was terrible. I had made some improvements, but became discouraged when someone reverted them to mimic what was on Google Maps. Google Maps in horrific in the NEPA area, so I was upset that my work was destroyed by someone who would just blatantly copy. After visiting today, it was nice to see that the NEPA area has been significantly improved. It is much more up to date than my Garmin at this point. It would be nice to get OSM on the thing if the accuracy is improving the way that it has for me. An encouraging project, I just hope that it doesn't get killed by the complaints that routinely get leveraged against Wikipedia.

about 2 years ago

Local Newspapers Use F/OSS For a Day

ronark Re:Learning curve (460 comments)

Tongue in cheek by the way. I've got to go read my APUE book.

more than 4 years ago

Local Newspapers Use F/OSS For a Day

ronark Re:Learning curve (460 comments)


more than 4 years ago

BSA Says 41% of Software On Personal Computers Is Pirated

ronark Re:Freedom (569 comments)

> ZinePaint

Never heard of it, which is a problem with FLOSS software, it doesn't get the same marketing.

> Font Forge

Fontlab Studio. Never tried it, but it came up in Google on my first search.

> Pidgin

Pidgin is crap for one, but not the question. Trillian is much better, and both free and non-free.

> Firefox

Slow but not the question (Chrome or Iron are great). There are no non-free browsers of significance.

> Apache (Duh, IIS isn't)

That's your opinion, which is worthless. Apache can't do ASP.NET so it doesn't compare to IIS. IIS7 is excellent by the way, try it. I prefer Apache for some things, IIS for another, as each has its strengths (IIS being great internally where it's less open).

> SQLite

Using SQLite will prevent a company from getting government contracts. Government agencies want SQL Server because it is remote (SQLite is machine local), and is in fact highly secure for their purposes (my company has a lot of experience in this department).

> Windows as a server OS?

Windows Server 2003 and 2008/R2 are fine if you know how to set them up (same as Linux/UNIX/Solaris). You need Windows Server for Exchange and AD, Samba simply isn't there yet for large organizations with multi-domain setups and integrated Exchange (again, my company's experience is here). I do hope Samba gets there someday and for a free Exchange alternative that does email, calendar, meetings, scheduling, etc.

> Without LVM and software RAID?

Don't do software RAID. Do hardware RAID with SAS. I don't bother with LVM, it isn't necessary in any setup I've ever seen.

> Solaris with ZFS...

Is dying, and can't support a Windows network setup. I only use Solaris in Windows environments for DNS and routing.

> I'm a troll today

That's fine, just take it easy and remember that Linux and FLOSS are not the solution to every problem and simply never will be.

more than 5 years ago

Mozilla Preparing To Scrap Tabbed Browsing?

ronark Re:well let's stop right there. (554 comments)

I'm using Chrome with the Adsweep extension. You can become a fanboy now.

more than 5 years ago

Replacing Metal Detectors With Brain Scans

ronark Re:Control (327 comments)

Stop asking questions! The technology works perfectly. You should have no reason to hide your biometric readings if you're not a terrorist anyway.

more than 6 years ago


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