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Invasion of Ukraine Continues As Russia Begins Nuclear Weapons Sabre Rattling

ronmon Eat that pinko fucks (789 comments)

All you little commie Snowden lovers should be volunteering to fight for you Russian motherland.

Sign up pussy bitches.

about 3 months ago

Android KitKat Released

ronmon Re:Google wallet (358 comments)

Latest version of Google Wallet, which runs on Android 2.3 or newer.

Under: Where can I use Google Wallet in-store?
"You can tap to pay using the Google Wallet app on select NFC-enabled Android device anywhere contactless payments are accepted, which includes hundreds of thousands of merchant locations in the United States."

1 year,22 days

How Safe Is Cycling?

ronmon Re:How safe? (947 comments)

Listen to this and believe it. I have lived in Key West since 1990 and sold my last fuel burner in 1995. I have a "grocery getter" bike with big baskets and a lean and fast bike for getting somewhere quickly or running my dog. I stop at traffic lights and stop signs, obey one way streets and respect car traffic while not expecting the same in return. However, I am in the minority and am fully aware of that.

Most bicyclists do not think that road rules apply to them whether they are tourists or locals. Looking both ways when crossing a one way street has saved me from many accidents. Drivers don't see you, especially when they are talking on their phones. Bike lanes are not respected. It is up to you as a cyclist to anticipate the other guy doing something stupid and unexpected. They surely will.

Having driven motorcycles for many years prior to moving here I already had this mind set and it helped a great deal.

1 year,30 days

Facebook Launches Advanced AI Effort To Find Meaning In Your Posts

ronmon Sheeple (125 comments)

You keep on posting and you keep on complaining about being exploited. You are considered "bitches" (his word not mine) and you won't stop lapping up the koolaid.

Break the bonds or shut up. Yeah, go ahead and mod me down all you FB slaves.

about a year ago

Wireless Charging Start-Up Claims 30-Foot Radius

ronmon Re:Holy EMF Batman? (242 comments)

replying to negate a mis-click mod


about a year ago

Steve "CyanogenMod" Kondik Contemplates The Death of Root On Android

ronmon AdBlockPlus (240 comments)

Enough said.

about a year ago

Apple Hires CEO of Yves Saint Laurent To Head Special Projects

ronmon Fashion brands (79 comments)

What is surprising here? They are both brands that rely on fashion over substance.

about a year ago

Judge Thinks Apple Will Lose E-Book Price-Fixing Case

ronmon I read A LOT of books (150 comments)

When ebooks first became available I thought that this was a great opportunity to have access to more of them for a cheaper price. After all, the costs of printing and distributing them is reduced to practically zero. Granted, there are still editing and some other minor costs, but very little in the scheme of things. But before I actually purchased an ebook reader I watched the costs of the books for a while. Quickly it became clear that a dead tree version was almost always cheaper than the ebook version and once I had it, nobody could take it away on a whim or technicality. Suffice it to say that I never bought an ebook or a reader, but I still buy, read and enjoy plenty of great books.

Screw you, you greedy bastards.

about a year and a half ago

A New Benefit For Logged-In Readers: Meet Slashdot's ROT13 Initiative

ronmon April Fools (261 comments)

C'mon, check the date people.

about a year and a half ago

Cables Show US Seeks Assange

ronmon Firing squad (488 comments)

Let's go old school on his ass.

more than 2 years ago

GNOME: Staring Into the Abyss

ronmon It wasn't GNOME 3 (535 comments)

The day that Miguel abandoned it and handed the reins to Havoc was the day the music died. That was the start of a downward spiral that never ended. What was the users' DE became Czar Havoc's DE. Shortly thereafter I switched to XFCE and never looked back.

more than 2 years ago

Man Who Protested TSA By Stripping Is Acquitted By Judge

ronmon Try that in Texas (246 comments)

I think we would see an entirely different outcome. Pick any other Bible Belt state if you like.

more than 2 years ago

Facebook "Like" System Devalued By Fake Users

ronmon Oh the irony (99 comments)

The bots that create and operate these fake user accounts are probably smarter than the average real facebook user.

more than 2 years ago

Apple Tells Retailers To Stop Selling Certain Samsung Devices

ronmon Fuck off Apple (308 comments)

I wouldn't buy your crap if it was the last...

Oh wait. I would buy your crap if it was the last choice, but not if there was a single other choice.

more than 2 years ago

Apple Transitions Hardware Leadership

ronmon Draw a rectangle, (108 comments)

round the corners, add a button or two and file a patent.

more than 2 years ago

Protecting State Secrets Through Copyright

ronmon Then do something about it (142 comments)

Slashdot is full of mouthy hypocrites that have never held a security clearance. Nobody gets drafted, there are only volunteers and the vetting process is gruelling. So, all of you opinionated nobodies feel free to apply and then the 1% that actually get accepted betray the oath you have taken to get there. I am all for the death penalty for treason.

more than 2 years ago

Court Rules NSA Doesn't Have To Confirm Or Deny Secret Relationship With Google

ronmon Essentially (119 comments)

This answers the question. Of course, everyone knew this already.

more than 2 years ago

The Phantoms of Google+

ronmon I have mod points (214 comments)

But there is no -1 moron.

more than 2 years ago


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